Google Search’s Quick Shortcuts to Popular Tools Begin Rolling Out More Widely

This morning, Google announced that Google Search will soon (starting today) begin showing shortcuts to some of its most popular tools. This is the broader rollout of a feature that has been in testing for some time. In fact, we showed you these shortcuts back in early February.

The shortcuts, once they start showing on your device, will be found just under the search bar as you load up the Google app or swipe over into Google Now in the Now Launcher. You can see exactly what this looks like in the image above.  (more…)

TAG Heuer Will Unveil the Connected Modular 45 Watch Tomorrow, Starts at $1,650

Don’t want to wait until tomorrow to find out the details on the new TAG Heuer Connected watch? Can’t say I blame you! If the new Connected is anything like the original, it should be a heck of a smartwatch. Let’s dive into what TAG Heuer plans to unveil tomorrow.

UPDATE: You can buy it at TAG Heuer’s site.

The new smartwatch from TAG is called the TAG Heuer Connected Modular 45, according to TAG’s own website that has outed the device early. That’s a mouthful, I know! The watch runs Android Wear 2.0 and features all of the specs you could want in a 2017 smartwatch, but it has an extra trick or two up its sleeve that allows the watch to become more than just a smartwatch. Yep, we’re talking about the “modular” part in the name, along with its Swiss background.  (more…)

Google Carrier Services Update Showed Up Today – What is It?

Let me guess, you got an update to Carrier Services on your Android phone today? You are not alone! Our Twitter feed and inbox are pretty filled up with a whole bunch of confused people. What is Carrier Services? Is this a CIA spy tool? What’s with the 2009 screenshots in the app listing? What. Is. Going. On.

Well, the app’s “What’s New” area doesn’t tell us much other than the update includes “Lots of new features, and a couple bug fixes.” But if you jump through to the description, Google reveals that Carrier Services “helps carriers provide mobile services using the latest networking capabilities.” More importantly, Carrier Services “includes support for enhanced features in the Android Messages app.” Ah, ha!  (more…)