More Reported Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Images Surface

As stated yesterday, I can’t wait for Samsung and HTC to unveil their 2015 flagships this Sunday on March 1, if only to stop the constant stream of leaks across the web. You can only look at so many leaked photos of a phone, am I right? Regardless of that notion, here are some more leaked photos!

This time, coming straight from CNET Korea, the Galaxy S6 Edge has been reportedly completely revealed, showing off its rounded display edges and protruding rear-facing camera.  (more…)

This Icon Pack is Hot: Juyo

Stepping back from all of the Galaxy S6 and One M9 rumors and news, it’s time to focus a little more on what’s “hot” out there. Today, we have a new icon pack to share called Juyo, priced at $1.56 on Google Play.

Unlike many other icon packs, Juyo is not a round or squared icon pack, but goes for more of a color (or lack thereof) theme than anything. Each icon in the pack, which features over 2000 icons, is all white, perfect for standing out on darker wallpapers. However, the icons also have thin black outlines, allowing for the viewing of icons on white backgrounds too.  (more…)