Deal: LG G Watch (Refurbished) for $50 on eBay

The LG G Watch may be one of the original Android Wear devices, meaning it’s old, plain looking, and probably no where near your best option for a smartwatch, but at $50, you might want to think about it. Since smartwatches are one of those items that no one has been able to convince us is a necessity in life, these are the times that actually make sense for purchasing one. What better way to test out a new product that you may or may not need than when it has been discounted to pennies?

Over at eBay, a listing for a “manufacturer refurbished” G Watch is live, but maybe not for long. At $49.99, with free shipping, this little guy will likely sell out in a hurry. If interested, hit that link below.

Our LG G Watch review.

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AT&T LG G4 Receiving Surprise Update, Some Say Its Auto-Updating Without Permission

The AT&T LG G4 is receiving its first update this week as software version H81010E. The update appears to be pretty minor at just 26MB and with only one change noted by AT&T, which is “AT&T Address Book enhancements.” The odd thing about this update is the fact that a number of users are complaining that the update is installing without their permission.  (more…)

Developer Finds Way to Enable WiFi on G Watch R

It was reported late last month that G Watch R owners would eventually receive WiFi support via an update later this year in Q3. Thanks to a bit of hackery and wizardry, a third party developer on XDA has successfully flashed necessary files over from LG’s Watch Urbane to get WiFi up and running on the G Watch R. According to the developer, everything appears to be working well, with minor hiccups performing voice commands.  (more…)

LG Exhibiting 18″ Flexible Display Panel and 6″ Active Bending Panel at SID 2015

LG Display has set up shop at the 2015 meeting of the Society for Information Display (SID) conference in San Jose, showing off its latest advances in display technology. For those curious, LG Display will be exhibiting a few unique pieces of display technology, including an 18″ flexible display panel, capable of being rolled up to a radius of just 3cm without affecting any functionality of the display.  (more…)