Sprint Moto X Android 4.4.2 Update Approved and Ready to Rollout as Build 161.44.32

Sprint’s variant of the Moto X is next in line to receive the update to Android 4.4.2, according to Motorola support pages. The update is build 161.44.32 and includes the same upgrades as the 4.4.2 updates for T-Mobile and Verizon models.

You are looking at improved battery life, cloud printing support, and an email sync fix. The update likely isn’t all that big, so should it pop up, it may only take 10 minutes to install.  (more…)

Motorola’s Active Display and Assist See Minor Updates

Because Motorola separated out the best features from the Moto X and new DROID line as stand-alone apps, they continue to update them regularly through Google Play. Today, we’re seeing updates for both Assist and Active Display. Neither of the updates is huge, but they do fix bugs and introduce subtle features that will only help add polish to the experience.

With Active Display, users can now control whether or not the phone vibrates when tapping on a notification. It should also honor whatever the system vibration settings have been set at. With Assist, troubleshooting of drive mode audio issues when connected to Bluetooth becomes a reality, along with better handling of “available” status and the triggering of meeting mode.

Both updates are live on Google Play now.  (more…)

Buggy Night is a Followup to the Windy Day Interactive Film for Moto X Owners

We recall a few months ago when Motorola pushed an interactive film called Windy Day to Moto X owners, and being the privacy-centric folks that Android device owners are, weren’t too happy Moto was sneaking around and installing apps without permission. Once people realized it was a simple cartoon, that was actually quite nice, they decided to lighten up to the idea. Now, Motorola has taken to YouTube this week to upload a trailer for the next film coming to Moto X devices titled, Buggy Night(more…)

Deal: Motorola Extends Moto X Sale a Week, $70 Off All Models Until February 22

Although Motorola may have a new owner, that doesn’t mean the company has ceased promoting its existing product line. In fact, Motorola on Friday extended the $70 sale on all Moto X variants until February 22. That’s another whole week to contemplate customizing a model with one of those gorgeous wood back finishes.

The discount reduces the 16GB edition to $329 and the 32GB to $379.

Will this latest deal persuade you to pick up a Moto X, or are you waiting for something potentially better around the corner?  (more…)

Lenovo CEO Looks to Turn Motorola Around in Mere Quarters After Deal Closes With Google

With Motorola CEO Dennis Woodside already speaking on his departure from the company, Lenovo’s CEO had words of his own, stating a few rather bold claims for Motorola and its future success in the mobile market. Yang Yuanqing, the CEO of Lenovo, states that the company can turn Motorola around financially after just a few quarters once the $2.91 billion deal with Google is finalized and in the books.  (more…)

Dennis Woodside Pens Departure Letter, Says Motorola “Is In Great Hands” (Updated)

News broke last night that Dennis Woodside, the current CEO of Motorola, would be departing the company for a COO position at Dropbox. With the growth of Motorola’s brand since Woodside’s presence, the industry was somewhat shocked by the announcement. Dennis has taken to Motorola’s blog to write a departure letter for fans of Motorola in which he talks of Moto’s future and his own.  (more…)