This Week in the Life of DROID: 2/28/14

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Galaxy S5 unveiling week has officially come to a close. Yes, we were there. Yes, we got our hands all over it. And yes, there is more video and Galaxy S5 news below than one can possibly consume. You should try to, though, as this is once again going to be the device to beat throughout the rest of the year.

After you are done there, be sure to check out the DL Show episode 51 if you missed it live. We talked about…the Galaxy S5. And then, be sure to catch up on the rest of the Android news from the past week. Project Ara was everywhere, Motorola confirmed a new Moto X for this summer (plus a smartwatch), the HTC One kept showing up, we put out our top apps and games of the month, and warned you about a sneak Verizon-related phishing scam going on.

It’s all below, don’t miss any of it. 

If you had a Galaxy S5, you could test your heart rate after getting hyped on all of that/



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