LG Watch Sport and Watch Style Specs (Official)

I know that Google announced LG’s new Android Wear smartwatches hours ago and that most of you don’t seem interested in either, but we thought you might at least like to look at the official specs for each. Below, you’ll find the table we put together for all of the big device launches to break it all down for you in the simplest terms.

As a recap, the LG Watch Sport is the bigger of the two with the extra big specs list. It has a 1.38-inch circular POLED display, Snapdragon Wear processor, 768MB RAM, 4GB storage, LTE, NFC, GPS, heart rate sensor, three buttons, Android Wear 2.0, and a big ass 45mm case. It’s made of brushed 316L steel and comes in blue or titanium.  (more…)

Wednesday Poll: Are You Buying the Watch Sport or Watch Style?

We have two new smartwatches from LG hitting the market this week, the Watch Sport and Watch Style. Both come with Android Wear 2.0, but each carries quite a different design — one is more sporty (hence the Sport name), while one is, forgive my choice of words, but generic looking.

The Sport is rather large, featuring a 1.38″ Circle POLED display with silicone band, while the Watch Style is a tad smaller, measuring in with a 1.2″ Circle POLED display and also coming with a range of different silicone and leather bands. Unlike the Sport, though, users can swap bands very easily on the Style, thanks to Google’s MODE bands.

Both watches feature a Snapdragon Wear processor, with the Sport coming with 768MB of RAM and the Style having 512MB. Battery sizes also differ – Sport features a 430mAh battery and the Style features a 240mAh battery. Also of note, the Sport comes with NFC and LTE connectivity, while the Style does not. A full list of specs can be viewed here.

For price, the Sport will cost you $349 through Google (varies at carrier stores), while the Style is $249.

So, which one are you picking up?

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AT&T’s LG Watch Sport Costs $17.50 Per Month, Also Arrives February 10

AT&T also confirmed its plans to sell the LG Watch Sport this coming Friday, February 10. Their device is the same as you’ll find anywhere, but it also includes their NumberSync, which allows you to leave your phone at home and still stay connected by “bringing your number with you” on your watch.

At AT&T, the Watch Sport will run $17.50 per month on a 20-month installment plan. If you want a deal, though, you can grab one for just $49.99 if you buy an LG G5 or V20.  (more…)

Google and LG Introduce Watch Sport and Watch Style, Available February 10

Google and LG officially unveiled the Watch Sport and Watch Style today after weeks of leaks. The devices are very much what we expected: one is a fully-featured sport-style connectivity and Android Pay, while the other is more fashion-focused.

The Watch Sport is “Android Wear’s most powerful watch yet,” according to Google. It features GPS, NFC for payments, a heart rate sensor, and cellular connectivity with AT&T and Verizon. It’s body features three buttons, including a rotating power button that helps you navigate the watch and comes in dark blue or titanium.

As for other specs, you are looking at a 1.38-inch circular POLED display, 430mAh battery, 4GB storage, 768MB RAM, and the Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear processor. (more…)

LG G6 MWC Event Invite Shows Exactly the Phone We Expect, One With Minimal Bezel

Yesterday afternoon, LG sent out their official MWC event invites to the press (above), confirming again that they will reveal the LG G6 on February 26. LG is so excited, they are calling the day, “LG G6 Day.” And look, the G6 will be the biggest unveiling of MWC, so they should go all out and seize the day, especially knowing that Samsung will only be around to show off a tablet and tease the Galaxy S8.  (more…)

Here are the LG Watch Sport and Watch Style User Guides

LG and Google may announce two new Android Wear watches this week, the LG Watch Sport and Watch Style. Even though these are LG devices, packaging hints at these being influenced (at least in terms of design) by Google. I don’t know that I would call them “Nexus” watches, but you get the feeling that LG and Google teamed up to create what they believe to be the ultimate Android Wear devices as a way to launch Android Wear 2.0.

While we wait for LG and Google to fully unveil these new wearables, we wanted to add to the pre-launch story today by sharing the user guides for each watch.  (more…)