Google’s Other In-The-Works Fuchsia OS Gets a UI Preview of Sorts

Google is working on a third operating system called Fuchsia. This is something separate from Android and Chrome OS that isn’t based on Linux and is essentially an all-Google product from top to bottom it seems. It’s kind of been around since last August, but recently was updated on some level with UI elements that give us a preview of what Google is up to here.

I’m not really sure where to start because there is a lot to talk about, but the basics are as follows. Fuchsia is built on Google’s own kernel called “Magenta,” while the interface and apps are written in Google’s Flutter SDK (with Google’s Dart), a Vulkan-based graphics renderer called “Escher,” and all sorts of Google’s Material Design. It’s all Google, folks, something that can’t be said for Android.  (more…)

Chrome for Android Update Makes It Even Easier to Read Web Pages Offline

Google is pushing an update to Chrome on Android today that makes offline reading of web pages easier than ever to get into.

Google says three new items are there to take advantage of. For one, you can now long-press any link in Chrome and choose the “Download link” option to be able to view it later. It supposedly works in article suggestions on the new tab page as well. Additionally, if you are offline and try to load a page, you’ll see a “Download Page Later” button at the bottom of the page, so that the page can be scheduled for download as you come back online. Finally, you’ll now see little check marks next to items that have already been downloaded.  (more…)

Google Trips Gets Improvements Just in Time for Your Summer Vacations

After making its public debut last fall, Google Trips hasn’t seen many updates. Today, that changes, thanks to an update that adds several new features to Google’s trip planner and organizer.

In the update, you’ll now find an option to share every single one of your reservations from a trip to someone through a single, organized email. You’ll also find a new button in the Reservations tab that lets you add notes, flights, restaurants, hotels, etc. in case you need to make some manual changes. Finally, all of your past and upcoming train and bus reservations “will automatically be organized in one place,” according to Google.  (more…)

Google Makes It Easy to Save Parking Location in Maps

Google Maps is now not only your parking advisor, it’ll help you locate your car after a night or day on the town in a mysterious city. Thanks to a new update, saving your parking location with notes and a meter timer is now easier than ever.

Once updated, Google Maps should recognize as you drive somewhere and then park. It’ll then place a “You parked here” pin and dot on the map wherever you stopped, or you can always tap on your blue location dot and then “Save your parking” to access the settings at any time. From there you can even drag your parking location, should it not be accurate.  (more…)

Chrome 58 for Android Gets Better Downloads, Browsing History Management

Chrome for Android is getting an update to v58.0.3029.83 this week that not only provides “performance and stability fixes,” it also includes a host of handful of new features.

In the update, you’ll find the options for viewing and managing in-progress downloads from the Download page, the ability to view and clear browsing history more easily through a “redesigned History page,” and long-pressing to open links in new tabs from Chrome Custom Tabs.  (more…)