T-Mobile Offering Unlimited Worldwide Calling for $5 a Month Through Simple Choice Plans

T-Mobile is bringing the holiday cheer a tad early this year, with the announcement of two different offerings for folks on a Simple Choice plan. Starting today, users can get unlimited worldwide landline calling for just $5 a month, for all lines on the plan, up to 10 lines.

Additionally, for $10 a month on top of your existing plan, the whole family can get unlimited calling to mobile phones in more than 30 countries and 1,000 minutes to mobile phones in Mexico, on top of unlimited calls to landlines in 70+ countries. Now that’s a bargain.  (more…)

Deal: Five Days Left to Snag a Retro NES Bluetooth Controller for $30

The retro NES30 Bluetooth Controller is back on our DL Deals store, after being sold out quite quickly the last time we posted it. If you missed out last time, here is your chance to pick it up.

As you can see, it is shaped exactly like an old NES controller, which should make you feel right at home again on the couch in your pajamas back in the 80s. Given the advancement in games, the controller does feature a few more control buttons than the original, but its shape and feel stays true.  (more…)

Google Play Services 6.5 for Developers, Brings Helpful Maps, Wallet, and Fit APIs for Incorporation

Google’s Android development team is now rolling out Google Play Services 6.5 to developers, bringing a ton of new APIs to incorporate into existing applications.

For starters, developers are getting more flexibility from Google Maps, with the API now offering a map toolbar to allow users to open Maps and immediately get directions, as well as turn-by-turn navigation to a selected marker. For business owners, who also run an application, this could help potential customers find their place much more quickly.  (more…)