Last Horizon Hits Google Play, a Minimal Space Adventure to Find a New Home

Published to Google Play by Noodlecake Studios — one of my personal favorite publishers — Last Horizon can be picked for $2.99, with no ads. This is a minimal, space exploration game, in which you must pilot a rocket ship to distant stars in search of a new home for the human species. Along the way, you will visit rocky planets to mine for ore to fix your damaged ship, collect oxygen from ice and garden planets, and harvest other resources to help terraform a new world for all of us.  (more…)

Google Fit Updated With Real-Time Stats for Runs, Nutrition Monitoring

In an update for the Google Fit app, users can now get real-time stats for their activities such as running, complete with data for elevation, speed, pace, route, and more. In addition, for those into strength training who happen to own an Android Wear watch, your device can now pick up push-ups and squats whenever you perform them, allowing you to attempt a few 30-day challenges at any time of the day.  (more…)

Deal: Pay What You Want for the JavaScript Development Bundle

For a limited time on the DL Deals Store, you can grab a JavaScript Development Bundle through a name-your-own-price deal. Inside this bundle, if you pay the average or more, you gain access to 10 courses, all of which aim to make you a master in Java. Currently, the average price sits at just over $10, with the bundle listed at a value of over $1,100.  (more…)