Google Home is Official, Powered by Google Assistant, Available Later This Year

During the keynote of Google I/O this morning, Google Home was made official. Set to be a real competitor to the Amazon Echo, Google Home is powered by Google Assistant, the new AI-based software that helps users complete tasks.

Much like Echo, a user will speak to Google Home, which will get it to relay information from the web, playback music thanks to a built-in speaker, tracks your packages, make and change dining reservations, and even go over calendar events you have linked to your Google account. (more…)

Fitbit Acquires Coin’s Wearable Payments Platform, Will be Used in Future Products

This morning, Fitbit announced its acquisition of the wearable payments platform from Coin, the payments startup that released a universal credit card replacement. According to Fitbit and Coin, the acquisition will include, “key personnel and intellectual property specific to Coin’s wearables payment platform.”

Undoubtedly, Fitbit will use this purchase to create wearable devices that feature Coin’s technology, allowing users to not only track their steps, but to make purchases at supported retailers. As reported by Engadget, Fitbit previously mentioned that there are no plans to release such a device in 2016, but the door has been left wide open for a release in 2017.  (more…)

Report: Project Chirp, Google’s Amazon Echo Competitor, to be Called Google Home

On the eve of Google I/O, details are emerging regarding Google’s Project Chirp. If you have missed the previous reports, Project Chirp (otherwise known simply as Chirp), is the Amazon Echo competitor device that Google is working on, said to be powered by Google Now and other Google technologies. According to the latest report from the New York Times, Chirp will be officially called Google Home, set to be unveiled during Google’s keynote address tomorrow morning in Mountain View, CA.  (more…)

Starz App Updated to Support Android TV

The Starz app, available on Google Play, has been updated to support Android TV devices. This support includes set-top boxes, like the NVIDIA SHIELD and Nexus Player, as well as HDTV sets that have Android TV baked in. Based on a subscription model, like many other channels, users pay $8.99/month for access to Starz’s programming, which includes Outlander, The Girlfriend Experience, and Power.  (more…)

This is the OnePlus 3, a Mix of HTC One M9 and iPhone

Thanks to Evan Blass, this is likely our first good look at the upcoming OnePlus 3 from OnePlus. As you will see, the phone appears to be the perfect blending of a One M9 from HTC and an iPhone from Apple. It’s not that this is a bad thing, or that we’re calling OnePlus out, it’s just happens to be the best way to describe what the phone looks like, in our opinion.

According to Evan, at least one of the specs we reported on yesterday in our rumor roundup is correct, which is the AMOLED display. The only other spec listed by Evan is a 3,000mAh battery, which does not align with the previously reported 3,500mAh battery size. Other specs we are expecting, thanks to previous leaks, are a Snapdragon 820 processor, 4GB and 6GB RAM models, 16MP rear-facing camera, and Android 6.0.1.  (more…)

WatchESPN Streaming Hits Android TV Through ESPN App

Those interested in shooting balls through hoops, shooting pucks into nets, hitting balls over fences, kicking balls into nets, or watching James Harden reinvent the pratfall, access to WatchESPN has been added to the official ESPN application for Android TV. To watch the action, users will need the ESPN app installed, available on all Android TV models, and will also come shipped on all new Nexus Players, according to ESPN.  (more…)

Sign Up to Field Test Pokémon GO in the US

The Pokémon GO launch for the US is right around the corner, but before that can happen, the game must be field tested. Sure to be a hit game across the globe, Niantic Labs needs willing testers out in the field to put features through the paces, and if you play your cards right, that could be you.

Much like Ingress, the other uber-popular title from Niantic Labs, players will trot around their neighborhoods, but instead of capturing portals, you capture Pokémon. The overall objective, at least from what we can tell, is to become the biggest and baddest Pokémon trainer in your area. There are Gyms to train and battle your Pokémon, as well as different Poké Balls to capture new creatures.  (more…)

Twitter May Soon Stop Counting Links and Images Against Your 140 Character Limit

According to a source familiar with Twitter’s upcoming plan who spoke with Bloomberg, the company will soon stop counting links to the web and images against your 140-character tweet limit. For the longest time, Twitter has counted any added links and photos against your limit, leaving less room for actual words. In a change that could happen within the next couple of weeks, folks may soon see more words, links, and photos.  (more…)