Don’t Miss These Android Stories: April 15, 2016

Another big week is in the books here at Droid Life. The HTC 10 was unveiled, we went hands-on with it a couple of times, and you still told us that you aren’t buying it, even if it is a really good smartphone. Hell, even AT&T doesn’t want any part of it. Yikes.

Outside of that fun, we got the Developer Preview 2 of Android N and dove into its minor changes. We also talked about Motorola’s struggles at replacing devices under warranty, looked at Google’s new Live Cases for Nexus phones, and took some time to chat during DL Show episode 106.

Don’t miss a thing!  (more…)

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NPR Says Google Play Music Podcasts Arrive Monday

According to an NPR email that has gone out to its partners, we should be seeing (or is it hearing?) Google Play Music Podcasts arrive on Monday, April 18. While I think it’s safe to say that we are all a little hesitant to mark it on our calendars, this seems much more official than Bill Simmons spouting off to Twitter. This is NPR, after all, sharing with who knows how many partners, Google’s plan to release podcasts. The point of this email is to let their partners know how they can prepare for the launch and probably isn’t something they would casually, softly, throw out there.  (more…)

“Save to Google” Chrome Extension Makes Organizing the Web Easy

Back in December, Google introduced a new way to organize the images you find while searching through Google’s image search. By quickly selecting images, you were able to create collections and tags of the things you happen to search for that you may need access to down the road. Today, this idea is growing up some with the release of a new “Save to Google” Chrome extension that lets you easily save items from the web and store them in Google’s new “Saved” site.  (more…)

Google is Now Providing OTA .Zip Links for Android N Previews

Yesterday morning, Google pushed out the first major Android N Developer Preview update by giving us the Developer Preview 2 (DP2). Initially, we found the factory images for thew new DP2 and shared them, but we were slightly disappointed to not be able to pull an over-the-air (OTA) update at the same time. Remember, when the first Android N preview went live, you could pull the OTA immediately if you signed up for the new Android Beta Program. While I’m seeing the update for DP2 this morning on my Nexus 5X, we thought we should point out that Google is now sharing the .zip files for immediate sideloading should the update not be appearing for you.

Check it out. We have links for the Nexus 5X, Nexus 6, Nexus 6P, Nexus 9, Pixel C, and Android One.  (more…)

What Else is New in Android N Developer Preview 2? (Updated)

Every time Google announces a new developer preview or major update to Android, like they did today with the Android N Developer Preview 2, they include additional changes that don’t make it into their blog posts or changelogs. We are talking about things like the subtle changes to the UI, which could be new buttons, a changed icon or two, or an adjustment to something as minuscule as the folder icon.

We haven’t had a ton of time with the Android N Developer Preview 2, but in the short few minutes, these are some of the things we have stumbled onto. Also, as we find more (or you tell us about additional changes), we will be sure to continue to update this post.

Here we go.  (more…)