Video: Android M Preview 2 Overview!

Yesterday, Google gave us an updated Android M Developer Preview 2 that had a good handful of tweaks and changes that we pointed out through a series of Android M feature posts. But since we realize that not everyone wants to read through each individual post, we went ahead and put together a quick video of each of the changes in action.

In the clip below, you’ll see the tweaked app drawer, new Storage and Memory areas in settings, fully-featured System UI Tuner (with status bar options!), and how you can quickly delete screenshots. None of this stuff is game-changing or even ground-breaking, but it certainly adds some polish to that original preview.

Should we find other little goodies, we will be sure to pass along that info.  (more…)

New Inbox Widgets Let You Quickly Set Reminders or Compose Emails

According to Inbox by Gmail G+ page, a recent update to the Inbox on Android app introduced two new widgets – one for setting reminders and another for composing emails.

The widgets are indeed on my phone after a recent update (at least I think that’s when they showed up) and I could see them coming in handy. For one, both the reminder and compose widgets can be dragged into a folder or in the app dock, just like an app icon. With that functionality, you don’t have to just set them on your home screen. They are still added as if they were widgets, but again, they really just function like an app shortcut.  (more…)

Android M Feature: Google Cleans Up “Storage & USB” Menu, Adds Quicker File Manager Access

In the Android M Preview 1, Google introduced a tweaked Storage manager to simplify the experience from preview Android builds. In the new Android M Preview 2 they went ahead and continued the overhaul, this time going with a very minimal styling that also gives you quicker access to Android’s built-in file manager. They also renamed the setting to “Storage & USB.”  (more…)

Android M Feature: Google Gives Memory It’s Own Setting for Quick Access

In the original Android M preview, Google added in a Memory management setting that was tucked inside the Apps section. In this Memory setting, you could see how much RAM your system or individual apps were using based on 3/6/12-hour increments up to 1 full day. It was a handy feature for those looking at system hogs, but unfortunately, unless you knew to look in Settings>Apps>Advanced>Memory, you probably didn’t know it existed.  (more…)

Google Includes Google Now on Tap in Android M Preview 2…Sort Of

We didn’t think Google was going to bring out Google Now on Tap until the final preview build of Android M was released, but in this new Preview 2, they appear to be gearing up to let us either test it or are just setting up for that final preview. We say that because we are seeing a setting to enable and then opt-in to Google Now on Tap as I type this.  (more…)