Question of the Day: Why Android?

Bringing them big questions today, eh? Yes, yes, we are.

In all semi-seriousness, it’s time to talk about it (again). I can’t remember the last time (or if ever) we talked about this subject, but I’d love to hear some specific (or general) thoughts on why you have chosen Android as your mobile operating system. This isn’t meant to be a “Down with Apple!” post; we’re genuinely curious in 2016 why you continue to stick with Android.

While Android has evolved over the years, iOS has as well, even adopting plenty of early Android features that once made this the easy operating system of choice for many of us. Is it about control, still? Is it the “openness” to everything (like apps talking to each other and a file manager)? Is it about choice? Is it because you just flat out love HTC or Samsung or Motorola or LG? Is it because you need the best Google app experiences (sans Hangouts of course)? Or maybe, you really just do despise all that is Apple?

Let’s hear it.

Yahoo App Also Gets Update, Aims to Make Finding News Easier

Yahoo Mail isn’t the only Yahoo app to get a big update today. The Yahoo app is also getting a sizable update that is aimed at helping you “find, consume, and engage around the news, content and video you care about.” The update also wants to make it easier for you to join in on conversations surrounding news items and follow the latest in developer stories.  (more…)

Hangouts 7.0 Pops Up, Introduces Quick Reply and Save to Home Screen

Oh boy, a big Hangouts update is arriving on Android! It’s version 7.0.113001250 and it includes quick reply! I don’t know why I’m acting so excited, since this is still Hangouts we’re talking about, but this feature has been needed for far too long. It’s great to finally see it as it makes quickly replying to a conversation so easy and simple without interrupting what you are doing. Remember, Google Messenger received this functionality almost a year ago.

Anyways, the update started rolling out earlier today and one lucky dude grabbed it and uploaded the APK file for us to enjoy. We have that for you below.  (more…)

LG Plans to Launch Two Flagship Phones in 2016

LG announced its quarterly and annual earnings this morning, but more important than the financial mumbo jumbo, the company gave a bit of insight into its smartphone agenda for 2016.

In the earnings report, with a portion dedicated to the LG Mobile Communications Company, LG declares it saw a 12 percent increase in sales over the previous quarter, and shipped a total of 15.3 million LG smartphones in Q4. Over the entire year of 2015, LG shipped 59.7 million devices, an increase from 59.1 million in 2014.

The real news, though, is LG states that the company will release, “two new flagship models and a more cost-competitive value chain,” to improve profitability in the new year.  (more…)

Inbox on Android Gets Improved Search With Quick Cards for Orders, Flights, Bills, and More

Inbox is still my email app of choice, not only because it makes managing my email so much easier and more efficient, but it keeps getting sweet new features. Today, Google says that search inside of Inbox will be smarter than ever, bringing you results in a hurry, with quick cards for many searches.

Now, when you want the status of a package or order, details on a dinner reservation or hotel confirmation, or your frequent flyer number, you can do short searches for those (ex: “delta frequent flyer” or “dinner reservation”) and Inbox will do its best to return results in the form of a mini or quick card that will present the info asked for or give you links to see related info that is specific to the completed search.

See the GIF below for a bunch of examples from Google.  (more…)