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New Moto X Details: Moto Magic Glass, Laminated Aluminum Structure and Dual LTE MIMO Smart Antennas


More details are hitting the web concerning Motorola and Google’s upcoming Moto X device. The source for this new info is Taylor Wimberly, the ex-owner of A&M, now taking to his Google+ page to spill almost everything he knows about the device. With a past of being pretty spot on with the Moto X leaks and info, we tend to listen when he has something to say about Moto’s upcoming flagship.Β 

Taylor has detailed three different features of the Moto X, all accompanied by press shots of the device that we haven’t seen before. To start it off, he says the Moto X will come equipped with Moto Magic Glass, a single layer of Gorilla Glass which is molded to a special polymer to make for a continuous surface that wraps around the entire front and edges of the phone. In addition, the Moto X will feature zero gap construction, allowing for a smooth and seamless feel along the backside.


The next detail concerned the X’s construction. According to Taylor, the device features a laminated aluminum structure for a light weight and high strength design. Good to know for those who like a light, yet tough design – something Moto has been known for since the beginning.

Last up is the addition ofΒ Dual LTE MIMO Smart Antennas, which should allow for exceptional data speeds and better reception than most devices. The device will have two antennas dedicated to 4G LTE, with five antennas being fit inside in total. There will be the 4G main, 4G diversity, 2G/3G main, GPS and finally the Bluetooth and WiFi antenna.


With the addition of these three things, this phone is starting to add up to one helluva device. We are already packed and ready to head to New York City next week for its unveiling where we will be bringing you the best possible Moto X coverage you could hope for. Hope you are ready for this.

Via: +Taylor WimberlyΒ [2] [3]

  • Denard Mondesir

    The Readers/Commentators are another reason why I love this site. Thanks ladies and gents!

  • Anil Reddy

    Awaiting the grand arrival of MotoX in India soon. Hope Google brings it ASAP!

  • Kevin

    Pretty sure this will replace my bionic…not really into the new droid line and if this is actually $300 off contract, I doubt ill wait for the g2

  • David Benson

    So… if it is gapless, does that mean it will be waterproof?

    • socarwolverine

      I believe Moto has already been coating their phones in some type of nano-coating. I doubt it’ll be water-proof, but it’ll probably be splash-resistant like the Razr line.

  • mjlindamood

    With an upgrade at the end of August I’m going to have a hard choice between getting the S4 or waiting for this

  • BlueScreenJunky

    “There will be the 4G main, 4G diversity, 2G/3G main, GPS and finally the Bluetooth and WiFi antenna.”

    Does Glonass support need its own antenna, or can we still hope for Glonass+GPS support with only the GPS antenna ?
    I don’t know how much glonass really improves the accuracy or ability to get a fix over gps alone, but I would really appreciate any improvement in this area.

  • Finire

    Qi charging please?

  • Bi0nic


  • lye

    Please have amazing battery life.

  • M3D1T8R

    Those radios…yes please. Now just give me a user customizable 64gb+ upgrade option for $100 extra, and I’ll sell my DNA and buy this. 16gb limitation is the only thing I’m hating on the DNA, have to constantly pick and choose from my 60+gb’s of music (loved having this with my 96gb s3 last year, 32+64sd, just got sick of Samsung..especially their stupid buttons).

    Unfortunately I fear the CDMA Verizon X won’t have that customization, while gsm versions will. Hope I’m wrong. Otherwise, I’ll be sticking it out til another great radio moto x comes along, with 64gb+. Completely ridiculous how in the name of a few bucks cheaper manufacturing cost, all the current new phones are coming out with about one eighth of the useable storage of my s3 from over a year ago. S3 I had about 90gb, DNA only 11. I don’t want to have to carry around a separate mp3 player. (Cloud not an option where I’m at.)

    • Not OCD

      Most people aren’t OCD like you and don’t require ridiculous amounts of memory to carry around every piece of media just in case they might want to have access to it at a moments notice. I have never understood the need to carry around more music than you could listen to in your life time. You need to be real with yourself and look at what you actually use as opposed to what you hoard.

      • ROB

        Your right…because memory is SO EXPENSIVE now…64 gb should be an option

        • Business Guy

          You aren’t a business guy, are you?
          You have to think bigger. When you are creating an assembly plant/line/process any variations cost more than just the price of the component. And would you want to do that when your research shows only a small percentage of your customers will actually want that variation?
          And before you say, just make it 32GB standard, adding even $0.50 in cost to something that you will sell millions of works out to millions of dollars in extra cost. And that cost doesn’t really add any value to the product because the users aren’t even using a fraction of the memory, but are forced to pay extra for it anyway.

  • viewthis66

    Well built, but mid range. For me I’ll pass, but I see why you guys like it.

  • Skittlez

    Please have an unlocked bootloader. Please have an unlocked bootloader

  • GJV

    Looks like the trend of non-replaceable (or at least not easily replaceable) batteries has made its way the the Moto X as well. How am I going to do battery pulls when I inevitably soft-brick it? LOL

    • Jackson

      You didn’t hear? The moto x logo is also a button for a battery pull it’s got a spring loaded contraptions that disconnects power and then you press it again and it reconnects

    • TY

      Hold down the power button for 10 seconds.

  • Ryan Shaw

    So close and yet so far…why no quad core or 1080p?

    • Skittlez

      They want to keep cost low. To be honest, after going hands on with the S4, HTC One, and the Nexus 4, the Nexus 4 is the phone i still like more than anything else. A great, clean user experience is worth it, and the display is still good for a cell phone. and you can’t beat that price

      • Jackson

        Same I have the Note 2 S4 i5 Htc One and nothing is like the Nexus experience it’s just better some how.

        • Skittlez

          its cause the OS is optimized for that chipset. It’s perfect

          • Jackson

            Mhm I have had* not have all that would just be upsetting.

            But yea the ship and the phone and the screen and everything it’s like they’re all doing a perfect tango together

    • Jackson

      Price, and for all we know they’ll surprise us with upgradable everything lol

  • Patrick Crumpler

    $399 tmobile off contract.

    • drklahn

      If it’s $299 off contract, I think I’ll pick one up.

    • kEiThZ

      That’d be fail. $299 off-contract from Play or bust.

  • socalrailroader

    Nice, but they definitely copied HTC’s One, ie.the Design and the “Zero Gap”.

  • Sam_K

    I hope this has the nano coating like the new Droid series.

  • Sam_K

    I hope this has the nano coating like the new Droid series.

  • Diaperboy17

    Google + Moto will beat iPhone and Samsung.

  • Diaperboy17

    Droid Maxx has better specs but not as sexy as Moto X.
    I’m in for a White one.

  • Trueblue711

    Anyone else think it’s rude that this guy, amongst others, is totally stealing Moto’s thunder with these leaks? If all these rumors are true, this actually is a pretty revolutionary phone in many respects — and no one is going to be shocked when Moto/Google actually DOES announce it. Everyone’s just going to expect things, and be disappointed if something doesn’t appear.

    • anguy

      Wake up, Motorola/ Google is behind all these leaks, it’s part of the marketing.

  • heckface

    The white X in the first photo looks different on the front than the previous press renders of the white X. Are these just concept photos or is this some of the customization you can make to the phone?

  • MikeCiggy

    I wonder if Google had a team working on this phone before the Moto buy out. The device is everything Google but with Moto build ingenuity. Minimal logos, simple black front, looks curved like the gnex, on screen buttons, and it’s called an X like nexus. It screams Google, very exciting. Odd no leaks or any mention of a new Nexus phone.

    • Skittlez

      There were no leaks of the Gnex though until that advertisement showing the light hitting off the curved glass, and that was actually on the announcement invite. Still got time

  • CapnShiner

    If this new information proves to be true, I can finally see a compelling reason to buy a Moto X. It’s not just a Droid Ultra in a different, customizable shell. The laminated aluminum structure and Moto Magic Glass are certainly nice touches but the most important detail to me is the dual MIMO LTE antennas. Not only would that mean better reception and potentially faster data speeds but those improvements might pave the way for VoLTE support; maybe not right away but in the future. There is also the possibility that Google could totally blow us all away and announce that the Moto X will launch with working VoLTE out of the box. THAT could be a game changer.

    • The network has to support anything LTE related, only Verizon & T-Mobile are rolling out LTE-A this year, & then its in the AWS bands for both w/ 10×10. This means a 20×20 throughput, but again, you’d need a LTE-A base station.

  • lensgrabber

    This is sounding awesome. Hey guys have a safe trip to NY. We’ll be watching for updates!

  • Sterling Mace

    Its like a mini microwave with all these antennas next to your head.

  • rk

    Can someone explain the benefits of laminated aluminum? Googling indicates one possibility may be better impact absorption. Also I think the nexus 4 also has the top glass bonded to a polymer edge.

  • Tim

    I’m actually starting to really think the messages on the display will be very nice. Much more useful than the to notification light (although I really like that feature). I have to say that white back and black front in the pic above is one great looking device!

  • bionic’s fanny pack

    i can’t wait to talk about this phone all day when it’s released.

  • trophynuts

    Moto is once again about to prove why they’re king in the reception game…of course that doesn’t matter for TMo people unless you live in one of the 8 cities that has Turd Mobile service.

  • DJ SPY

    Will the new DROIDS be constructed like this or at least have the same antennas?

  • Omar Amer

    And to top it off, it’s lockdown tighter than fort knox.

    • Justtyn Hutcheson

      Motorola has actually been much much better regarding unlockable bootloaders. They’re at parity with the rest of the OEMs in that vein, as Samsung and HTC both locked their last set of bootloaders for AT&T and Verizon.

  • Hatyrei

    guys do you have any idea when they will put this device on stores/online? I was tempted to get the New Nexus7 or should i wait for Moto X? Any intelligent opinions? πŸ˜›

    • Artune

      The nexus 7 is a tablet and the MotoX is a phone so I’m confused by your question?

      • Hatyrei

        I still have the Acer A500 but I’m craving to get the new Nexus 7 or should I just buy another new phone (Moto X). LOL

    • Justtyn Hutcheson

      The rumor being floated around is a street date of August 23.

      I personally would get more use out of the Moto X, but having just purchased the new N7 today, I can honestly say I’m in gadget-love.

      Whichever you will use the absolute most would be my call. Or wait to see if you can afford the Moto X just in case the low price rumors aren’t true.

    • BrianRoskamp

      Same here. I was all ready to go get the Nexus 7 after work today, but then decided to hold off to see what happens with this and the rumored Nexus 10 update.

      • Hatyrei

        Baad news I bought the Nexus 7 , good news I liked it. Well I was so excited I bought it after thinking some things…like ,. I’m just gonna wait for the new Nexus 5 if they will announced it later or so. Lol. I just hate the $18 tax added lol. I bought it in best buy.

  • TimXer

    Why couldn’t they do balls to wall specs AND all this other stuff.. Then it would have been hands down THE phone!

    • Bi0nic

      It’s all about keeping the price low and targeting a budget friendly market.Besides, judging by the early reports it’s going to hold its own against the top tier devices.

      • What do you know about the Xwatch?

        • jh123416

          TWimberly said it’s been delayed and won’t be at the
          Moto X event.

  • Daeshaun Griffiths

    I wonder whats ao magic about the glass.

  • CharlesJorgenson

    yep want, gonna be my next phone if it comes out for t-mobile

  • NorCalGuy

    Seems like every other moto x leak has the phone changing from a mid range to “flagship”. Anyways I hope its closer to flagship than midrange

    • geedee82

      I think to Motorola this was always known as their flagship. It was just a midrange “flagship” to us. Things are definitely looking up for it though!

  • Keith

    Does Taylor Wimberly have any credibility left?

    • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

      Where do you think half these leaks have come from?

  • WCM3

    Did Taylor mention something about xWatch too? I read that in another article.

    • Yeah, he mentioned that the idea has since been shelved and will not be unveiled on 8/1.

      • WCM3

        Thanks, Tim

  • milanyc

    Every LTE device on the market EVER had LTE main and LTE diversity. WTF is Dual MIMO other than marketing crap. All LTE smartphones on the market have been 2×2 MIMO on the Downlink and 1×2 SIMO on the uplink.
    The Cat 3 or 4 baseband processor is incapable of processing more than 2×2 MIMO leveraging spacial multiplexing. Category 5 should be able to support Higher order MIMO like 4×4 which is due end of next year or 2015. So no…

    So we surely won’t be seeing faster speeds than what other 2×2 MIMO devices can achieve, but if LTE processor also leverages 3G existing RF paths, we may be able to see more robust LTE connection using LTE main/diversity + 3G/LTE main/diversity.

    • Dave

      Its mumbo jumbo like boom sound….

      • Bi0nic

        Boom sound is not mumbo jumbo.

      • Justtyn Hutcheson

        While the marketing term is a bit ridiculous, the underlying concept (front-facing stereo speakers with amplification and separate DSP) is nothing short of amazing.

        • milanyc

          Here is FCC filing for Verizon’s Galaxy S4. http://i.imgur.com/TGE0iJy.jpg
          There are clearly more than two LTE antennas. Have you ever seen Samsung market those phones as “Tripple LTE MIMO”? No. It’s standard…

    • Render

      I think the bigger point to the “DUAL LTE MIMO Antenna’s” is that one phone supports the bands for multiple carriers, versus added power. However, they could also have dual antennas by adding an additional LTE processor with clever integration with one of the extra low-power cores of the X8 processor:


      • milanyc

        We already have a hexa-band LTE solutions available with Qualcomm’s front end solution RF360, and their MDM9x25 IP block. For instance, Galaxy S4 T-Mobile variant support 6 LTE bands, 4 US bands (2,4,5,17), one Asian (1), and one Euro/Canadian (7). That’s all without two baseband processors.

        I’m not sure how can Motorola claim “faster speeds” out of the same 2×2 capable IP block. Very misleading.

        P.S. I can’t open that FCC filing for some reason.

  • joseph barrientos

    woah. that body looks sexy!

  • Why couldn’t it have had a battery similar to the MAXX, then it would be an almost perfect phone!

    • Steve

      I’m thinking that would keep the price down.

      • guest

        i think more than the price to keep the form factor, I think they sacrificed couple hundred mah in battery to get that curved shape to make the phone feel good in the hand.

        • Steve

          You make sense. Lots of sense. It seems almost the same as the Motorola Ultra.

        • Dan

          They also are talking lots of features that are designed to use less battery power. So the battery may be just fine.

      • Todd

        Batteries are cheap.

        • Steve

          Just as the last guest said, they probably did it to keep a good form factor. A good form factor could make the phone feel good and keep price down when you deal with the masses. I means using less materials overall.

          • DJ SPY

            With all the talk of designing and build the phone that you want that Motorola promised yo would think they would offer more options than changing the color of the back plate and choosing your own wallpaper. It would’ve been nice if they at least offered to upgrade the battery and screen. I wouldn’t mind waiting a couple if extra weeks to get my phone if it had to be built.

          • Jon

            The 720 p screen is really killing me on this. I’ve seen 1080 p screens and really do think they are better and add value. I’m still hoping they will surprise us and reveal screen resolution options. I would gladly pay more for a 1080p screen.

        • Trueblue711

          They’re actually one of the most expensive components of any phone or laptop.

          • Todd

            No. iSuppli has the battery cost of the S4 at $5.60 for a 2600 mAH battery. The display is listed as a $75 part as the most expensive.

          • Trueblue711

            I’m confused then. One of the biggest issues with most phones these days is battery life. Why would Samsung and others not want to fix this on their flagship if it would only cost a few dollars more?

    • Frank512

      Yeah the battery is kinda killing it for me as far as upgrading to this from my Razr Maxx. I will wait and see how the battery holds up before buying. I do know I can’t drop $700 on a Droid Maxx so this is my best option without breaking the bank.

      • NO ONE is paying $500 for a crappy Droid Razr HD. NO ONE. Where is this happening? Proof.

        • WickedToby741

          First off, he made no mention of a RAZR HD. Second off, he mentioned the DROID MAXX (the new one, not the RAZR HD MAXX) still being over $500 after selling his RAZR (non HD). So not once did he insinuate people were paying over $500 for a RAZR HD. Reading is key.

          • Frank512

            Exactly what I meant. Though 150 might be a more realistic expectation for what the original maxx might sell for once the ultra line and moto X are available. $750 with tax minus 150 equals 600ish. No thanks. I can’t justify it if moto X hits at 300

    • siphyn

      It wouldn’t surprise me if a “maxx” version of this phone came to be months after this launches.

  • Bobd

    So long as VZW keeps its proprietary changes to a minimum on this and not screw it up.

    Ill have one..a 32GB v. please .

    • Bi0nic

      Verizon will find a way to screw it up.

      • James Lewis

        Yeah called Verizon will get it in 6 months

      • jh123416

        Verizon ALWAYS finds a way to screw it up.

  • Butters619

    Selling my iPad next week and buying a N7 and Moto X. It’s decided.

    • Mvasquez

      Where are your selling your iPad how do you go about doing that? I’m trying to sell my gs4 and nexus 7

      • DroidzFX

        swappa.com or craigslist.com. S4 will be easier. Good luck with n7. The market is flooded with used ones now.

      • Butters619

        Criagslist is a pain but definitely gives you the highest amount and no fees. You may have to hold out for a bit and you are going to get a lot of low ball offers but give it time.

        Also meet in a public place (inside a Starbucks for example) and only take cash.

        I also have to sell my HTC One X after I get the Moto X.

      • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

        SWAPPA MAN!… Both. It’s the GO TO Site for selling android devices.

        • Project Mayhem

          People seem to disagree with you.

          • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

            Pretty sure those people have their phones sitting on ebay forever. Just go to the damn site.

          • Droid4Life

            SWAPPA is legit. Do it!!!

          • Justtyn Hutcheson

            Gotta add my vote for Swappa. Had my Razr M sold in a few hours, completely painless.

      • Bi0nic

        Definitely go the Craigslist route first. Ebay and PayPal screw you over with fees and you don’t have to worry about a buyer filing a false claim stating the item isn’t as described.

        • Jon

          As long as you describe your device accurately and truthfully, that will steal the wind out of anyone’s sails trying to do that. I am always very descriptive…leaving no room for interpretation on the other end.

          And I like swappa because I don’t have to deal with all of the fake emails and text you get using craigslist. Also don’t like having to meet someone face to face. Would just as soon sell online and ship.

          • Bi0nic

            I’ve had wonderful selling experiences with both Craigslist and ebay. I don’t mind meeting someone in person and shaking their hand. Ebay (I’ve never used Swappa) is great if selling locally fails but I just can’t stand the fees. I always post a lot of pics and am very descriptive with the items I sell.

          • Swappa fee is only $5… well worth it for both parties to know it’s a good, legal and honest sale.

      • donebrasko

        I sold my n7 the day before they announced the new one. I wanted to get rid of it quick so I sold it for 150 on Craigslist. I’ll add the rest and picked up my new 32gb n7 from best buy today.

      • Ej McCarty

        I’ve sold a lot of items on glyde. I’ve done the research and you definitely get the most money and you dont have to go through the hassle of craigslist or shipping or anything. They sell the device for you. Send you the box with the person’s address, once the device is delivered the money will be in your account in 2 days

  • cobalt27

    Based on appearance, it looks like the Moto X can’t be flat on a table? I sometimes use my phone while it’s on a flat surface and if the Moto X has a full curved back, it’ll be annoying that on press the phone will move.

    • Dominic Powell

      if the place where the logo is is scooped out correctly and the device is balanced properly you should be able to use it on a table – providing you dont hulk smash the device when pressing it.

      • cobalt27

        I have a Galaxy Nexus and it has a slightly curved back, which is more pronounced at the top than the bottom. I don’t use my phone with a heavy hand, but when set on a table, tapping things on the top of the screen causes it to move ‘down’ ever so slightly. Not really a problem, but something I do notice.

        Looking at the Moto X renders, I just noticed that curvy-ness. Still, it’s looking to be a great device, and I most likely will buy one.

      • Dan

        Still wondering if the logo on the back has the rumored touch control features.

    • Michael Bassett

      You don’t “press buttons” with this phone, you talk to it.

      • Dave

        Not everybody will even do that. People talking to phones all day seems dumb. Maybe for a couple functions it’d be cool.

        • Bi0nic

          Voice controlled actions are more a gimmick. Give me a device that can read my mind so I don’t look like an idiot giving his phone commands.

          • Justtyn Hutcheson

            I can think of a great many use cases for hands-free voice actions. Combined with Google Now, I’m deliriously happy about the potential here.

          • jh123416

            How’s the hatorade taste? OHHHHH

    • Trevor

      Should make it easier to hear the rear speaker when the phone is set down.

    • Dan

      The GNEX has basically the same curve design and it lays flat enough on a table.

  • Kyle Wilkins

    I haven’t been that up to date with this device. A few questions for the DL community. Is the S4 Pro the best dual core Snapdragon has to offer? Also. Is this phone rumored or confirmed to have a removable battery?

    • Steve

      Prior to the phone being built, yes. Now the best dual core is a variant of the S400. Still this processor is looking to be pretty beast. Graphically it looks like it will outperform everything out there, including the S4 and HTC One. And there will be a separate core to deal with language processing and sensors to save battery. I can barely wait.

      • Dave

        Most people aren’t going to notice the difference, even though there will be a minor one.

        • Steve

          Point given. I think iPhone users would for the language processing. SIRI sucks whale balls.

      • Kyle Wilkins

        Thank you for the reply.

    • disqus_X93klfG91s

      The processor is definitely not cutting-edge, but that’s by design. Moto has chosen a much more battery-friendly design that offloads everything that doesn’t need to be handled by the CPU to other processors. As a result, the CPU only has to handle “actual CPU processing chores” instead of handling chores that are easily handled by smaller, more efficient cores. Result: exceptional performance (though maybe not world-record-setting) with far better battery life.

      • Kyle Wilkins

        Thank you for the reply!

  • Steve

    It’s an official announcement. I’m getting this phone. Nobody will be able to compete with them.

    • Steven Berger

      Thank you for the official statement, I guess the rumors of you getting the device were correct, thanks Sarge and Bionic :P. Anyway we can watch the press release that happened earlier?

      PS: It’s an official announcement. I’m getting this phone…too.

      • Steve


  • droidarmy


  • Daniel

    But is the battery user-removable?! Or is there a MicroSD slot?! Both of these things seem like no-brainers, but yet hardly anyone bothers πŸ™

    • Steve

      Not sure of the removable battery, but the SD card is likely a no go. SD cards can generate massive problems for many devices, comparatively a lot more than just removing them. For example, my sister has a S3 with a removable SD card. Her slot is loose and destroys whatever she puts in within two weeks to a month.

      Instead of having to pay money to do customer service for similar issues, and worry about having to program applications with that could generate problems with external storage (generates lag, slow I/O speeds and inconsistencies), Google decided to just get rid external storage all together. I see nothing wrong with removing external storage. It may be annoying to have only 32GB of storage, but for the average person it’s just fine.

      The best solution to deal with the 16 – 32GB is to not place your entire media library on the device. Just place only what you use and it should be fine.

      • Dan

        Info so far says… NO SD and NON REMOVABLE BATTERY.

    • geedee82

      As long as there is a 32 gb variant then I’m cool with no SD. Non-removable battery definitely sucks though, I’ve never had a phone without a removable battery before, but as long as the battery life is decent I should be able to get used to it. For me it all comes down to the bootloader though, so I’m just hoping verizon doesn’t F this up.

    • Justtyn Hutcheson

      If it is zero-gap construction then user-replaceable is highly unlikely. MicroSD is 99.99999999% no.

      Those things are increasingly rare because as time moves on they become increasingly less useful to mainstream users. When internal memory was barely enough to hold a few apps (forget about games), then SD was great. When battery life was unbelievably terrible, or batteries were unreliable and short-lived, then removable batteries were nice.

      However, in a world where the average user has ~3-4GB of used space on their device, and battery technology is producing longer lifecycle batteries while power efficiency within the devices is at an all-time high, then those features become a niche market, like physical media drives in computers, or portable cd players. They are critical to some, but the average user is more than amply satisfied, which opens the door to better, more robust designs and additional technologies.

  • chris125

    As long as those of us on Verizon don’t get shafted and it end up being $600+ I will be buying to keep unlimited data

    • Dan

      This is what Verizon gets for locking us unlimited people out of VZW Edge program.

      • Marsg

        Verizon edge is a rip off, it’s like paying for two devices in the end , you would save more money if you just bought a slightly used one for 50-100 bucks less, would also suck if we payed full price and than a few months later they take away our unlimited anyway.

      • Marsg

        Verizon edge is a rip off, it’s like paying for two devices in the end , you would save more money if you just bought a slightly used one for 50-100 bucks less, would also suck if we payed full price and than a few months later they take away our unlimited anyway.

  • Matt R Carner

    πŸ˜€ This is one we’ve been waiting for. πŸ˜€

    OG Droid -> LTE GNex -> Moto X with unlimited data along for the ride ended up being the right answer. πŸ˜€

    • Xious

      Add Droid X in there and it rounds it off perfectly.

      • Matt R Carner

        Disagree. It doesn’t fit the criteria. But that’s just my opinion.

        • Xious

          As much as I liked my Droid and love my GNex, I personally think the Droid X was my favorite out of all of them. Loved the build. If I could have kept the housing and replaced the insides, I would have.

          • kidtronic

            I did like my Droid X, but the physical buttons were a nightmare and that camera hump was unforgivable. Solid build quality though. Took drops like a champ.

    • PhillipCun

      SAME HERE. OG > LTE GNEX > Moto (i was gonna get the One, but not anymore). I was hoping to go back to Moto one day…. I’m glad it will be soon!

      I’ve been a big fan of Motorola and Nokia since their early success. They still make the best hardware IMO.

      • Matt R Carner

        Agreed. It was hard to switch to Samsung in the middle but I really wanted to support the Nexus on VZW and the AOSP community has made it a much better experience in the long run than the Rezound or the RAZR line.

        SO stoked to get back to Moto!

        • Dan

          Droid X was my first Android phone, then the VZW GNEX and without Cyanogenmod, I could have possible ended up with iPhone. VZW really messed with a really good phone. Moto X will for sure be ordered as soon as Google Play posts it.

          • Alan Fortte

            Same here.

  • Every day this is looking more and more like my next phone. I can’t wait til it’s official.

  • Greg Morgan

    Dual LTE radios sounds awesome.

    • Ian

      Also sounds like 1/2 the battery. Although they say dual antennas not radios which makes me less worried.

      • Brian Walker

        Dual antennae will make all of the difference in the world for battery. This is a very awesome development.

      • Flyinion

        Correct, it’s dual antenna, NOT dual radio. Think of it kinda like your home router that has more than one antenna (whether internal or external). It will help with signal reception and as Brian says help the battery life.

      • WickedToby741

        When is your phone battery worst? When it’s hunting for a signal, that’s when. This has dual antennas meaning better signal and thus better battery life add that to the fact that it will have a separate processor dedicated to the radios and the combination could do wonders for battery life

  • Booze

    Sounds tits!

    • fartbubbler

      I like tits.

      • SwampyNutz

        I like turtles.

        • Butters619

          I love lamp

          • NIGHTSCOUT

            You’re grounded mister!

          • Ladder goat, you so random!

          • Fozzybare

            i can’t believe no one got this.

  • wheezer


    • #disableadblock it’s been acting weird lately.

      • wheezer

        lol, thanks. Funny that adblock hates you so much.

        • Maybe it’s the universe’s way of telling us all to support your local blogs πŸ˜›

          • Cory_S

            I seriously think you guys should do a Editorial about the effects adblock has on small blogs like yours, and the steps to take to white list Droid-Life

          • That is a good idea, but the residents of the Internet would then call us money-hungry whores probably. πŸ™

        • tyguy829

          everyone here should be ashamed to leave adblock on for droid-life. the guys work so hard to be the best android site out there, putting in hours on the weekends, staying late to do the DL show , etc. All at NO DIRECT COST TO YOU. the way these guys make a living is by a few ads here and there on the site. Do your fair share and let the ads load to help keep the site running strong.

          Edit: I don’t intend to come off as mean, and I realize some of you don’t even think about the ramifications of an extension like ad-block. I just feel really strongly that the DL crew deserve our ad views

          • Bi0nic

            People should know that all it takes is two clicks and adblock won’t run on any site that is excluded. I do this for all my favorite blogs.

          • tyguy829

            Yep. For those of you who read this and are clueless, go to droid-life.com, click the adbluck plus logo at the right of your address bar (the red stop sign thing), and uncheck “enabled for this site.” Done and Done.

  • maratu

    I’m starting to think this is a better upgrade than a “look at all these specs we have on paper!” type of phone.

    • brkshr

      Was there ever a doubt?

      • Bi0nic


      • wheezer

        Yes, but it has been put to rest

      • LiterofCola


      • monkey082506

        I have been very optimistic about this device and it looks like it is going to pay off!

    • I agree but I can’t quite put my finger exactly on any one big thing. That’s kinda surprising!!

    • Verizon

      Especially with the developer support it will have.

      • Xious

        I’m definitely anxious to find out what kind of support this has. Everyone complains about the VZW Galaxy Nexus, but the developer support on that is absolutely worth keeping the phone!

        • Verizon

          My only complaint about the Nexus was the reception. Great device otherwise.

          • brkshr

            You forgot battery life… I agree though.

          • Cory_S

            and screen burn in

          • Marsg

            And the crappy external speaker

          • Marsg

            And the crappy external speaker

          • TheDrunkenClam

            Ever heard of a spare battery?
            So will the X have a removable battery? If it does, day 1 purchase. If it does not, deal breaker. I refuse to be a slave to a charger.

          • brkshr

            Ya… I always carried 2 spare batteries around for my GNex, the battery life sucked so bad. Now my Nexus 4 can make it all day on 1 charge easily.

            I don’t think anything has been confirmed yet. I think everyone has been saying that the battery is non-removable. But from the press leak pictures, it looks to me like it is removable. The battery looks like it’s made to be removable & the way the back plate is made, it looks like it’s made to come off easily.

          • Cowboydroid

            But you have no problem being a slave to a spare battery charger…

          • Lucky Armpit

            And the mid-call mute issue. That’s the reason why I got rid of that POS. Went through three exchanges and enough was enough. Loved the screen, smooth as butter, but the mid-call mute issue was too much. Went BACK to Moto – not sure why I left them in the first place – and couldn’t be happier. Will never own a Samsung phone again. Ever.

          • Sean Royce

            You’ll never own a Samsung phone again off one bad experience? You have problems. Brand bias is ridiculous.

          • Ryan O’Neill

            *FOUR bad experiences. Original phone + 3 exchanges. I would have switched brands too.

          • Sean Royce

            Guess you just had bad luck. I’ve had every single Galaxy S with no troubles.

        • EatUrCrap

          Are you being sarcastic? I have the Verizon Galaxy Nexus like most people on this site, and it gets the updates months after the normal Galaxy Nexus.

          • Chris

            Then you’re doing it wrong.

          • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

            He said DEV support..

          • Marsg

            Really cause I got 4.3 like an hour after Google released the source for it, and its fast as hell, speed wise this phone just keeps getting better

          • Marsg

            Really cause I got 4.3 like an hour after Google released the source for it, and its fast as hell, speed wise this phone just keeps getting better

          • AnotherAndroidKid

            Not true EatUrCrap. My GNex had 4.3 for example 7 hours from the start of Google’s announcement. Real, google supported nexus devices mostly weren’t getting it that fast.

        • sonicyoof

          Know what’s awesome about the Galaxy Nexus? The pogo pins, if you got the real-deal Samsung car dock. I’ll really miss that setup if another phone doesn’t have it.

      • brkshr

        I think that will depend on how easy it is to unlock (or get around) the bootloader. I really hope Moto doesn’t screw this up, but their last few generations have not had very good dev support for this reason.

      • jose

        You don’t break character. Ever. Understood?

        • deadpenguins

          This deserves an additional “ROFL” on top of the up-vote.


        • Verizon

          Just for that, I’m restricting you to 500 mb of data for the next year. Your overage charge will be $2 per byte.

          • TheTruthSquad

            You dropped your price???

      • EC8CH

        Cause we all know we can’t count on you for timely updates.

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