Cyanogen and Microsoft Team Up to Integrate Microsoft’s Services (Updated)

All of those rumors of Cyanogen and Microsoft doing something together are now all somewhat correct. This morning, the two companies announced a “strategic” partnership that will integrate Microsoft’s services across the Cyanogen Operating System. In other words, when you buy a phone running Cyanogen OS, it will have Microsoft apps pre-installed “contextually” presented to you.  (more…)

Microsoft Pushes Update to Outlook, Improves People and Calendar Features

Microsoft is shipping out an update to Outlook this morning, its service which handles email, calendar events, and contacts. In the update, the People feature has been given improvements, including a sync feature for address books located on your smartphone. On top of that, details have been improved for contacts, allowing for more info to be displayed.  (more…)

Report: Microsoft’s Cortana is Coming to Android

According to a report out of Reuters, Microsoft is preparing to bring its personal assistant over to both Android and iOS. We are talking about Cortana, of course, the smart assistant named from the Halo character that is currently a Windows Phone exclusive feature. The plan is to release Cortana onto the desktop when Windows 10 is released later this year, then move it onto other platforms, like the one we talk about on the daily.  (more…)

Sunrise Calendar Update Introduces Tablet Layout, Adds More Calendars and Apps

Sunrise, a fantastic cross-platform calendar service that was reportedly bought by Microsoft yesterday for at least $100 million, issued an update last night to its Android app. The update includes a refreshed or potentially even new tablet layout, a bump to over 25,000 different calendars that can be added (holidays, sport teams, name days, week numbers, etc.), and connectivity with Google Tasks and Eventbrite.  (more…)

Report: Microsoft to Invest in Cyanogen Inc, Hopes to Weaken Google’s Hold on Android

According to sources of The Wall Street Journal, Microsoft, the makers of Windows Phone, which currently holds about 3% of the smartphone marketshare, is set to invest in Cyanogen Inc. While the investment would be for a minority share of a $70 million round, the simple act of fueling Cyanogen’s fire comes off as rather ostentatious.  (more…)