Moto 360: To Ambient Screen Mode or Not to Ambient Screen Mode?

If you were lucky enough to buy a Moto 360 from the initial batch on Friday before they sold out, then you are probably due to receive your watch within the next day or so. Shortly after you first power it on, set it up through the Android Wear companion app, and then choose which notifications you would like to buzz through to your wrist, there is one critically important system setting you need to decide on leaving off or turning on. That setting is Ambient Screen Mode(more…)

Verizon Opens Pre-Order for Metal Moto 360, Ships November 11 for $299

On Friday, Motorola made details and a release date official for their smartwatch, the Moto 360. At the time, they would only provide a specific launch date for the model with a leather band, noting that the all metal band/watch combo would not be available until later this Fall. Priced at $299 for the watch/band combo, or $79.99 for a stand-alone band that could be swapped in for a leather strap, many were interested in this version only.

Without a specific date from Moto, most were wondering how much longer we would be waiting. Would we see the metal Moto 360 in a couple of weeks or would it be much closer to the first day of Winter? Verizon seems to think they will be ready to ship by November 11.  (more…)

Motorola: No Developer Edition Moto X for Verizon This Time Around

According to Motorola’s Punit Soni, there won’t be a Moto X Developer Edition for Verizon this time around. He didn’t elaborate as to why when asked about it, only responding with, “Unfortunately no” and “Sorry guys.” Read into those responses however you will, but the “unfortunately” strikes me as if there would be developer editions for all if he had his choice.  (more…)

Motorola Connect App Updated, Brings Exclusive Watch Face Customization for Moto 360

An update is rolling out this afternoon through Google Play for Motorola Connect, the app which allows compatible device owners to sync all of their accessories and PCs up in one single place.

The update, which seems geared towards new owners of the Moto 360, allows you to create exclusive watch faces by tweaking color settings found on the preinstalled faces. Once you have a new look you enjoy, you can send it straight to your watch for showing off purposes.  (more…)

Friday Poll: Did You Buy a Moto 360?

The Moto 360 was made available this morning, but as a few of you found out, supplies didn’t last long. The smartwatch was made available through three online sources (Google Play,, and Best Buy), but it seemed that within only 30 minutes or so, they were all sold out.

Motorola claims they are working very hard to replenish stock through all channels, but no word on how long that may take. With so much hype placed around the Moto 360, the fact that it sold out in such little time was hardly surprising, but we do hope Motorola hustles up and makes more stock available soon.

Were you lucky enough to score one this morning?

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Moto’s Punit Soni: Moto X (2013) Will Continue to Receive Updates “As Long as the Hardware Allows It”

Think your old Moto X or Moto G is looking a bit long in the tooth? There may be a bit of incentive to hang onto your last-generation handset. In reference to the capabilities of Motorola’s new/refreshed quartet of devices, Vice President of Product Management Punit Soni wrote in a post on Google+, “as long as the Hardware [sic] allows it [...] all that software will come to our existing users too.” (more…)

Chart: Moto X vs. LG G3 vs. Galaxy S5 vs. One (M8) vs. Nexus 5

We are fully into testing the new Moto X, with hopes of having a review up within a week or so, but before we get there, we wanted to do one last comparison that has become standard around these parts. Since the new Moto is a flagship that matches up quite nicely to the other flagships introduced this year from Samsung, LG, and HTC, we put together our standard comparison chart that matches each device up, spec-by-spec, to give you a general feel for their under-the-hood capabilities.

This is by no means the full story of the Moto X or its competitors (Galaxy S5, G3, One (M8), and even the Nexus 5), but this certainly shows the industry standard for the first half of 2014.  (more…)