Montblanc’s Android Wear Watch is Now Available, Starts at About $1,000

In mid-March, Montblanc announced it would soon enter the smartwatch game with the Summit, an Android Wear-powered device that lacks a few of the features you’d want from a wearable in 2017. It doesn’t have NFC or GPS. However, if you don’t care about that and live purely for rocking a name brand, it’s available today starting at about $1,000.  (more…)

DL Q&A Sessions: Volume 46 Answers

Big things going down in Android right now. Samsung has its latest out, LG just released its best phone ever, and Google I/O is next week! Huge things happening. Anyway, this past Monday, we asked you to shoot over questions for Volume 46 of the DL Q&A Sessions. As always, you didn’t disappoint, so here are our answers.

You asked about the phones we are most looking forward to, if HTC’s rumored “Edge Sense” can impress us, if any OEM can compete against LG and Samsung’s design work, and if we’ll be copping a pair of the $500 Lonzo Ball shoes. Seriously, you asked some good ones.

Let’s get to it.  (more…)