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HTC One (M8) on Verizon Receiving Android 4.4.3 in September, Will Finally Include Extreme Power Saving Mode

htc one m8 verizon

According to a Tweet sent from HTC Americas president, Jason Mackenzie, owners of the Verizon One (M8) should expect an update to Android 4.4.3 by mid-September. We had originally heard that a test of the update would happen around August 14, with the public push starting August 18 (today). Their VP of product, Mo Versi, noted today that they had to “re-spin” the update, so this month is out. No word on what the issue was that caused the update to be resubmitted, but that pushes the update out a couple of weeks and into next month. 

On a related note, the update will finally bring Extreme Power Saving Mode to the Verizon model. EPS is the feature that allows your One (M8) to last for hours on end with only a small percentage of battery remaining. By turning off a number of battery hogs, HTC is able to extend the life of your battery when in a pinch. It’s a lot like Samsung’s Ultra Power Saving Mode. The AT&T and T-Mobile models both received this feature back in May.

The Unlocked One (M8) saw the update to Android 4.4.3 a couple of weeks back, the T-Mo version is receiving it today, and AT&T should be up next.

Via:  @JasonMacHTC | @moversi
  • No, it’s not. The iPhone is one of the best camera phones out there.

    • tdurden64111

      I don’t think I’ve heard the term “camera phone” in almost 10 years, lol.

  • AndrewScottRox

    So it will see 4.4.4 in January?

    • LionStone

      The security additions in 4.4.4 were implemented in HTC’s 4.4.3 update, so there’s nothing in 4.4.4 to really care for or make jokes about

      • AndrewScottRox

        So they put the security fixes found in the most current version of android into an old version of android and kept the old version number? Right. Nothing funny about that.

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  • Droidrazr

    The only two things bad about the M7, and HTC doesn’t change a thing about them in the M8. The stupid 4 MP camera and the location of the power button. Did they not read reviews of the M7 at all? Could have at least made it 8 MP.

    • orangchiclet

      It’s not a MegaPixel, it’s an UltraPixel. It allows the camera to bring in more light like an aperture opening. This helps greatly when taking photos in darker areas. I’ve had both the M7 and the M8, I think the camera is fantastic. I’ve gotten great pictures of even little insects :). Also the power button on the M8 is usless since you use a gesture to swipe up to instantly unlock the phone. I think they took everything into consideration. Go HTC!

      • Droidrazr

        I understand the whole ultrapixel thing very well. I haven’t really played with the M8 much, except for a few minutes in the store. But from what I’ve read and seen in reviews the pictures still don’t come out that good and are pretty much the same quality. But I owned the M7 for about 4 months and while I did think it was THE BEST smartphone ever (I only switched back because I was used to the Motorola maxxes and their battery, not htc’s fault), every time I had to press the power button I would think ‘why did I buy this phone?’ (I agree that the swipe feature probably kind of fixed this issue on the M8.) And I hated the fact that I couldn’t zoom in the pictures at all and didn’t really look good on HDTVs compared to other phones, even though it looked excellent on the phone itself. So even with ultra pixels, it would need at least 8 of them to be considered great. Anyway I would still get it in a heartbeat if it had a Motorola battery.

  • alberteezy

    Finally got to try out the m8 and my is it the nicest build quality I ever tried! I loved the feel didn’t feel slippery but maybe if the hands get sweaty but the camera is definitely a bummer and I thought the black bar would have not bothered me but I can’t believe how much space it takes up. The phone would have been great but it is only good overall.

    • mcdonsco

      Actually its when your hands are super DRY that it gets slippery. Same with plastics though, my g2 I’ve been using case off for a few weeks and when my hands are super dry, its tough to hang on to sometimes.

      When I had the m8 it wasn’t quite as much of a problem, but sometimes was when my hands were super dry.

    • tdurden64111

      Lol… Scientists have tested it and confirmed that the M8 is, in fact, the slipperiest known substance in the universe when applied to a dry epidermis.

  • Spider210

    I use my m8 every day, was a insurance replacement of my DNA, can’t complain much, love the speakers, the screen, 32gb storage, and my 64gb sd card…. i don’t use the camera much and when I do it does what i need it to. to each and their own.

    overall great phone <— my opinion

  • mcdonsco

    If HTC hadn’t gimmick’d out the camera, that would have been a nice phone.

    • Cory

      The camera is great you twat

      • mcdonsco

        I owned the phone for about a week. That was as long as I could tolerate that miserable excuse for a camera, you twat.

        • LionStone

          All the pics I see posted by the M8 look great, you must be doing something wrong.?

          • mcdonsco

            Yea, I must be pushing the button wrong /s

          • LionStone

            Haha, exactly my point, there’s a ‘little’ more to just pushing a button… Like lighting, composition..

          • mcdonsco

            I leave all my phones on auto and click away…I have no interest in messing with the settings to get a better pic.

            With that said, if it can’t take good pics in its default mode, IMO, it sucks.

            Every pic I took with the m8 I can still pick out of a lineup in my google photos because EVERY ONE OF THEM is bordering washed out looking and completely lacking any detail at all.

            I kept my g2 during my time with the m8 (and gs5 for that matter) and the g2 side by side took WAY BETTER pics then the m8 (the gs5 of course beat the g2, but not by enough to overcome the things I didn’t like about the gs5).

            While I would mostly agree megapixel count isn’t everything, its one thing to say that between a 10mp & 13mp camera or 13mp and 16mp…its QUITE ANOTHER to say that between a 4mp and a 13mp (literally more than 3x the resolution).

            Is the m8 camera good enough to get you by for social media pics? Sure…is it good enough that you can take pics from it and use them as a desktop background on your computer and have it look amazing? Absolutely not.

          • LionStone

            “I have no interest in messing with the settings to get a better pic.”
            Response as expected

          • mcdonsco

            “”I have no interest in messing with the settings to get a better pic.”
            Response as expected”

            Lazy, have no argument response, as expected.

            Its OK, HTC put a bad camera in their phone this time…look at Motorola, they do it every time; at least HTC doesn’t do that.

          • LionStone

            Hehe, what’s there to argue with?, you just about said you’ve no interest in getting the better pic even though the camera will allow it…So it’s *your* laziness not the cameras fault. Have a good day!

          • mcdonsco


            You’re drunk, go home.

          • LionStone

            Like I said, all the pics I see look fine, especially indoor and low light, and actual users say the speed and software are great! So much for “reviews”…

          • mcdonsco

            They look fine, speed and software are great…a testament to a great camera I tell ya!

      • Just Lou

        Forget it. Some people still buy into megapixel marketing.

        • mcdonsco

          As I said…I OWNED THE PHONE. While the camera was a tiny bit better than a Motorola camera, it sucked in comparison to my G2.

          My comment has ZERO to do with megapixel marketing (although, all else being equal a higher megapixel camera WILL take better pics regardless of your take on the subject) and instead has everything to do with having actually used, quite extensively, the phone and camera first hand.

          • Jimneezy

            Im sorry but I owned the G2 before myself and my HTC One m8 blows it out the water. The only thing I would say is that I couldn’t zoom in much after taking a shot but that to me wasn’t necessary since I only upload them to social media

      • You obviously haven’t owned any other phone released in 2013/2014. I had the M8 as well, and the camera did suck compared to my S4, G2, and G3. 13MP vs 4MP is not a marketing stunt, there is a huge difference in quality between the two, especially if you try to zoom in at all. Yes going from 8 to 13 or 13 to 16 is pretty much useless, but 4MP is NOT enough for phones these days that have 1080p and 2k displays.

        • tdurden64111

          So you think the M8 takes 4MP pictures, because you think the M8 has a “4MP camera”.

          • mcdonsco

            It, ummm…does.

          • tdurden64111

            And if it has 2 4MP cameras?

          • mcdonsco

            You’re of course referring to the one that records depth data; as I hope you aren’t somehow under the impression they combine to bring it to 8mp??? Please, don’t be that dumb…seriously.

          • The second camera is for depth to allow you to adjust focus later. You don’t combine two 4MP images into an 8MP image…

          • Uh, it does..

    • tdurden64111

      Man, I have this phone (free work phone) and had the Moto X up until it. I swear to god the Moto X batter would discharge at 1% every 13 minutes on avg and the M8 is between 1% every 7-9minutes. That on top of missing the Moto X features I am just going to get rid of it for the Moto X+1e^(x-1)=64

  • p4

    big red is spinnin its wheels again .. wb!

  • EdubE24

    Just picked the M8 up last week. Can’t really say I’m digging this phone. Love the build and boom sound. But the camera and the power button placement is just to much of a down side. The gestures are nice when turning on, but don’t help when turning it off! And every photo I take ends up looking like I took it in fog. But it is very fast and haven’t had any lag at all. Sadly I will not see this update.

    • Eric R.

      Yeah, I’ve had the M8 since April and there isn’t anything special about it compared to other devices. I still like it though, but I think I’d be just as happy if not more with the S5, G2, or G3. But this phone was a replacement for my DNA and its way better especially as a replacement.

    • Alex Niehaus

      I rooted mine and used an xposed module that let’s you double tap on the status bar to turn the screen off. I literally never use the power button.

      I still don’t see the issue with the camera. I literally use mine all day for work and as long as the lense is clean the pictures look crystal clear. They look far better than my GS3 or Lumia 928.

      • EdubE24

        I came from an iPhone 5s and maybe expected more. Night and day difference in photo quality.

        • LionStone

          Except the iphone camera software is paltry at best… Even my DNA has more robust settings and capability…

          • EdubE24

            But when I take pictures they come out really great..that works really good for me!!

    • John Whitehead

      I have a fog all of the time unless I freshly clean the lens with alcohol, It is extremely annoying. I never had the fog with my M7. I did some research and the only result was some oligopoly something or other film to stop fingerprints. It is truly annoying and the only reason I would ever get rid of this phone.I am already rooted and running 4.4.4 so I am not too thrilled by the update. I would be happy to see 4.5, but I guess we will need to wait another 2 months.

    • tdurden64111

      Dude, power placement does suck major balls. I’ll be god DAMNED if I don’t hit the volume down button 11/10 times.

      • EdubE24

        Every freaking time!!

  • MotoRulz

    Thats good news. Now my M8 will be updated to the last version before I sell it..