Tip: Save Yourself 2 Minutes of Hell by Skipping the Android Wear Intro Tour

If you own an Android Wear device, you know how finicky the device can be, especially if you have even considered switching it to a new phone. In fact, every time I try to attach an Android Wear watch to another phone (or attempt to trick it into pulling an OTA), I have to factory reset it. It’s a massive pain in the ass to me, but then again, most people probably won’t be switching their watch over to another phone as regularly as I do.

But let’s say you do switch more often than any normal human should. You probably can’t stand the tutorial that pops up each and every time you reset your watch, right? You know, the frustrating-to-navigate tour that includes confusing swiping instructions and a random temperature screen that still isn’t even a real thing. Guess what? You can skip it!  (more…)

Nest 5.0 App for Android is Now Available, Will Replace Your Old Nest App

During today’s Nest event, Tony and the boys announced that a new Nest 5.0 app would arrive on both Android and iOS. If you are at all a Nest fiend like me, then you have been checking constantly since the event wrapped for an update to the app. As it turns out, all of that checking for an update was a waste of time, because you actually have to install a brand new Nest app. Let me say that again – the old Nest app can be uninstalled and you will need to install the new Nest app. I know, this isn’t typically how big updates go, but that’s what we’re working with here.

The new Nest app is now just called “Nest” instead of “Nest app” like the original. The new icon for it also has a bit more gradient and shadow, for those paying attention.  (more…)

Moto 360 is Finally Getting Its Android Wear Update to Android 5.1.1

According to Googler Wayne Piekarski, a developer advocate who focuses on Android Wear, the big Android 5.1.1 update for the Moto 360 is finally ready. The update will start rolling out to units today, but as you are all well aware, these updates take time to reach everyone. The update will hit only a handful of devices today before gradually increasing its reach over the next few days or weeks.  (more…)

Nest Introduces New Protect and Cam, Updates Software for Thermostat and Apps

Nest just exited the stage at their scheduled press event for today, announcing all sorts of new stuff that Nest fans will most certainly enjoy. They refreshed their entire product line, in case you were wondering. That means they showed off the all new Nest Cam, a 2nd generation Nest Protect, new software for the Thermostat, and a brand new app for Android and iOS.

I’ll try and recap the big stuff, but I highly recommend you dive into the press release below, because there is more stuff in there than I can even talk about without spending my entire day on Nest.  (more…)

I Need a New Zooper Widget, Got Anything Good?

Yesterday, I spent a good hour looking through the world of Zooper widgets featured by users on Google+ in hopes that I would find something to occupy my home screen and also share with you. Let me tell you right now that I don’t recommend any of you attempt this. It’s painful. Google+ was once a great place to share your home screen setups, but now you get the same handful of users sharing their same creations in 25 different communities, rendering G+’s search functionality almost worthless.

Instead of creating that level of headache for a second straight day, I figured I may as well just ask the greatest Android community on the planet for their help. Yes, I’m talking about you. And yes, I’m using you…in a way. But look, this is me using you for the greater good of the personalization community. By me asking for you to recommend Zooper widget skins in the comments, you all get to see all of the awesome recommendations that each other recommend (if that makes sense). This is all sorts of win-win for all of us. You give me inspiration through your awesomeness, and we all benefit from the awesomeness of each other’s awesomeness.  (more…)

Tuesday Poll: How Often Do You Upgrade Phones?

It’s 2015 and almost all of your options for upgrading to new phones while keeping unlimited data through places like AT&T or Verizon have been killed off. I would imagine that in order to upgrade these days and not fork out $600 up front, many of you have decided to give up on unlimited and either sign a new contract or go with a device payment plan. This is the unfortunate and sad world we live in.

Because of this potential change, there is a chance that many of you are upgrading at much different intervals than you have in the past. When we asked you two years ago how often you upgraded, the majority of you said, “Every 2 years.” Then last year, we asked the same thing and  you either all won the lottery or decided that smartphones were worth spending cash on and said “whenever I see a new phone.”

Today, we want to see if anything has changed. Are you still upgrading whenever you want or are you waiting for your specific upgrade dates through payment plans or contracts?

How Often Do You Upgrade Phones?

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Here is Your Reference Guide for Building Material Design Into Apps

Material Design strikes me as being intimidating as hell. From understanding its varying concepts to actually building them out in app form through complex transitions and layers doesn’t seem like the simplest of tasks, even for the most advanced developer and designer. Then again, I’m not an advanced developer or a designer, so it could be that Material Design is a breeze to figure out and implement and it’s just way above my pay grade. Whatever the case may be, Google wants to help everyone understand Material Design concepts and ideas through an Android version of Topeka, which is like a reference design of many Material Design implementations in an app.  (more…)