Top 5 Android Games: February 2014

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Despite the fact that Tiny Wings (to Tim’s dismay) hasn’t made it over to Android, we still have no shortage of quality games for some downtime. We come across way too many to feature them all, but some of them bait us and keep us playing — think Flappy Bird.

The games below are on this list for a variety of reasons, ranging from sweet graphics to addictive storylines, but all are definitely worth a look. Here are the best Android games of February 2014 in the eyes of DL.

1. The Room Two ($2.99)

The 3D Puzzler known as The Room was one of our favorite games of 2013, with a great storyline and crisp graphics. Its followup, The Room Two, has managed to one-up that game, and that’s something we’re happy about.

The air of mystery and eerie soundtrack completes this game, where you follow evidence and solve puzzles left behind by a mystery scientist under the name of AS as you explore the stunning world. Cloud saves are also one of the features, for those of you who switch between devices a lot — that’s a win in our book.

All I can say other than that is to go check it out. You’ll be cursing us for getting you addicted afterward.

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2. Traal (Free)

This one’s by no means a new game, but we’ve just recently found it and it’s been great. The purpose behind Traal is very simple — it brings old school back with retro graphics and seemingly easy gameplay. All you really do is shuffle through a dungeon with a flashlight, trying to avoid creatures that may kill you if the flashlight beam falls on them.

Controls in this game aren’t the best for the level of precision required at certain points, but are definitely pretty top-notch for something on a touchscreen.

Traal is free on Google Play, but requires the free Adobe Air app to function properly. If you need an addictive pastime, look no further.

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3. Mikey Shorts ($0.99)

Mikey Shorts looks to be best described as a Mario-looking game with a similar purpose. As the app description states, you run, jump, and slide your way through the world for 84 levels on a mission to rescue folks. And just like Mario, you can pick up coins along the way that will let you purchase cool new disguises — there are over 170 total.

You can customize controls to have them best suited for your gaming position, and race against your best time ghosts among various other features. Also included is a star system — the faster you finish a level, the more stars you can get for it.

Mikey Shorts is available on Google Play for $0.99, and certainly does look like a fun game without a demand for your concentration.

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4. Worm Run ($0.99)

Worm Run is an endless runner, just like Temple Run, but it has some side-scrolling action and an extra dose of fun. You navigate your way through tunnels while gathering power-ups, and of course there’s a giant ole’ demented worm pursuing you.

This is seemingly an easy game to play, and you’re probably thinking that you can be a pro at it, but trust me — it’s not.

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5. Swordigo (Free)

The best part about Swordigo, first of all, is the price. It’s absolutely free for the time being with no in-app purchases or ads, which makes it hard to not go check out.

In the game, you embark on an adventure where you look for some cronies to take on in battle for XP, and crystal chests to upgrade your character. All you have in your favor is a flaming sword and some fireballs to get you through the game as your battles become harder and harder to win.

Swordigo’s graphics are also top-notch, so definitely go try this one out before Touch Foo starts charging for it.

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