LG Will Attempt to Bring Levitating Speakers to the Main Stream at CES

A couple of years back, as the Bluetooth speaker market exploded and everyone seemed to have figured out a way to make and sell one for cheap, companies turned to parlor tricks to try and standout. One of the tricks that seemed to stick for 3 minutes was this idea of a floating or levitating speaker. Lesser known companies were some of the first to give it a shot, but now in 2017, LG will do the same.  (more…)

T-Mobile’s LG G5 Appears to be Getting Its Nougat Update This Week

T-Mobile LG G5 owners over at reddit began reporting yesterday that they were able to pull an update to Android Nougat. T-Mobile hasn’t said anything official, as far as I can tell, plus their software support page for the G5 hasn’t been updated in almost a month, but that doesn’t mean a number of people weren’t able to get the update to show up.  (more…)