Sprint Intros the LTE Plus Network, Available Today in 77 Major Markets

Today, Sprint announced the LTE Plus network, a combination of its advanced cellular technologies and cell site optimization. In the announcement, written by Sprint’s CTO Dr. John Saw, the carrier lays out the benefits of LTE Plus, which should have customers seeing faster service with double the network capacity and speed, stronger service with “smart antenna technology,” and more reliable service thanks to the utilization of three bands of spectrum (1.9GHz, 800MHz, and 2.5GHz).  (more…)

Report: LG G5 to Feature Metal Exterior, No More Plastic

According to a report out of Korea, LG may look to ditch its plastic past, opting for an all-metal design in 2016 for the G5 smartphone. With many competitors choosing “premium” materials to build phones, such as metal, glass, and wood, LG is still one of the only companies to offer an all-plastic flagship device. However, LG’s new V10 features a metal trim on its siding, and the G4 had custom backsides that featured leather.  (more…)

Video: Samsung Galaxy View Hands-on and First Impressions

The Galaxy View tablet from Samsung, available on November 20 from AT&T, is large. There’s nothing else to say about its size. The device features an 18.4″ Full HD display, powered by a Exynos octa-core processor and 2GB of RAM. We received a unit from AT&T, preloaded with all of the DIRECTV and NFL Sunday Ticket goodies, so allow me to share my first impressions with you.  (more…)

Google Photos Updated With New Ways to Save Your Storage

An update for the Google Photos application is set to rollout today for Android users, one which aims at saving you precious storage space on your device and in the cloud.

Once updated, a “Free Up Space” button will appear in the Settings menu, which will prompt users to clear up bulk amounts of photos that are likely being duplicated. For example, if your photos have already been uploaded to the cloud, Photos will give you the “okay” to delete them off of your device, so as to save space for additional photos. To prevent device copies from being accidentally deleted, Google is asking users to double-confirm their intent during the “Free Up Space” process. (more…)

Video: SHIELD Tablet K1 Unboxing and Hands-on

Early this morning, NVIDIA announced and released the SHIELD Tablet K1. Priced at $199, NVIDIA stripped the previous SHIELD Tablet of its stylus pen, and also removed all accessories from the box in order to meet an aggressive price point. Now, we have a unit in-house, and there is no better way to kick-off coverage on a device than a formal unboxing.

The device features an 8″ IPS display, Tegra K1 processor, 2GB of RAM, 5MP front and rear-facing camera, 16GB of onboard storage, microSD slot for up to 128GB of storage, dual front-facing stereo speakers, 19.75 watt non-removable battery, and Android 5.1.1.

Below, check out our complete unboxing and hands-on.  (more…)

NVIDIA Releases the SHIELD Tablet K1, Priced at $199

NVIDIA announced and released the SHIELD Tablet K1 this morning, essentially a re-release of the SHIELD Tablet, sans Stylus. Priced at just $199, this tablet comes with the same lineup of specifications as the original SHIELD Tablet, but by stripping the tablet of all accessories that would usually come packed inside the box, NVIDIA was able to meet an aggressive price point for arguably one of the better Android tablets on the market.  (more…)

Deal: Pay What You Want for the Android Expert’s Coding Bundle

For those here looking to get into Android coding, we have a special on the DL Deals Store that allows you to pay what you want for the Android Expert’s Coding Bundle. This bundle includes five courses, all of which feature hours of lessons on Java programming and application creation.  (more…)

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