Sunrise, the Calendar App I Already Miss Dearly, Shuts Down August 31

Yeah, I know, that was the perfect opportunity to toss out some lame sun setting joke, but I spared you. Instead, just know this – Sunrise, the really, really good calendar app that Microsoft bought back in 2015 before deciding to kill it off in an attempt to sucker you into using its Outlook app (which I understand is a solid app, but do not care because its existence means the death of Sunrise), will fully shutdown on August 31 and completely stop working.  (more…)

Alpha Test Minecraft: Realms, a Cross-Platform Multiplayer Experience

Ahead of official launch, which isn’t even scheduled yet, users can alpha test the upcoming Minecraft: Realms game, an actual cross-platform multiplayer experience for fans of Minecraft. At launch, Minecraft: Realms will allow players on iOS, Android, PC, and Windows 10 editions of Minecraft (Xbox One) to be in the same world simultaneously, bringing that teamwork spirit that was so popular when Minecraft first launched for PC way back in the day.  (more…)

Microsoft Adds Facebook, Evernote, Wunderlist Connections to Outlook, Thanks to Sunrise

The Outlook app on Android and iOS is finally getting the new app integration that we knew was coming, thanks to Microsoft’s acquisition of Sunrise, the best damn calendar app on the planet that Microsoft is killing. In the next version of Outlook, you’ll be able to connect to Evernote, Facebook, and Wunderlist accounts, making your Outlook calendar a place for managing multiple apps and tasks.

If you used Sunrise at all in the past, this integration will be familiar. If you are new, well, this is the basic idea. With an integration or “Calendar App,” you connect Outlook to other apps, like Evernote, Facebook, and Wunderlist. Once connected, you can see things like Wunderlist or Evernote items with due dates in your calendar, but you can see other to-dos with a simple touch. With Facebook connected, your Facebook events will appear on your calendar, but are also shortcuts to the events in the Facebook app.  (more…)

Microsoft Kills Astoria, Its Android-to-Windows App Porting Tool

At last year’s Build conference, Microsoft announced four ways for application developers to bring their apps over to Windows 10. They called them the four “Bridges,” which included tools for porting over apps on the web, Win32, iOS, and Android. For whatever reason, since that initial announcement, rumors and other signs from Microsoft have pointed to the Android bridge – codenamed “Astoria” – being killed off in favor of the iOS bridge – codenamed “Islandwood.” Today, Microsoft confirmed that “Astoria” is indeed dead.  (more…)

OneDrive Promo Allows Users to Keep Their 15GB of Storage if They Want It

Last month, Microsoft announced that it would lower the amount of storage free users were receiving on OneDrive, bringing them down from 15GB, to just 5GB. Naturally, people were pissed, taking to the forums and calling Microsoft out for the move. Now, Microsoft has announced a new promo for those who intend on fighting for their 15GB of free storage. (more…)

Cortana Exits Beta, Available for Select Android and Cyanogen OS Powered Devices

Cortana, the digital assistant made to be the perfect companion for Windows users, has officially exited beta, made available to a number of select iPhone, Android, and Cyanogen OS powered devices. In late August, a public beta was made available of Cortana, and since then, the Cortana team at Microsoft has been consistently adding features and fixing bugs.  (more…)