Disney Announces Star Wars: Galactic Defense, Continues to Milk Money Cow

The Star Wars franchise is very important to many people. Over the last decade or so, the story has become more cartoonish and kid appropriate, even though the original trilogy never dealt with situations that I would find inappropriate for younger audiences.

Nevertheless, as we all expected, Disney is not about to let their $4 billion investment go to waste, taking no time at all to pump out countless games from different game studios, and of course, Star Wars: Episode VII.

The newest game teased for a later-this-year release is Star Wars: Galactic Defense. The gameplay sounds much like the other Star Wars game that just released, Star Wars: Defender, where you are tasked with building and protecting towers. Sounds original.  (more…)

AT&T Intros GoPhone for Your Wireless Home Phone and Internet

If using a prepaid service for your home phone and home Internet connection sounds like a good idea, AT&T introduced new GoPhone plans this morning that should make complete sense to you. Much like their prepaid wireless phone service, AT&T is offering the same tiered pricing service for home phones and Internet, but there is an interesting twist for those who sign up.

Usually, when someone has a home phone, that is exactly what it is – the phone and its number is attached to their house, unusable if you go on vacation or anywhere else. With AT&T’s GoPhone home phone service, customers can take their home phone device, a router, anywhere they go.   (more…)

Amazon Intros #AmazonWishList Hashtag to Twitter, Adds Items Right to Your Wish List

Back in May, Amazon teamed with Twitter to introduce a new hashtag system, one which would instantly add a purchasable item from your Twitter feed into your shopping cart on Amazon. While I personally have not seen much adoption of this service, Amazon has introduced a new hashtag for shoppers this morning, one which seems much more practical for users.  (more…)

WhoSampled Released for Android, Brings Music Discovery for Remix Lovers

Does song discovery interest you? If so, you should be happy to learn that WhoSampled has just hit Google Play, allowing users to go through decades of music DNA. With the service, users can go through their favorite tracks to see if other artists have sampled the music or have even made remixes of the songs, all listenable right through the app and a YouTube API.  (more…)

Humble Bundle 11 Brings Great Games for an Awesome Cause

A new Humble Bundle is available for mobile gamers, packed with great titles for low prices. Not only do you get great games, but when purchasing a bundle, you can select how much of your purchase price goes to the game’s developers, select charities, and a tip to the Humble Bundle service.

Included in this bundle are a few awesome titles, such as Thomas Was Alone, Cubemen, Cubemen 2, and Bridge Constructor Playground. While those games are fine and dandy, it is the titles you unlock by paying more than the average of $5.08 that are really awesome, which are Small World 2, Blackwell 1: Legacy, Blackwell 2: Unbound, Blackwell 3:Convergence, and more to follow.

If you happen to pay more than $11, however, you also unlock Surgeon Simulator and Anomaly Defenders. All of these games only for $11. Not bad at all, right?  (more…)

Top Custom Watch Faces for Android Wear

Creation of watch faces for Android Wear is booming right now, even though Google has yet to release an official API for their development. Regardless, much like in Jurassic Park, developers will find a way. And for that, we would like to thank them.

We have compiled a showcase for a few of our favorite watch faces that are currently available for the Moto 360. While this list is somewhat short considering the hundreds of different choices out there, we hope this post can serve as reference for anyone who would like to go beyond the stock faces that Motorola and Google provide out of the box.  (more…)