Motorola Nexus “Shamu” Gets Even More Support in New Report

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Over the weekend, rumors of a Motorola Nexus surfaced suggesting that Google and the company it plans to sell to Lenovo had teamed up to produce an oversized phone-tablet hybrid under the codename “shamu.” The device is said to carry a 5.9-inch display, fingerprint scanner, and arrive some time around November. That rumor has now turned into a second report out of The Information who claim to have secured a confirmation through “three people with knowledge of the matter” that the device is coming and is a whale.

According to this latest report, Google and Motorola teamed up shortly after Google announced that it would be selling the handset maker to Lenovo to create a new Nexus. And even though Motorola employees are still bitter over Larry Page’s decision to sell the company before they got a fair chance to turn things around, a Nexus is in the works.

This new report doesn’t offer much in the way of new specs, but does also mention the codename “shamu” and that it will be a big ol’ whale of a phone-tablet-thingy.  They also remind us that Nexus devices tend to be “reference designs” to show other Android makers what can be built with Android. The Motorola and Google pairing was said to have formed because Google wants to use features like Active Display and always-on-voice-actions that were featured in last year’s Moto X.

So yeah, we just went from “Who knows who is making the next Nexus?” to “Motorola is it!” in a day.

Via:  The Information [subscription]



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