Official Amazon Instant Video App Hits 2012 LG TVs Equipped With Google TV

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If you’re the owner of a brand new LG television equipped with Google TV, you’re in luck! Amazon has released an official Amazon Instant Video app for 2012 LG models only, kind of leaving the rest of us out in the cold. The app brings a fantastic user interface to buy and watch movies/shows from, as well as look through your watchlist and closed captioning options.

According to Google, we can expect more Google TV devices to be supported soon, but no time frame was given. My guess? Well, let’s shoot for, “many moons” from now.

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Google Looking to Sync Your Phone and TV With New YouTube Update

Google has been trying to figure out how to invade your living room and big-screen TV for a while now, something they have proven by not letting Google TV die. The latest update to YouTube is aimed at making your switching between mobile and big-screen a little easier.

Mobile has been able to sync videos to Google TV for a while, but now as long as the two devices are on the same WiFi network, it will do it automatically. All you have to do is press the little TV symbol on the YouTube app and you can watch it in high definition. Your phone then becomes your remote and allows you to switch videos and play/pause while you watch. The update doesn’t seem to be live just yet but Google promises we will be seeing “this feature coming to more devices and screens in the future.”

Will any of you fire up your Google TVs to use this new feature when it does go live?

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Google TV Becomes More Usable – Update Allows for Play Movies, TV Shows, and Music

Starting today and over the course of the next few days, users of Google TV will see an update to their Google Play store which will allow for the purchasing and renting of movies, music, and TV shows. You will be able to access the new content straight from the homepage and Movies app, which will also show recommendations for you through apps like Netflix and Amazon.

If you’ve already received the update, tell us how you’re liking it.

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LG’s Newest Google TVs are Over 40% Off at Amazon, Rest of Their Lineup Too

If you are in the market for a new smart TV, you may want to check out LG’s current 2012 lineup that was introduced at this year’s CES. As you may have heard, the TV industry isn’t exactly crushing it as some would have expected, causing manufacturers to drop prices significantly. There is no better example of this industry-wide change than through the prices that Amazon is putting up, right now.

You can grab most of LG’s 2012 lineup of smart TVs for over 40% off, including their two Google TV models. While these GTV-enhanced sets aren’t quite as impressive as their flagship line (only 120Hz and not as thin of a bezel), at $1499 for the 55″ and $999 for the $47″, I’m not sure you will find a better deal. They still offer 1080p, 3D, and come with 6 pairs of 3D glasses.

With that said, if you do want their top of the line series, meaning 240Hz and an ultra-thin bezel, you can get yourself into either a 55″ or 47″ at the same prices as the Google TV models.

Google TV Links:  55″ Google TV ($1499.00) | 47″ Google TV ($999.00)

Non-Google TV Links:  55″ LM7600 ($1499.00) | 47″ LM7600 ($999.00)  (more…)

Vizio’s Co-Star Google TV Box Up for Pre-Order, $99 Well Spent

Vizio’s new Co-Star box has hit their website for pre-order. The price tag is only $99 and for anyone looking into Google TV, that’s not a bad price. Google TV can turn any TV in your home into a smart TV by bringing tons of applications and the full Chrome browser right to your living room. Another sweet little addition to the box is the hybrid remote that comes with the package. It features a full keyboard on the backside, while having all of your remote needs on the front. Much more compact than what came with the Logitech Revue.  (more…)

Google I/O App Receives Huge Update – Push Notifications, Google TV Support and Full Agenda Now Ready to Go

If you are headed to Google I/Oyou will be excited to learn that there is a new update to the official application that took place in Google Play last night. The update, targeted at people who will attend the event this year, includes new push notifications to receive “announcements and the conference schedule from the Google I/O team,” along with the ability to view the whole conference’s agenda. If you plan to watch the conference from home, the application can now be installed to your Google TV and supports full live streams of the conference through it.

Other than a few bug fixes throughout the application, the last update in the changelog is a little bit of a cute mystery:

[The update] Improves spacetime decompression algorithms; 29 total hours per day are now available to Google I/O attendees within Moscone West.

It could be Google being their normal slightly-geeky selves or they could be hinting towards something we’ll be hearing about at I/O. Well, we don’t have to wait much longer. Go grab the update from Google Play now.

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LG’s Google TVs Hitting Stores at The End of May, Google TV Gears Up for Round 2

Google is trying to reboot their Google TV venture this year and LG is the first to get into the game with them. Back at CES in January, they showed of two sleek LED models that they said we would be seeing sometime soon. Rumors have been swirling around about the price and availability of these new sets, but LG has just announced the first two models.

The first piece of the puzzle comes from LG executive Ro Seogho, saying that they will be available in the US on May 21. But how much will they cost you say? There are two sizes, 47″ and 55″ that will run you $1699 and $2299 respectively. Whoa.

Willing to give Google TV another try at that price point?

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