Sprint’s New CEO Aims to Cut Pricing First, Improve Network Second

Sprint’s new CEO, Marcelo Claure, has a game plan for his new company, one that will have any potential customers thinking twice before signing up for a competitor. Claure’s main focus will be three areas moving forward – price cuts, network improvements, and a decrease in operational costs.

For now, price cuts will be the company’s main priority, with Claure not sugar coating Sprint’s position in the US carrier race. “When you have a great network, you don’t have to compete on price. When your network is behind, unfortunately you have to compete on value and price.”  (more…)

Samsung Acquires SmartThings, Deal Reportedly Worth $200 Million

Yesterday afternoon, it was announced that Samsung was set to acquire SmartThings, a company specializing in home automation, for an estimated $200 million. SmartThings has had a short journey on its way to acquisition, having raised over a million dollars on Kickstarter, then receiving an additional $12.5 million in Series A funding late last year.

As for Samsung’s plans, it seems rather clear, as Google went ahead and snatched up Nest, and Apple launched HomeKit. Samsung does not plan on being left behind in this space, as SmartThings is now packing up its office and heading on over to Samsung’s main California office in Palo Alto.   (more…)

Surgeon Simulator Hits Google Play, Priced at $5.99

A new game has finally made its way to Android, after what seems like a million requests from impatient YouTube commenters. The game, titled Surgeon Simulator, is far from an actual realistic simulation game, but does deliver the thrill of slicing open a patient, bashing their ribs in with a hammer, and removing their worn out organs for new ones. If this was the way surgery was actually performed, I’d suspect Dr. Nick from The Simpsons was the resident surgeon at the time.  (more…)

ASUS to Possibly Launch Android Wear Device at IFA

According to ASUS CEO Jerry Shen, who held an investors conference on Tuesday, a new Android Wear device may be debuted at this year’s IFA in Berlin, Germany.

Shen mentioned to investors that once announced, ASUS will followup the smartwatch with aggressive marketing efforts, but should not expect to see great revenue returns on the device or sequel device for roughly nine months.  (more…)