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Rumor: Motorola Finally Gets Its Nexus, a 5.9-inch Whale


The rumor you have been waiting years for has arrived – Motorola is said to have created the next Nexus phone, a massive 5.9-incher under the codename “shamu.” Call it a parting gift or whatever you want from Google as they ship Moto off to Lenovo, this could be your chance to finally get a Motorola Nexus, assuming you would want one that is that size. 

There isn’t much else to say about this rumor, that surfaced via Android Police, other than the current codename of “shamu” was spotted four days ago through an Android L bug tracker. You can see in the screenshot below that we have a build number for a device showing as “aosp_shamu-userdebug.” Obviously, Motorola or Nexus aren’t mentioned, but we like seeing codenames for devices that do not currently exist.

Keep in mind that Google almost always gives their Nexus devices fish-related codenames. We have seen toro, hammerhead, mako, and grouper in the past, to name a few. Shamu, as you likely know, is the name of a famous killer whale. It’s probably also worth noting that a 5.9-inch phone could be considered a whale, so a name like shamu is both fitting and Google-like.

The only other details worth mentioning are that the phone may contain a fingerprint scanner and should arrive in November, just like previous Nexus phones.

Update:  The Information is now supporting this rumor, suggesting that they have three confirmations from sources that Motorola and Google have teamed up for the next Nexus phone.

Is a 5.9-inch Motorola Nexus all you have ever dreamed of?

motorola shamu

Via:  Android Police
  • djdsf

    This would essentially be the phone of my dreams. A big screened nexus. YAY!

  • Is it strange that a whale is a mammal and not a fish? And a killer whale isn’t even a whale; it’s a dolphin (also a mammal). It all makes me worry…

  • Foosa Noble

    The headline should really say
    Rumor: Motorola Finally Gets Its Nexus, a 5.9-inch Whale except for of course Verizon.

  • LEGGO! {{^_^}}

  • Ahku Droid

    It’s Google, their entire business is based on knowing interests per demographic. How could they possibly think this would be attractive to anyone without a purse. Are they trying to push fanny packs?

    Please give us a MotoNex on VZW that doesn’t need a wheelbarrow. I mean…come on…something this big will fall out of your pants when you sit down, not to mention when doing something athletic like running or biking.

  • joe c

    how about just release the moto x+1 already. close enough to nexus for most

  • Tristan Morris

    The N5 is right about the upper limit of phone sizes I’ll tolerate. Don’t know if 5.9 will be doable. But I’m on Verizon anyway, so it’s not like it matters.

  • flyinggerbil

    pass. too big.

  • Motorola Nexus huh? I guess people waiting for a Nexus with a better camera are going to be waiting another year.

  • Me

    Watch this thing come with a 720p panel, 2400maH, 12 MP camera, 5 MP FF, stereo speakers, Qi charging, NFC, available on 4 major carriers- Att, Tmo, Sprint, Republic wireless (HAHAHAHAHAHAHA) and cost 400 bucks for a 16 GB. I’ll pass for the Moto X+1.

    • Orion

      Hahahaha Nexus 5 came with 1080p….hahahahahaha.

      • Me

        Calm down Shirley, it was a joke.

    • H.R. Pierson

      You’re killing me!!! LOL.
      Hey Google! They’re kidding. We want a 5.7-5.9 incher with minimal bezels. Like LG did with the G 3. They fit a 5.5 incher into a 5.2 inch body. Awesome!!!
      Further we want:
      A 3300 mah battery.
      We’d prefer a 2k display.
      I just brought a 64gb micro sdx card, but wanted a 128 GB. So expandability is HUGE. And at least a Snap 805 for ATT’s LTE.
      Don’t follow…. Continue leading. Or be lead!!

  • droidrazredge

    I’m thinking there we will be two Nexus phones this year just like apple will be giving two variations of their phone. The first nexus will be the same size as the current Nexus 5 and most likely be made by HTC. The second Nexus will be this one made by Motorola coming in at 5.9″ which are basically the same sizes that Apple will be debuting.

    • Orion

      Thank you!! Someone who is objective and gets it.

  • Whales are not fish — can I say, this rumor is a bit fishy 🙂

  • mikebmw325i

    Last time I checked Shamu is a whale and they aren’t fish but mammals. So hopefully it is not a new nexus because its way to big. Nexus phones follow the trends for the most part of normal smartphones. So will probably see a 5 or 5.2 inches screen.

    • Orion

      LMAO!! You people are trying so hard so convince yourselves. Keep wishing.

    • Yes, Nexus devices follow the trends…which are reaching the upper 5 inch range. We are long past 5-5.2 inch screens. Screens are getting larger and bezels are getting smaller.

  • antwonw

    If I were to get that phone I’d get questions like, “What’s that in your pocket?” To which I would respond, “It’s a free Willie. We could have a whale of a time.”

    But in all seriousness, I don’t think that could fit in a pocket, 5.9 inches. Wow.

  • Roy Gudiño

    I would never leave verizon for tmobile 😮 had tmobile for like 3 months last year and it was just issue after issue after issue. Their normal customer service reps are horrible, easily the worst ive seen. One started yelling at me and telling me that i didnt know anything (when i was right.) Thankfully after i called a complained many, many times, i got to talk with 2 of the upper level customer servics guys and they on the other hand were extremeley helpful and nice (and didnt yell at me.) Got charged for thing i wasnt supposed to be charged for, along with hidden fees, it was a hassle dealing with the in store and over the phone reps. And somehow a $100 off deal turned into me paying almost $200 more than i should have in one month.

  • stabone

    Right next to shamu it “userdebug”… I don’t know why but looking at it quickly I thought it said “underdog”.

  • Dave

    Well there’s a whale of a way to tank the Nexus program into oblivion. Ugh…just imagining what could have been…

  • Alec

    Well that’s a whale of a tale!

  • Trevor

    Moto? Check. Nexus? Check. Fits in the palm of your hand? Sad face.

  • chris

    I would love this.

  • ImmaDroid

    Whack.. Really a moto nexus, and it’s gotta be a frigging 5.9″ Phablet. That will be the dumbest move ever. Stick to 5″ Please!!

  • hyperbeatser

    keeping in mind this is a rumor still – but an appropriate name for a massive phone.

  • Sean Walton

    I wanted MOTO to do the next Nexus but that’s way too big, what a disappointment. If the size is correct this will be the first Nexus that I will not buy and that will make me very angry.

    • Jeff

      It’s just a phone, why get angry about it?

      • Sean Walton

        Sorry I am irritated and frustrated. I have owned every Nexus phone released and have wanted Moto to do this but that’s way too big hence my frustration.

    • Don’t cry man, it’ll be okay.

      • Sean Walton

        LOL I know it will be. I have been waiting for a Moto Nexus for a long time and this just disappoints me. I hope it’s somehow wrong.

        • I stepped up to the One+ One and it’s really not all that large once you get used to it. I think 5.9 inches will be just fine as long at the bezel is small.

  • Brett Crowley

    Been waiting for some moto new’s. Been holding out on the g3 for some moto’s rumor’s, pleased to hear, phone size is fine with me!

  • Dark_Laser

    “a massive 5.9-incher under the codename ‘shamu.'”

    Everyone get it? Because the phone is a whale! Hardy har har!

    • Chris M

      Ahhhhhhhh i get it now……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..

  • Tony G.

    the perfect size to get rid of my nexus 7

  • Pootis Man

    5.9 inches is to damn big for a phone!

  • Fooer

    Nice, almost as big as an XBox!

  • BoFiS

    ugh, why so big? Why not something the exact same size as the Moto X but with a nicer screen and microSD slot, that would be my ideal phone that no one seems to want to make 🙁

  • Patrick Crumpler

    5.9″? Thats absurd. The G3 is pushing it and I love that phone. Was considering the Next Nexus, but if true, not too sure now. Can’t imagine Moto doing a better job at bezel sizing than LG. MAybe there is a normal sized option this go around?

    • derp hurr-durr

      Samsung Note series: Absurd.

      Yep; You heard it here, guys. Patrick called it.

      Must explain Samsung’s tanking sales…yeah…er…um…

      • Patrick Crumpler

        No one mentioned Samsung and Nexus in a while. The Note is a nice device, but it hardly leads Samsung’s sales. And when compared to the G3 the Note lacks in my opinion. Oh, and touch wiz is horrible.

      • Franklin Ramsey

        I think you are forgetting that 5.9 inches is larger than any of the Samsung Note Series. It borders on ridiculous.

        • derp hurr-durr


          • Franklin Ramsey

            Are you trying to imply that this phone won’t have any bezels? With the current technology available, the amount of bezels on a 5.9 inch screen should easier top a 6.25 inch diagonal measurement.

  • anon

    nice camera please

    • jimt

      Nice everything please, including a 6000+ battery.

    • That’ll never happen in a Motorola phone.

  • Pam Oakea

    OMG that size makes it a tablet… Not a phone. I love my LG G3 but it’s nearly too large at 5.5. I just can’t imagine handling a 5.9 inch phone. I think 5.2 is perfect.

  • B!

    As much as I love Orcas & Moto unless this surprises us with high end specs I’ll wait for the new DROIDS.

  • jbdan

    That is huge hah. I held off on the G3 (just doesn’t cut it after using N5) and await the motox1 and Nexus6, hoping the Nexus might be offered in 2 size flavors and hoping the x1 screen and camera are largely improved upon from the x

  • jimt

    5.9 inches is about right for a nexus 6.

    • Justin Kos

      I have used a note 3 before, fits perfectly in my hands (I have big hands) but.. idk if thats portable at this point… meh

  • ClickFire_

    I think there will be 2 Nexus phones this year because Apple is about to offer 2 sizes and samsung already offers the Galaxy Note and Galaxy S line.

    Moto NeXus – 5.9 inch screen

    HTC Nexus – 5 or 5.1 inch screen (current N5 size is 4.95)

    this is just my prediction.

  • H.R. Pierson

    I have a beauty of a phablet now. The LG G Pro. Updated to 4.4.2… Awesome. But I find I need the added space of a5.9er. I’m looking at the G Pro 2. Also 5.9 in. I’d never imagine this big a device. Yet there’s just so much more I can do with the added display space that I have. Needed to help a family member with her Android 5.7 incher. Wow…. Better but the display was 720/vs 1024. And unless it’s the LG Flex, you can see the difference.
    So we’ll see… But I AM getting a bigger device..

    • Suicide_Note

      For the umpteenth time…Google doesn’t put expandable memory in Nexus devices.

  • Mickey A Valentine

    Verizon? Come on Motorola haha
    5.9 nexus 6, 8.9 nexus 8. Interesting

  • Tom

    That sucks.

  • jim

    Love my Note 3. But would not want anything bigger , but if its the same size over all. , sure

  • Nicolas Johnson

    Not a form factor in which I’d be interested, but I’ll be cautiously optimistic. Finger print scanner? Really? I’ve always liked the Nexus line partially due to the fact that they abstain from such gimmicks.

    • Franklin Ramsey

      Abstain from gimmicks? They encourage the gimmicks that Google wants to see happen. Like the pins for docking devices that they hoped would encourage others to make accessories for.

      • Nicolas Johnson

        Hm. I never really thought of the pogo pins were gimmicky as were they not a reasonable precursor to wireless charging?

        • Franklin Ramsey

          Considering Google was hopeful that other manufactures would make devices compatible with pogo pins, I’d say no.

  • RoyD77

    Irresponsible speculation- Back in January Google & Samsung reportedly signed a large cross licensing deal. KNOX clearly was part of that, as we saw it’s being added to AOSP/stock starting in “L”. Could the stylus and/or multi-window support & standards be next, and get featured prominently in the Nexus Phablet? Samsung already has the highest amount of apps customized for theirs standards, based on the sales of the Note series. But they have to top out at a certain point because it isn’t platform wide? And yet that would allow Google to have a larger library of supported apps for both standards available at launch. By not having it be a Samsung Nexus device, it could reinforce that this isn’t just limited to Notes, and other manufacturers might have more success with their next version phablets than they have so far. From what I know, the HTC One Max, LG G2 Pro / Flex, Sony Z Ultra have been closer to duds than hits.

  • Tazarine Tighanimine
  • William_Morris

    5.9″ screen is a no-go for me. I love Moto’s construction and internals, but that screen will be way too damn big. I don’t want a phablet.

  • Roberto Taylor

    5.9″ display? Are they trying to battle with Samsung or something? The Moto X is a great example of a perfect sized phone. I hope this rumor isn’t true.

    • Orion

      To YOU it’s perfect but some of us here love bigger phones. I hope the rumor is true so all you crybabies can cry some more.

      • Roberto Taylor

        You’re right, there are people that like the larger form factor. I had a Samsung Galaxy Note 2 before getting the Moto X, so I know what a big phone feels like. I also fell for the “bigger is better” gimmick, but realized that’s not always true.

    • derp hurr-durr

      “Are they trying to battle with Samsung or something?”

      Yeah…why would anyone compete with the top dog in Android device sales…amirite?

      They should be competing with Sony instead, right? Aim Low, guys!

      • Roberto Taylor

        I was referring to Samsung keep wanting to go bigger and bigger with their phones.