OneNote Updated, Brings “Badge” Floating Icon for Quick Notes

Microsoft’s OneNote application is receiving an update on Google Play, bringing with it a new “Badge” feature that allows users to take notes regardless of what is taking place on their smartphone or tablet. Think of Badge as you would a Facebook Chat Head. The floating Badge can go on top of any app you are using, such as web browsing or your gallery, allowing you to take notes anytime you need it.  (more…)

Microsoft Kills Sunrise Calendar, Will Fold Features Into Outlook (MEH.)

In mid-2014, a calendar app called Sunrise made its way to Android. I adopted it day 1 and have stuck with it ever since because, well, it’s awesome. It not only works with your Google calendars, but it integrates with a whole bunch of other stuff, like Asana tasks, Facebook events, SongKick concerts, your favorite sports teams’ schedules, and more. Seriously, even after Google made the stock Google Calendar all pretty last year, I couldn’t make it as seamlessly powerful as Sunrise and after a short 2-week cheat period, came running back to the third party calendar maker.

We have featured Sunrise in write-ups for our “This is My Android” series, called it a top app of 2014, and even mentioned it as one of the first 15 apps I install on every single new device. I don’t know that it’s the best calendar app available, but it is certainly up there and I can’t live without it. Unfortunately, I have no choice and will soon have to.  (more…)

Cortana for Android Public Beta Now Downloadable for All

Cortana, the Microsoft-made personal assistant, is now available for all to download on Google Play. Still sporting a beta tag, Cortana offers most of what Siri or Google Now provides you, with exception that she is powered by Bing, Microsoft’s search platform. When speaking to Cortana, you can ask her to set alarms, get calendar event reminders, and quite a bit more.  (more…)

Microsoft Translator Hits Google Play, Supports Android Wear

Microsoft has been doing big things for the Android platform, and frankly, it’s about time. This week, the company launched Microsoft Translator onto Google Play, giving users instant access to translations in 50 languages. Not only is it a solid app for your smartphone, but Microsoft also baked in Android Wear support, giving you the flexibility to use it whenever and however you see fit.  (more…)