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Samsung’s Level Premium Audio Products Available in the US Tomorrow

Level, the premium range of audio products introduced by Samsung back in April, will become available in the US starting tomorrow on Gilt.com. After the line passes through its 72-hour stint on Gilt, all products will come to Amazon (July 20), Samsung.com (July 21), and Samsung Experience Shops in Best Buy stores (July 27) shortly thereafter.

For those new to Level, you are looking at four different products. The Level Over is an over-ear Bluetooth headphone that delivers an “immersive sound experience.” It runs $349.99. The Level On is an on-ear, wired headphone that “packs a powerful, clear and pure sound in a compact design,” running $179.99. The Level In is a pair of in-ear buds that runs $149.99. Finally, the Level Box is a Bluetooth speaker that costs $169.99. We have yet to test any of these products, but hope they have something special in-store to justify those prices. At least they look pretty, right?

To see images and read the full specs, jump below and then through the source link. 

Level Over White (1) Level Over Black (1) Level On White (1) Level On Black (1)

Level In White (1) Level In Black (1) Level Box White (1) Level Box Black (1)

Via:  Samsung
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  • Jeremy

    You gotta be kidding me.
    This is the opposite of Beats by Dr. Dre.
    No — this is Samsung GALAXY take on Beats.
    Samsung might be poor in audio as their smartphone cameras are.
    Beats headphones is to Nokia Lumia cameras as Samsung is to cheap.
    F*ck you, Samsung. F*ck you.

  • TC Infantino

    And they all come with an ugly physical Home button.

  • Chris

    Does anyone know of any in ear headphones with working volume controls for Android? Preferably under $60

  • Cory S

    I like how the Level overs are BT, but can plug into a headphone jack for when they’re dead. Active noise cancellation would also really come in handy for me.

  • dunning-kruger

    These look great for anyone drinking Bose, Monster, Beats, etc kool-aid.

    When it comes to headphone/speaker cost/quality chances are the weak point in your signal chain is your playback device, the method of transmission, or the file format itself. Bluetooth tech is apparently getting there but wired is still best, if you are streaming audio from the net rather than playing your own high fidelity mp3s your headphones are unlikely to make much difference (low to mid range might but mid to high not so much), not all devices/playback apps have a flat eq curve (coughbeatscough, or so I’ve heard) I noticed my wife’s ipod nano had a huge hump on the high mids, other devices may have different.

    Point is unless you are plugging into a nice amp, put FLAC or 320 mp3s on your phone/whatever, and are prepared to mess with an eq you should save your money and understand that there are so many barriers between you and good sound that it is not really worth any substantial investment for the average consumer.

    Plus if you are under 30 you probably have no idea what “good” sound sounds like because you spent your formative years listening to highly compressed mp3s so enjoy your blissful ignorance and FFS stop listening to dubstep (jokes).

    This brought to you by a musician, former operator of a music studio, tinkerer, and audiophile if I could afford to be (I can’t). Anyway, I thought I would post this because as a music enthusiast I do not trust a word that anyone on a phone blog says about audio (the bar is so low for these devices) and neither should any of you (just like a photography enthusiast would be remiss to listen to anyone here about picture quality). Love my smartphone for all it can do but it isn’t a fancy camera or music player, no headphones will change that. Especially one that is so obviously snake oil, am I missing something or do they seriously not have frequency response listed for any of these products?

  • theresactardif

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  • Jason

    They didn’t learn from Beats Audio? These need to look cheap, gaudy and have flashy colors to succed. Also, make sure the products don’t actually provide good audio.

    • zurginator

      Honestly compared to most headphone brands, Beats have very clean and professional looks.

      Sure, they’re still crap, but design isn’t something I would dock them on.

  • sj0808

    I have a level in ear phones which i got from a friend as a gift. I’m not joking they are really really good. This is coming from who used to use bose IE2 ear phones. Serious stuff.

  • mustbepbs
  • mcdonsco

    $149 for a pair of ear BUDS? Yikes, no thanks.

  • trixnkix637

    I’d rather buy the complete collection of The Wonder Years on DVD (priced at $249.95) than this.

  • j

    There are multiple AUDIO EQUIPMENT companies that produce VASTLY superior headphones and speakers for less. Don’t bye based on brand.

    • j

      ahh buy..

  • wow..it is really an amazing technology..

    • Christian Trevor Clauss

      Must be a trap. Move along.

  • Nobody

    Anyone who buys these is either crazy or has way too much money

    • rawr

      These prices are on the low end of premium headphones. I commented about it but apparently DL and Kellen were paid for this article and deleted it for some reason.

      Anyway, you should try some good headphones from Sennheiser (280 PROs are about as cheap as I would go for headphones but they aren’t as quality as my HD 600s or the pretty expensive HD 800s) or Audio-Technica.

      Not sure why DL hates the truth, doesn’t pay as much I assume.

      • Nobody

        I’m pretty well-versed in the headphone game and I wouldn’t touch these with a 10-foot pole. Unless they’re just a rebrad of something decent, they’re almost guaranteed to be nowhere near worth the cost.

  • Mike Aurin

    Hopefully these are pretty awesome products. Samsung produces great things 9 times out of 10. Even their phones would be perfect if it wasn’t for the skin. People only hate Samsung because of TouchWiz which is a little silly.

  • roz

    How is this related to Android?

  • 213ninja

    does Samsung make good speakers yet? i’ve never had a good experience with them…which naturally makes me skeptical with their headphones……..

  • enigmaco

    For $349 does that come with a happy ending? Damn

    • 213ninja

      that’s the going rate for “fancy” headphones

      • enigmaco

        Hell for that much I’ll buy a pair of bose

        • 213ninja

          i hear you, i’ve never been a fan of Sammy audio/speakers…so i can’t imagine these sounding great….they just don’t have a rep for sound quality. i’ve heard a few of their bookshelf speakers and sound bars and 5.1 all in ones and they’re terrible.

          but, now they have a shiny ribbon on it so hopefully that makes them sound better….lol.

      • Derek Robinson

        “fancy” headphones have quite the range. You can pickup a pair of AKG Q701 for $200 or go to the other end and grab a pair of Audeze LCD-3 for just shy of $2,000.

    • rawr

      You should probably Google ‘Sennheiser HD 800’

  • schoat333

    Way too expensive. You can buy gaming headsets cheaper that come with a mix amp.

    • Derek Robinson

      Its all about where you put the value. I would never buy a gaming headset. I feel it’s too much of an investment for how limiting it is. I opted to buy a dedicated mic and then picked up some nice headphones (Grado PS500 and AKG K702 65th Anniversary) which I then run through a Bifrost / Asgaard 2.

  • Patrick Crumpler

    So do these work with all products or just Samsung? Legit question.

    • 213ninja

      that is a legit question lol.

      • Tony Byatt

        So true unfortunately…

    • KiddiePool

      Grow up.

      • Patrick Crumpler

        Hey man. Cool it. I don’t even wanna cross shop these if they even work better on on device than another. I don’t want some BT speaker that has preferred connections or abilities depending on the device I use. Bose does it

      • La2da

        Lol. When “Kiddiepool” says grow up, you listen.

  • They look good but no matter how much I spend on clothing or other items I could never justify paying more than $40 for headphones (and $40 is pushing it). Monster in-ear buds with mic works just fine.

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    I’ve never owned a pair of blutooth headsets….what do folks think about them? Is sound quality affected in a significant way?

    • PoisonApple31

      Sound quality isn’t affected enough for me to ever switch back to using regular headphones. I’m using Motorola S305 – cheaper end for sure.


      • PhillipNorris

        I have this exact pair and I use them at work all of the time. Work great and I don’t see a battery drain any more than normal. I’ve also left my phone on my desk and walked about 100 feet away (through an open warehouse) and still got great reception.

        • PoisonApple31

          I have noticed about a 60 ft range inside an office building floor. I also use mine at work all the time. Seeing how they are down to $33 currently on Amazon, I think I’ll be picking up another pair for at home!

          • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

            How long does your battery last?

          • PoisonApple31

            I would say around 6 hours is a pretty good guess, I listen to them for about 3 hours each day, only have to charge every couple days.

    • Me neither, never cared for them I always think about the battery drain that would occur from me transmitting songs thru Bluetooth all day

      • Daistaar

        You’d be surprised how little your battery is affected now. With Bluetooth 4.0 LE and AptX audio, you’ll get near wired audio quality and nearly the same battery life as if bluetooth were off. It’s actually pretty amazing. I’m using the Soul SV3 (have 1 black and 1 silver pair) and love them! My S4 doesn’t take a hit at all and sounds pretty awesome. Now the real test for me is seeing how My S4 stands up to my headset and my Gear Live simultaneously. So far so good. Something like 12 hours before I hit yellow.

    • Derek Robinson

      I have some high end headphones, PS500($600) and AKG K702 65th Anniversary ($400), and while I’ve yet to hear a bluetooth headphone sound anywhere near as nice as those there are some pretty nice ones out there. I really enjoy my JayBird BlueBuds X which are bluetooth in ears and sound just fine. In fact the only reason I don’t wear them more is that my Westone W20s are just more comfortable for extended wear and I have a tendency to forget to charge them.

  • d-rock

    Samsung just wants its hand in every market.

    • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

      That is by definition who Samsung has always been. Need some headphones? Why not grab a fridge while you’re at it?

      • JoshGroff

        Might as well get a TV for the kitchen while you’re at it.

        • monkeyboyep

          Don’t forget a tablet with the washer and dryer while you’re at it.

      • Deez

        Doesn’t LG sell fridges and TVs? And expensive headphones?

        But hey, it’s fun to rip on Samsung and what not right?

        • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

          Who’s ripping on Samsung? Calm down.

          • Deez

            I’m just making a point. “Samsung just wants it’s hand in every market.”

            Duh who doesn’t.

            It’s also not unheard of that an electronics manufacturer like Samsung, LG, Sony, etc. is making other electronics besides cellphones lulz

          • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

            That’s the point….That is by definition who Samsung is. You’re saying the same thing I’m saying.

          • Suicide_Note

            Some people just have no sense of humor, you know?

          • Deez

            With the exception that I want mocking them for it because it makes sense to me…

          • Deez


          • Jason

            I guess text still has issues conveying things. At least to me it was clear that deez agreed with you by making a sarcastic comment about other companies doing the same thing but people like d-rock just wants to make fun of Samsung for some reason.

          • Tom

            Sony was my first CD player that didn’t skip while in motion, I used to have sony brand loyalty till their shity flip phones came out.

      • jimbob
        • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

          Yes Jim?

          • jimbob

            I agree with you. Just adding in a little fun!