Neptune Duo Actually Introduces an Interesting Concept, But Still Misses

Announced this morning, the Neptune Duo is an Android “Lollipop” powered product that is made up of two parts – a large, smart cuff-like wearable (it’s not a watch) that wants to be your primary device known as the Hub, paired with a dumb, secondary display with little insides, known as a Pocket screen. Together, they will try to bring you the best of both (wearable and traditional phone) smart worlds. I’d call the Neptune Duo “interesting,” but I don’t know that I can in its current form. Let me explain. (more…)

ZRRO is a Android-Powered Gaming Console With a Hover Touch Pad Controller

Only because the world needed another Kickstarter-funded Android gaming console that will more than likely ship months late and under-deliver, we thought we should introduce you to ZRRO. ZRRO opened on Kickstarter today, seeking $200,000 from you and I, so that it can deliver an Android gaming system that plays the way mobile games were meant to be played, with a touch pad. Apparently, consoles that tried to convert mobile touch-friendly games into console-like experiences that utilize a typical gamepad, had it all wrong. ZRRO thinks you should use their hover touch pad, to play like you would on your phone (using your fingers and thumbs), but through your TV…if that makes sense.  (more…)

Microsoft Outlook Preview for Android Receives Update

Microsoft’s Outlook Preview received an update on Android this week, bringing with it the option to enforce PIN compliance for Exchange accounts, a simpler IMAP login flow, and improved account settings UI.

Microsoft didn’t mention it, but I hope they also squashed as many bugs as possible. While the app could be awesome in the future and is showing all sorts of potential, I quickly gave up on it shortly after launch a couple of weeks back because it didn’t feel like it was even close to being ready for prime time email usage.

Anyone else still using the preview?  (more…)

Pushbullet Update Adds Quick Replying Via Computer to Hangouts, WhatsApp, Facebook, Other Services

Pushbullet issued an update this morning that brings even more phone-to-computer-back-to-phone-again integration, similarly to how their previously introduced SMS-reply function works. In the latest update, the Pushbullet team added direct replying via computer to your Hangouts, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Telegram, and Line messages. So now, when messages from those apps arrive on your phone, you can reply quickly through Pushbullet on your computer.  (more…)

Report: LG G4 Coming in April to Avoid Galaxy S6

According to a report out of the Korea Times, LG will release its new flagship, the G4, in April to avoid the launch of the Galaxy S6. Sources indicate that from a “marketing point of view,” MWC (where Samsung will unveil the Galaxy S6) was not the right place to announce the LG G4, but also because the company wants to wait until the device is fully ready. If that sounds like old news, well, that’s because it kind of is. In January, an LG executive told reporters that they had no plans to introduce the G4 at MWC because they were still perfecting the phone(more…)