Google Voice MMS Messaging Support for Verizon Now Official

Confirming what we reported last week, Google software engineer Dylan Salisbury writes on Google+ that Google Voice MMS messaging with Verizon Wireless subscribers is now officially supported. That means, as he points out, that MMS through Google Voice should work with all major carriers in the US and Canada.

In a related announcement, Salisbury said Hangouts is gaining native MMS support for photo messaging; pictures sent to Voice recipients via MMS will now appear natively, instead of as a link. As for the other major feature of MMS, group messaging, it will be apparently be enabled in a coming update. (more…)

Google Releases Android 5.0 “Lollipop” Quick Start Guide

Don’t own a device currently running Android 5.0 “Lollipop,” the newest version of our favorite mobile operating system? You shouldn’t feel bad if you don’t, since there are all of 3.75 devices that have it at this point. But, to get you prepared for an update that could arrive at any moment, depending on the phone you own, Google has given you a quick start guide that talks through a number of the new features.  (more…)

Nexus 6 Now Available From Motorola

Go! Go! Go! Motorola’s store has the Nexus 6 in stock now.

We aren’t sure how long this will last or how many Motorola has available, but they currently have both Midnight Blue and Cloud White models in stock with either 32GB or 64GB of storage.

Also of note, you can use Motorola financing to buy the device, with the $650 (32GB) variant running $54.17 per month and the $699 (64GB) variant running $58.33 per month.

Motorola is offering free shipping. (more…)

Google Maps Receives “Fresh New Design” in Latest Update, Includes Uber Integration

Google Maps is getting its big Material Design makeover this week, as announced in a blog post by Google moments ago. The “fresh new” design with bright colors “is all about creating surfaces and shadows that echo the real world.” With Material Design leading the charge, Google has tried to make layers and buttons “come to life” so that you in-app experience is glorious.  (more…)

Google Will Make More Nexus 6 Devices Available Each Wednesday

Google posted a new message to their Nexus 6 listings on Google Play this afternoon, a message that might help you land their new Nexus phone, or at least be prepared to try and land one. According to all of the Play listings for the Nexus 6, Google is trying to get more devices in stock as soon as possible, but for now, will make more of the device available each Wednesday.

While not the best news, this is at least something, since most of us struck out in seconds when they went up for pre-order last week and have been wondering if and when more would arrive. Feel free to stop refreshing! (more…)