Long Weekend Recap: Droid 2 and Shadow Hit Inventory, Dual July Launch

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A recap from a weekend full of Droid Life goodness that you may have missed while spending too many hours away from your computer. We wouldn’t want you missing out on the latest rumors, news, hacks, apps or ROMs now would we? Catch up!

  • Droid 2 lands in VZW inventory – Is a release just weeks away?  It’s sure starting to look that way isn’t it?  Seems too soon for some reason though.
  • Shadow also landed in inventory – Yep, this landed too.
  • Droid 2’s keyboard made an appearance – A possible Droid 2 keyboard spotted in the wild and looks, well, sort of real.  If this is the real deal, it’s an improvement, but who knows right?
  • Both devices launching in July? – Could the Shadow and Droid 2 launch at the same time?  Again, seems odd and soon, but we wouldn’t be saddened by a dual release.
  • If they do launch, which are you buying? – The Sunday poll asked which one would you buy should the Droid 2 and Shadow come out on the same day.  And you are taking?
  • Download:  LG Ally Socialite – A nice alternative to the stock Android Facebook app.  It actually does Twitter and Facebook and has widget capabilities.  Worth a look.  Just keep track of your battery to make sure it’s not eating it alive.
  • Quick tip on installing apks – Using Dropbox to store apps for downloading and installing is a great way to avoid having to use a USB cable.
  • Norton arrives on Android! – Just when you thought there weren’t enough remote locking apps on the market, Symantec announced their entry into the battle.

Anyone else feeling refreshed after a long weekend?  Don’t relax too long though!  The month of June has officially started and that could mean the release of Froyo and Flash, so you better be ready.  Let’s get it started…



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