Google Submits Patent Application For Siri-Like Interface On Google TV

Google is reportedly working on a big new feature for Google TV. According to a report and leaked images from Patently Apple, the search giant is looking to command the living room. The software, when released, will allow users to speak queries into a specially designed application that will then relay commands to your TV. As seen in the picture above, you can simply ask when your favorite shows are on and receive a full layout of expected airing times of the questioned programs.  (more…)

Google Partnering With LG For Next Generation Of Google TVs?

If there was one thing that we took away from CES this week, it was that many companies are joining Google TV now that the software has matured a bit more. It seems that the folks at Google are already working on the next iteration of it with the news today that they could be offering LG a first-look at the next generation software.

This situation would be similar to Google partnering with Samsung and HTC on the Nexus devices. LG would be the first company to see the software and be able to make their own changes to it if they pleased. This doesn’t mean we will be seeing a marketing campaign for a Nexus TV, but it would be pretty sweet, right? Will it be based on Ice Cream Sandwich possibly? We have a feeling that some of these questions will be answered at this year’s Google I/O.

Via: Bloomberg

Preview Of Google TV Now Available On Android SDK

If anybody here is an avid Google TV user, you will be pleased to hear that a Google TV preview has just been implemented into the Android SDK, and developers will soon be able to start building apps for your TV. Not only can they build apps, but some of applications will already be usable on your televisions.

The Android Market will also be available on your TV, and you will have the ability to download and use all compatible applications right on your television set. Winning? Back at Google I/O, they mentioned that soon we would be seeing Android implemented into lots of household appliances, and it looks like the time is coming upon us. No, this isn’t science fiction, it’s the GoogleFridge!  (more…)

Kevin Bacon Returns for an Extended Logitech ReVue Spot, His Charity Also Gets Involved

When the Logitech Revue and Google TV were just getting their start, a commercial featuring Kevin Bacon as a fan obsessed with Kevin Bacon almost out-shined them both.  And today, Logitech and KB returned, only this time with an extended cut of that commercial that also includes a way for people to help support his charity,

Here’s how it works: The star of the commercial and biggest Kevin Bacon memorabilia collector of them all, Ivan Cobenk, is putting some of his most-loved items up for sale. Those who watch the video can click on items such as Ivan’s special needlepoint project or his Kevin Bacon oil painting and they will be taken directly to eBay to make a bid. All profits go directly to Kevin Bacon’s charitable organization,, which supports and partners with a number of charitable causes.

So get to watching this hilarious spot, and if you have some extra cash, feel free to click on the variety of random Kevin Bacon swag featured throughout.   (more…)

Youtube Remote Controls Youtube Leanback from Anywhere

This little app called Youtube Remote snuck onto the market yesterday that turns your Android phone into a wireless controller for Youtube Leanback.  All you have to do is sign-in to your Youtube account on both your phone and computer, Google TV, or other device and it will sync right up without hassle.  From there, you can browse Leanback content on your phone while leaving video playing in full screen on your TV, select something new, pause/play/skip, and enjoy being lazy.

What I’m wondering now though, is if this new simple remote connection has to do with Gingerbread?

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Cheers Zach!

Video: Sony Internet Blu-Ray Player, Google TV Unboxing and Hands-on

We’ve had our Sony Internet Blu-ray player for three days now and finally sat up long enough from our comfortable couch slumber to put together a walk-through of Google TV for those of you interested in this new technological sensation.  Actually, we’ve included the few day old unboxing too, so that you can see exactly what we’re working with here.

First impressions?  This may not change the world, but it’s definitely changed most of the way I enjoy entertainment, while chillaxin’ in front of the tube. (more…)

Logitech Harmony Remote App Released to Control Your Logitech Revue

The Logitech Revue (Google TV) starting shipping to customers yesterday at the same time the Harmony remote app landed on the Android market.  So if you are expecting your Google TV box from Logitech to arrive in the coming days, then you need to grab this app immediately.  Who doesn’t want the ability to turn their Android phone into a fully-featured remote for an HD TV?  This is your ticket.

Free in the market.

Oh, and we’ll have our Sony Internet Blu-ray review up hopefully some time next week. (more…)