Nest Releases Sightline and Person Alerts Software Update for Cams, Gives Everyone Free 3-Hour History

Nest says that they have “changed the game” as of this morning with the release of a major software update to the Nest app that brings new functionality to Nest Cams (both indoor and outdoor, and Dropcams). The update includes Sightline, a smart software that can pull out the “key moments” in a day for later reviewing, and Person Alerts, which are exactly what they sound like. On top of that, Nest announced that they are giving everyone free 3-hour history, even without a Nest Aware subscription.  (more…)

Nintendo Will Launch Super Mario Run for Android in the Future

One of the more exciting announcements during the iPhone 7 event was the introduction of Super Mario Run from Nintendo. To describe the upcoming game as plainly as possible, it looks like a horizontal Temple Run, but Mario. The game is to be made available exclusively for iOS at first, but Nintendo has confirmed to Kotaku that Super Mario Run will indeed come to Android eventually.  (more…)

Android Pay Welcomes in Chase Bank Support

This morning, after adding a specific bank name to its list of supported banks late last night, Google announced that Chase is officially a part of Android Pay. Chase, people!

For Chase members, cards including Freedom, Slate, Sapphire, United Mileage Explorer and the Hyatt Credit Card are eligible for use within Android Pay. Like with any other bank that has been a part of Android Pay, you add your Chase cards and then tap to pay at supported terminals throughout your shopping adventures.  (more…)

Report: Google Axes Project Ara and Its Modular Self (Updated)

During Google I/O only a short few months ago, Google’s ATAP team took the stage to show off all of their wild ideas in what turned out to be the most entertaining session of the whole conference. One of the projects they updated us on was Project Ara, the modular phone concept that has missed launch window after launch window and always felt like an idea with too little broad appeal. Still, Google led us to believe that the phone would launch in the fall for developers and then as a consumer product in 2017.

If tonight’s report out of Reuters is correct, none of that will ever happen because Google has axed the entire project, or at the very least, suspended it indefinitely.  (more…)

Google Opens Up Google Play Early Access to More Developers

During Google I/O, Google announced a new initiative for developers to help them get testers for their apps or games via Google Play instead of through what could be an expensive external beta test. The initiative was headlined by the Early Access section in Google Play, which initially was a hand-selected set of apps or games from developers that you and I could try out and provide feedback on. The Early Access section went live some time around late June.

Today, Google has announced that they are inviting more developers to participate in Early Access. Google says that they are adding new titles each week and that thousands of users are ready to test your app.  (more…)