Google I/O Registration Open Today Through Friday (Updated)

Today is the big day for Android  and Google enthusiasts alike – Google I/O registration opens! I/O is Google’s annual developers conference, where the world gets a peak at what Google has planned for its services over the next year. These services include all of our favorites, such as Android, Chrome, Glass, Drive, and much more.

This year, unlike years’ past, Google is holding a lottery for I/O tickets. In the past, users would rush to the I/O website hoping to snag a pair (with most people leaving frustrated), but this year is much different. The I/O registration window will be open today (April 15) to Friday (April 18). This gives people three days to sign up, which means no rushing and hopefully no site crashes.  (more…)

5 Reasons: Galaxy S5 Camera is Better Than the One (M8)’s

We have heard from Kellen as to why he is already missing the One (M8)’s camera thanks to a few of its features, but the Galaxy S5 shooter is nothing to mess around with. While HTC did a great job at marketing the One’s somewhat gimmicky features, the camera leaves a whole lot to be desired, especially in regards to editing photos after the fact, as well as overall picture quality.

As stated in the previous 5 Reasons post, the One’s UltraPixel sensor does do a fine job at creating photos that are share worthy on Instagram and Twitter, but for anyone looking to get more out of their photos, 4 megapixels probably won’t cut it.

After our time with the Galaxy S5, we have compiled another five reasons which make the shooter on Samsung’s newest flagship device better than the one found on the HTC One (M8). 

Droid Life Q&A Sessions: Volume 20

It has been more than a month since we did a DL Q&A Session, and since then, we have seen the release of both flagship devices from Samsung and HTC.

In the comments section of this post, you can ask the DL staff members anything you might need to know, whether it concern which phone you should buy this year, what wearable device we are looking forward to the most, or an assortment of anything else that might be on your mind.  (more…)

This Week in the Life of DROID: 4/11/2014

Friday has finally arrived, which means it is time for us to go catch some of this sunny weather. It’s been a long week, and we will leave you with plenty of reading material to catch up on, including our full HTC One (M8) review. If you haven’t made your decision on which device to buy yet, you will definitely want to check that out.

This week was also filled with news surrounding the Galaxy S5, which is now available across the world. We unboxed and went hands-on with one for all of you, and a full review for it should be up soon.

In addition to the flagship phones, this week was made full thanks to Facebook’s announcement of removing all messaging from the official application, Dropbox’s release of Mailbox for Android, a leak from Sprint which details the LG G3′s specifications, concluded by the unfortunate news that the Nabu smartband has been delayed due to allergy testing.

If you missed any of the goods, check out the highlights from this week below.  (more…)

The Droid Life Show Episode 55 Will Replace Tiger Woods at the Masters This Weekend

This past Wednesday night, the DL crew met up for Episode 55 of The Droid Life Show. We chatted about the impending launch of the Samsung Galaxy S5 (which is now available globally), how it compares to the HTC One (M8), gave our final opinions of the M8 (since we posted our review), and discussed Facebook’s interesting move to remove all messaging features out of the main Facebook app.

We had enough time to also do a quick viewer Q&A session, and of course, talked about our favorite apps and games from the past week. It was a full show, so be sure to catch up on it if you missed anything.  (more…)