HTC America President: Monthly Security Updates Not Realistic, Because Carriers

In early August, when Stagefright had many Android owners worried about malicious MMS messages, Google, Samsung, and LG announced fast tracked security updates that would roll out monthly for device owners. With the announcement of these updates, Samsung and LG both stated that thanks to help from carriers and partners, device owners would be able to receive the security updates in a timely manner. The only reason stating that is important is because we all know the damper effect carriers have on OTA updates for Android.

Over the weekend, HTC America’s president, Jason Mackenzie, was asked if his company would also be providing monthly security updates for device owners. On Twitter, Mackenzie stated that commitment such as that, “is not realistic.”  (more…)

LG’s V10 Event is Happening Now, Watch It Live (Updated: It’s Over)

LG already announced the V10 last night, but they are still doing their on-stage song and dance today at an event in New York City. The folks at CNET have a live stream of it going right now, in case you wanted to watch along and hear the sales pitch for a phone with dual everything.

Apologies for us not being there, but we are a 2-man show and had to choose Google’s Nexus event or this LG event and obviously, went Nexus. We’ll still get the phone in hand shortly and share our thoughts with you. For now, watch LG talk about it and their new LTE-equipped Watch Urbane (2nd edition).

The stream is below. (more…)

LG Announces the V10, a Smartphone With Lots of…Things

This evening, LG announced a brand new flagship called the V10. As you know from the couple of leaks we have seen of the device, this phone sports a secondary display, dual front camera setup, and an interesting textured backside. That’s not all, though. LG worked in all sorts of random things – seriously, this phone is full of stuff upon stuff upon stuff – to help try and differentiate this phone from the pack. Because this phone comes off on paper much like a G4, it needed all of these new things and stuff to do that.  (more…)

Nexus 5X Hits FCC With All US Carrier Bands, Including Verizon

The LG Nexus 5X stopped off at the FCC today, which is a good sign since Google is preparing to unveil the phone publicly next Tuesday. We know that it’s the Nexus 5X because the model numbers mentioned throughout (LG-H790 and LG-H791) match up to the Amazon listing we saw earlier in the week. The phones also show support for all sorts of wireless bands, even Verizon, just like Nexus phones have for the past couple of years.  (more…)

Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P Show Up in Benchmarks to Further the Specs Conversation

The Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P should arrive next week at a Google event. As of now, there are still some surprises, even though press renders have leaked and we told you the names. We still don’t know pricing, date of availability, or the full specs list of each, outside of the minimal list for the 5X that Amazon provided. Thanks to benchmarks that surfaced for each phone over at Geekbench, those last few surprises are starting to dwindle.  (more…)