Tuesday Poll: How Often do You Use Voice Search?

Google published a survey this week which it commissioned through Northstar Research. The goal was to find out not only how often users in different age categories used voice search, but how they used the service itself. The study also asked users what they would like to see search do more of in the future. Funnily enough, wishing they could order pizza ranked highest among young users of voice search.

In the study, it was found that 55% of teens and 41% of adults use voice search more than once a day. But, how do the two categories differ in use of the service? Teens, on one side, focus on using their voice to call friends, ask for directions, help with homework, and play songs. Adults on the other hand, use voice search primarily for voice dictation, asking directions, checking the time (however odd that sounds), and to make calls.

A whole ton of neat things were discovered in the research, so we recommend you check out Google’s official blog for more information. In the meantime, we want to run a poll of our own.

How often do you use voice search on your Android device? Once you answer, feel free to throw in the comments what things you use voice search the most for.

How often do you use voice search?

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Skype Launches First App Since Skype Itself, a Video Chat Service Called Qik

Skype, the service that practically made video messaging mainstream for this generation, has released its first app since, well, the invention of Skype itself. The app is called Skype Qik, and to be completely honest, it is much like Stories from Snapchat. Users share short videos of themselves with friends and family around the globe, with the ability to go back and forth all from your existing Skype account.  (more…)

DROID Ultra, MAXX, Mini Soak Test Rolling Out, Brings VoLTE

Users of the DROID Ultra, Maxx, and Mini report an incoming soak test from Motorola, one which brings Advanced Calling 1.0, also known as VoLTE for Verizon’s network.

Usually, once the soak test rolls out and is successful, the firmware is sent to all owners of the aforementioned devices across the network. If VoLTE is a feature you have been looking to take advantage of on Verizon, then be on the lookout soon.  (more…)

South Park Pinball Tables Teased Before Release Later This Week

Zen Studios announced the addition of newly themed tables coming to the Zen Pinball HD application in Google Play this week, centered entirely around the world of South Park.

In total, two new tables with be featured, “South Park: Super-Sweet Pinball” and “South Park: Butters’ Very Own Pinball Game.” Throughout these new pinball tables, you will take on Coon and Friends as Professor Chaos, as well as help Al Gore go up against the evil ManBearPig.  (more…)

Droid Life Q&A Sessions: Volume 24 Answers

Last week was too hectic to get our Answers up from last week’s DL Q&A Session, but don’t worry, we did not forget about it. We received a ton of great questions, as always, so the DL crew has gone over them and answered a few to the best of our abilities.

It seems there is still a lot of focus on validity of wearable technology, especially how it will integrate with current fashion standards. We were also asked our opinion on whether the Note Edge from Samsung will see much success. Our short answer? Nope.

Take a look below at the full responses below.  (more…)