HTC Posts All New One Teaser Video, Hypes Up BoomSound and Beatboxing

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With an unveiling date of March 25 set for the All New One, the only thing¬†HTC needs to focus on is hyping up the phone until everyone can’t wait to line up and buy it. If this first “teaser” video for the device is how they plan on doing it, then we wish them luck.¬†

Featured in the video are two male characters; one who acts as if he is a Big Bang Theory extra, and the other who is supposed to be our typical, young male consumer. The two start going on about HTC’s BoomSound and how awesome the sound quality is (which it is) from the two front-facing speakers.

According to the nerdy guy, the new One is even better because – then a trumpet starts playing over his voice and the video pixelates what is supposed to be the new One in his hand.

It’s definitely lighthearted, and maybe I’m more of a guy who likes in-your-face marketing, but we will see if HTC starts taking the marketing of the new One seriously. After all, they said they would.

Watch the teaser down below.




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