Facebook Introduces Save Feature for iOS, Android and Web

If you have ever come across a link on Facebook, but you didn’t have time to click and explore it, Facebook has introduced a new Save feature, allowing you to essentially create a bookmark library for your account.

Saved links and posts will be saved for you in the tabs section on iOS and Android devices, as well as accessible through your web browser.  (more…)

Abbagoochie and Valocia Codenames Outed as Possible Upcoming Motorola DROIDs

For those hoping to see more DROID devices from Motorola this year, @evleaks has reportedly outed at least two devices codenamed, Abbagoochie and Valocia. The Abbagoochie, which is easily one of the most bizarre codenames ever, is said to be a DROID MAXX replacement device, while the Valocia is to be a rehash of the DROID Mini.

According to @evleaks, both devices will be powered by quad-core Snapdragon 801 processors from Qualcomm, but no other specifications are known at this time.  (more…)

This Week in the Life of DROID: 7/18/2014

Another week down here at DL, as we are now a solid halfway through the 2014 calendar year. Time flies when you’re having fun. This week, we posted up our full review of the LG G3 which many of you have been clamoring for. Needless to say, we had pretty much nothing but good things to say about LG’s 2014 flagship device.

Now it will be time to see what Motorola (Moto X+1) and Samsung (Galaxy Note 4) have in store for US consumers.

Other news surrounded hefty leaks from NVIDIA, with slides detailing the company’s upcoming SHIELD Tablet and SHIELD Controller. To top it off, LG announced the G3 Beat, the Sony Xperia Z3 ran through the FCC, Google lifted name restrictions off of Google+, and a possible render of HTC’s Android Wear smartwatch was leaked. It was a busy week indeed.

If you missed any of the action, we have the highlights below.  (more…)

The Droid Life Show Episode 64 is Leaving South Beach, Headed Back to Cleveland

We gathered this past Wednesday night for Episode 64 of The Droid Life Show, discussing topics which included the LG G3, our Android Wear device reviews, and broke LG’s announcement of the G3 Beat live on air. LG has a tendency to announce products while we are doing our shows, so that helps to spice up the action a little bit.

In addition, we talked about the upcoming Xperia Z3 headed through the FCC, Google+ allowing you to use whatever name you would like, and had leftover time for a full Q&A. As the cherry on top, we discussed the week’s top apps and games for anyone who relies on us to always inform them of the best titles for their devices.

If you miss our live shows, be sure to subscribe to us through various ways by following the links below. (more…)