Google’s Switch-To-Android Site Helps Sad iPhone Users Get Tech Happy Again

If you are currently using an iPhone, chances are you are sad. Why do I assume that you are sad? We all know that you’d rather be on Android, yet you keep hesitating to break free because all of your out-of-touch friends who still think iPhones are a status symbol and that they’ll be left behind without iMessage, won’t join you. And look, they probably never will, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t time to find happiness. You deserve this, my friend.

To help your transition over to a smartphone world filled with diversity, openness, and less “courage,” Google has put together a simple set of steps on a newly revamped Switch website. The steps to get you easily over to Android from iOS are pretty easy and basically involve installing Google Drive. I’m not kidding, it’s that easy.  (more…)

Facebook’s Events App Comes to Android

Back in October, Facebook announced that it was making a dedicated Events app, only Android users were going to have to wait a bit for it. Today, it arrives just in time for your holiday plans to take shape on Facebook.

The app not only helps you keep track of your own events and the events you plan to attend, it also suggests others you may enjoy and helps you find the hottest happenings in your area. It’s an all-in-one app, for sure, assuming you and your friends and family make plans through Facebook.  (more…)

Google Appears to be Renaming Google Keyboard to Gboard With Update to V6.0

Remember Google’s Gboard app for iOS that released earlier in the year? We loved Gboard and hoped it would come to Android because it put the power of Google Search directly in your keyboard. Sure, we now have Google Assistant on select devices and in select apps, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t a number of people out there who would still love to have that integration. Today, that may happen as Google appears ready to rename Google Keyboard to Gboard as it releases version 6.0 to Android.  (more…)

AirDroid Issues Update on Android to Address Previous Security Concerns

Last week, popular smartphone-to-PC software, AirDroid, came under fire for allegedly having “multiple” security vulnerabilities in their Android app when connected to an unsecure network, but also for seemingly pushing out other updates instead of fixing these potentially serious issues. AirDroid said that they would push an update to clean everything up within a couple of weeks and has now done that.

Through a statement sent to us, AirDroid confirms that their mobile app has been updated to v4.0.0.3 and PC apps to v3.3.5.3. These new versions “have improved [AirDroid’s] encryption mechanism as planned and fixed the issue regarding the recent concern over AirDroid’s security.”

For more on what was fixed, you can view the full statement below.  (more…)

Wave of Daydream VR Apps Hits Google Play: Need for Speed, Gunjack 2, HBO Now and More

If you were at all originally concerned that a lack of content would be an issue with Google’s Daydream VR platform, hopefully days like today, where Google pushes out a bunch of apps and games in waves will help. We’re seeing high-end titles like Gunjack 2: End of Shift, Need for Speed, LEGO Brickheadz, and HBO NOW all make their way to the mobile VR world of Android.  (more…)