The Best Android Phone You Can Buy Today

My, oh my, how things have changed in five months. The first time we told you what the best Android phone was that you can buy today, we easily picked the Galaxy S6, even saying that it would be difficult for anyone to top it throughout the year. In our new list of the best Android phones (that you are about to read), surprisingly, it didn’t even show up.

That’s pretty wild if you think about it. A phone, that was easily the best Samsung had introduced in two years, topped everything on the market and then some, yet five months later isn’t even one we would suggest as a must-buy today. It just shows you how good phones are today and how improvements are still showing from one to the next within a few month period.

So what did top today’s list of the best Android phone you can buy? Let’s find out.  (more…)

DEAL: Nexus 6 32GB Once Again Back at eBay for $289

The Nexus 6, last year’s flagship Nexus device, is back for a third or fourth (I’ve lost track) time through an eBay deal for an absurdly low $289 price. And again, this for for a brand new, unlocked Nexus 6 in Midnight Blue with 32GB of storage. This is also the XT1103 model, which is the North American variant that works on all carriers here, including Verizon.

The deal includes free economy shipping and probably shouldn’t be passed on if you are in need of a really good phone, but have less than $300 to spend.

eBay Deal Link

Yep, Motorola Connect is Being Retired This Month (Chrome Extension)

In early October, Motorola announced that it would be shutting down a handful of its popular software applications, including Migrate and Assist. Those two are being phased out because Android 6.0 Marshmallow included similar features and so Motorola figured you would rather they save you space on your phone instead of doubling up on features already present. Those aren’t the only features going away, though. Motorola Connect, a Chrome extension that allowed users to send/receive texts, see who was calling them, and keep up on battery life and connection, is also being retired.  (more…)

Video: TAG Heuer Connected vs. Moto 360, Huawei Watch, and Gear S2

When you pay $1,500 for a smartwatch, are you really getting that much more for your money? Is a smartwatch ever going to truly be worth that kind of cash? That’s exactly why we picked up the TAG Heuer Connected, because we want to find out. There are dozens of smartwatch options available on the market today, many of which are very premium yet can be had for a few hundred dollars. So why would anyone pay in the thousands for one? We hope we can answer that soon.  (more…)

Moto X Pure Edition Gets Marshmallow in “Next Few Weeks,” Here are the Improvements

According to Motorola’s David Schuster, they have begun the approval process for the Moto X Pure Edition Android 6.0 Marshmallow update. If all goes well there, the phone should receive the update within the “next few weeks.”

The note about the status of the Moto X Pure’s update came during an announcement that Motorola is already starting to push the Android 6.0 update to Brazilian variants of the Moto X Style (the Pure for Brazil) and the Moto X (2nd gen). The update will rollout slowly to those phones over the next few weeks.  (more…)

Tip: Buy a New ShatterShield Lens for Your DROID Turbo 2 and Ditch the Verizon Branding

The DROID Turbo 2 is a really good phone (our review), it’s just that it isn’t exactly the prettiest device on the block. Well, I should clarify that by saying that the white version has some issues in the ugly department, thanks to a number of exposed sensors and a completely unacceptable Verizon “check” mark situated at the bottom of the phone’s front, in between its speakers. If you don’t know what I’m referencing, look at the photo at the top of this post. See it? Yeah, it’s terrible.  (more…)