Report: LG G4 Coming in April to Avoid Galaxy S6

According to a report out of the Korea Times, LG will release its new flagship, the G4, in April to avoid the launch of the Galaxy S6. Sources indicate that from a “marketing point of view,” MWC (where Samsung will unveil the Galaxy S6) was not the right place to announce the LG G4, but also because the company wants to wait until the device is fully ready. If that sounds like old news, well, that’s because it kind of is. In January, an LG executive told reporters that they had no plans to introduce the G4 at MWC because they were still perfecting the phone(more…)

Deal: Grab the MOOV Fitness Coach for Just $69

Any chance you remember MOOV? This would be the fitness tracker, created by an Apple engineer and two sensor research guys from Microsoft, that is filled with sensors not uncommon to other wearables, but one that tries to do much more. Using 3D motion sensing and a voice assistant, MOOV will track something like your cadence when running and then tell you how to adjust so that you can run longer, or check impact, to help you run softer and avoid injury. It also tracks motion in swimming, has cardio boxing and 7-minute workout programs, and will soon help improve your cycling. This is definitely a different type of fitness tracker, but it also might be the future of fitness tracking.

We have it currently in the DL Deals shop for just $69. It currently retails for around $86 at Amazon, so you are saving almost $20 by buying it through this deal.

As of today, the MOOV running and 7-minute workout apps are available on Android, but the swimming and cardio punch apps are only available on iOS.

Deal Link  (more…)

Sling TV is Running a 50% Off Nexus Player Deal Too, When Support Goes Live

Yesterday, Sling announced a deal in partnership with Amazon to offer you either a free Fire TV Stick or 50% off the Fire TV when you signed up for three months of their new Sling TV service. While that’s a heck of a deal, especially for those looking to rid themselves of rising cable costs for a more slimmed down TV package, it forces Android fans to buy into Amazon’s line of Fire TV devices. That’s not the worst thing in the world, but what if there was a similar deal for something like say, the Nexus Player, Google’s new media box? According to Sling’s website, there will be, soon.  (more…)

First 15 Apps I Install on Every New Android Device

As a part of this job, I have the (depending on how you look at it) pleasure of setting up new Android devices more often than any normal human should. The process, which has become much easier and more automated on Lollipop, can be both tedious and exciting. On one hand, you have to sign-in to every single app all over again, but on the other, you get to start playing with a brand new phone or tablet. For the most part, the joy of using a brand new phone outweighs the 20-30 minutes it may take to set it up.

Over the years, my setup process has become much tighter, leaner, and more efficient. Instead of installing a hundred or so apps with each new device that comes across my desk, I often only install a select few apps that I can’t live without. Since I tend to spend only a couple of weeks with a phone during a review period before sending it back to its owner, I’ve realized that I probably don’t need three different Twitter apps and a package tracker and credit card managers and four different photo editors.

These days, when I setup a device, I can get get by with a group of specific apps that you wouldn’t typically find pre-installed on a phone. Obviously, I’m a huge Google services user, but those related apps are all installed before I boot a new phone for the first time. If we look outside of those (Gmail, Hangouts, Maps, etc.), here are the first 15 I install every time.  (more…)

ESPN Rebrands Sportscenter App to Just “ESPN”

ESPN “pulled a Puff Daddy” today and changed the name of their Android app to “ESPN.” Formerly Scorecenter, then Sportscenter, the app, which is still a pretty terrible app in general unless you love ads, ads in videos, pop-up ads, ads in-between posts, and bugs, will now show in your app drawer under “E” instead of at the back under “S.”

The update also added Cricket World Cup support.  (more…)