HTC Desire EYE Quick Review

While HTC appears to be content on throwing its limited marketing budget towards its flagship One lineup, you can tell the company still loves working on more affordable devices. From my experience with most of their smartphones, they do pay attention to the smaller details when creating a phone, and the latest HTC phone I have handled, the Desire EYE, is yet another enjoyable device from the Taiwan-based manufacturer.

In the eyes of consumers, HTC may appear to be struggling, but they have never slacked in the hardware design department. The Desire Eye caught my eye immediately, with its bold coloring, and massive front-facing camera. To a more untrained eye, who might not be familiar with practically every phone on the market, the Eye may resemble an older iPhone. To me, this is a good thing, as I have never been one to deny that Apple has great looking hardware.

Already having quite a bit on our table, coupled with the fact that the Desire EYE is not a flagship device for HTC, we decided to take this phone for a brief test spin, if only to allow for everyone who was curious to have our thoughts on the device.

This is our Desire EYE quick review.  (more…)

Experimental Feature in Testing Could Make GIFs Out of Your Favorite YouTube Videos

An experimental YouTube feature, so far only spotted on a single channel, allows users to create 6 second GIFs from any part of a video. Using the feature is quite easy, having only to hit the “Share” button, then select “GIF.”

From here, simply drag the scrubber across the section of the video you want to be turned into a GIF. This could be done for when people make funny faces, someone hits a tree on a swing, or anything else that might be funny.  (more…)

Google Fit Update Brings Support for Manual Entry of 100 New Activities

An update has been pushed to Google Fit this afternoon, one which brings manual entry support for 100 new activities, as well as an experimental feature for users of Android Wear.

The experimental feature, which was more than likely highly requested by users, allows your Fit to continuously track your activity, even when it is unpaired from a smartphone. For example, if you go on a run through the woods and leave your phone in the car, your watch should still track the data properly, then sync that info once your devices are reconnected.  (more…)

Deal: Limefuel 20,000mAh Dual USB Battery Pack for $35

While having your phone’s battery last forever would be nice, that unfortunately is not our reality. We live in a world where our electronics die. To combat this issue, and to give our devices a bit more life when in times of great need, the Limefuel Dual USB Battery Pack is a great solution, providing up to 20,000mAh of power at a moment’s notice.

Currently taking place on the DL Deals Store, you can score one of these juice packs for just $35, 58% off its MSRP of $85. Even if you go look on Amazon, this pack carries quite a high price tag when not sold at a discount.  (more…)

Microsoft Launches Suite of MSN Apps to Google Play, Includes Weather and Sports

The team over at Microsoft published a few MSN apps to Google Play this afternoon, five to be exact, ranging from apps for sports to weather and news. The Bing-powered apps are MSN News, Sports, Food & Drink, Weather, and Health & Fitness. These apps center around Microsoft’s ecosystem, utilizing their sources to bring you the latest info on what’s happening.  (more…)

Action Launcher 3 Released to Google Play, Rewritten and Redesigned

Chris Lacy is back, and this time, he has a completely rewritten and redesigned launcher app for the Android world. Titled Action Launcher 3, the app has been rewritten from the ground up, and wouldn’t you know it, a new pricing scheme has also been deployed.

Chris states that the update, “takes everything people really loved about Action Launcher in the past, mixes it with Google Now Launcher, and infuses it with Material Design.” Sounds like the ultimate 3rd party launcher to me.  (more…)

Fun Fact, Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and Galaxy Alpha Feature Corning’s Gorilla Glass 4

Thanks to a press release and landing page, it is now confirmed that the already-released Galaxy Alpha and Galaxy Note 4 from Samsung, feature Gorilla Glass 4.

What makes this announcement peculiar is the fact that both of these devices have been available for quite some time, but it was thought that only sampling and testing for the GG4 had recently begun. To find that it is already featured in products some of you already own, may be icing on the cake.  (more…)