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Motorola Teases Moto X With Inside Look at Texas Assembly Plant

moto x built1

Motorola CEO Dennis Woodside said that the Moto X would be the first phone ever fully assembled in the U.S. at a plant in Texas. As we inch closer to the phone’s unveiling, his company is trying to make it clear that they aren’t messing around. In a picture posted this afternoon by the official Motorola Twitter account, we get an inside look at the assembly of a Moto X in progress. And yes, it is indeed a Moto X in the works if you go by the messaged attached to the image. 

Moto had this to say along with the picture:

Yep. This guy is building exactly what you think he is. Designed by you. Assembled in the USA.

The only thing I’ll say, is that technically this phone in particular couldn’t have been “designed by you” because you haven’t ordered one or customized one yet. Since the phone isn’t available, this is likely the standard black or white variant. But that’s just me nitpicking.

We know for a fact that Motorola is going to allow some form of customization when the phone launches here in the near future. To what extent, we’re not fully sure yet, but have seen pictures of what we believe to be color options. The only thing we’re worried about now is the whispering we’re hearing behind the scenes which suggests that AT&T may have some sort of exclusive on the customization and that the other carriers are only getting black and white variants.

Do work, Moto factory assembly guy.

Via:  @Motorola

  • Bionic

    The Droid Ultra might be the hero x phone in disguise, trying to confirm.

    This might be a big deal and running a snapdragon 800 to boot.

    • aDROIDfreeworld

      I highly doubt its running anything like that. Moto is focusing on software these days according to what woodside said earlier in the year.

  • Paul

    Hands of blue, two by two…

  • varmeston

    all I want to know is a date for the MotoX, I hope that google does not expect the output of the galaxy 5 to present his motoX

  • Jason Melling

    Pretty cool. I’m not in the US but think Motorola deserves some credit for making these mobiles your homeland !!

  • James Hill

    So do they need suicide nets too?

  • FrankieP

    No wonder the stock fell today. A black assembling parts instead of a chinese woman? No thanks.

  • Kenneth

    Thanks for marketing using abundant temp employment with dead end pay and no benefits in Fortworth Moto. First u send manufacturing to China and then change your mind and suddenly pretend to be American again. What a bunch of fools if u think we are going to believe thus junk. Special thanks to Mr Jha for getting lost.

  • beaumac

    Apparently today is new phones with last year’s specs day. I don’t understand who wants the X or either of the minis

    • Dee

      its called choice – not compulsive to buy..

    • aDROIDfreeworld

      No. You are incorrect. You don’t need laptop internals inside your smartphone to make it run smoothly. Its called OS optimization, and the concept is proven for success in products made by both of android’s main competitors. Samsung and LG don’t need to optimize their products because they have morons like you buying it every chance you get. A quad core processor means nothing if the software it is running is not optimized for it.

      • chris420o

        well said

  • NexusMan

    Some people have clearly ordered and designed them, just not the general paying public…and there’s no way At&T is going to have exclusivity on the customization: if that were the case, that whole Moto X 7/4 ad should have been an At&T advert. If At&T does have an exclusivity at launch, it will probably be A specific color or material, as it’s default.

  • ams165

    they could be making Swedish made peni$ pumps for all we know……

  • Steve

    The guy looks like me. Weird

  • ChuckG73

    Is it me or does it look like a droid eye hanging behind the guy?

  • Danger

    Good grief QC is being done by the Nutty Professor

  • Bruce

    I like the idea of “Made in the U.S.A.” but I can’t help myself questioning the QC.

  • I-Troll-U

    Has Sarge confirmed that this is indeed the Texas Moto X assembly plant?

  • Corey Hedberg

    For $#$%%^&**%$^$#@ sake, just announce the thing already.

    • aDROIDfreeworld

      seriously – lol i hope they didn’t spend $500,000,000 on internet leaks…

  • chris420o

    “Do work, Moto factory assembly guy”…couldnt of said it better myself

    • Jake

      Could you HAVE said it better?

      • chris420o


  • I feel like i’m looking at a “Where’s Waldo?” pic. How many American Moto X assembly workers can you find in this picture?

    • XvierX

      I’ll play. I see six! haha

      • i’m debating on whether or not that is an orange pants leg behind the guy in the white coat or not….are you counting it?

        • XvierX

          Nope, I missed that one. I’ll say seven then. Final answer. :p

          • You got one more than me. I see 6.

          • Silver Veloz

            Now I see 7. Good eye. I was on 6, but when you said 7, I kept looking.

  • John Davids

    Kellex: “Designed by you. Assembled in the USA” is the tag line for this phone, not a commentary of whoever posted that tweet.


  • Notice the color wheels in the background?

  • XvierX

    So I’m guessing those are Moto X’s in those white crates?? I think I see black, white, and blue devices.

    • Justin W

      I thought the blue was part of the scrubs of the people behind them, but it’s a darker blue than that. I think you are right – those are either completed devices or shells of devices in progress.

      • XvierX

        After a second look, I think what I mistook as white devices are actually black devices with large white stickers on the back. That said. I’ll be way more productive once this is finally released.

        • Justin W

          At least you can be productive. I get to sit and do nearly nothing for most of the time I spend at my job.

  • Cody

    Where’s his hair net?

  • Guest

    Is that SARGE?!?

  • Sporttster

    Don’t matter. Would rather have the Droid Maxx coming. Bigger, more powerful, longer lasting. But it is great that at least some of the X is put together here. We need more manufacturing badly!!

    • j

      Still hoping the Moto X will be priced as a mid range phone, like the Nexus 4 at $299 full retail. It would do extremely well at that price me thinks, and would be a no-brainer upgrade for many Galaxy Nexus owners who want to keep unlimited data.

      • zurginator

        Problem is they want Moto to run a profit.

        • aye_winchell

          Woodside said Motorola doesn’t have the same margin constraints that its competitors have, so it can afford to sell the phone at a cheaper price point.

          This was at all things D when the phone was first “confirmed” by moto

          • William_Morris

            True, but even if you remove the margin which may still be only 40% it still comes off near $400.00 off contract (which is much better than $650, but still more than the 299-350 we experience with Nexus devices.

          • aye_winchell

            maybe at first, but i can see a couple generation down the line, when they get the supply lines stable and manufacturing process ironed out, that will shave a little more off the top and bring the price down close to the nexus levels, plus if google pays for all the marketing then that takes some cost of the phone out as well.

          • Poblano

            The economics of selling phones is more like this.
            The phone costs at least $200 to build.
            The phone OEM (apple, Moto, samsung) sells it for $600 to the wireless carriers (AT&T, Verizon, etc.)
            The wireless carrier sells the phone at a loss — generally for $200 retail or -$400 net profit.
            The wireless carrier is happy to lose money on selling you hardware because you are going to sign up for a 2 year contract at $70 per month ($1680). And Voila, the OEM and the carriers both have decent net profit margins.

          • lgreg64

            agreed that will mean 10% profit compared to 50%.

          • aye_winchell

            right, didn’t mean to imply that they would be giving the things away, just that there profit margin is solely what they are looking at here, they will still want to make a profit, but it doesn’t have to be as high if they don’t have to pay for marketing, heck google could even be doing R&D at their labs so that moto doesn’t have to spend the money on and tie that to the cost of the phone.

            The only thing i’m potentially worried about is that if they force the profit margin on high end phones down, that could be less players in the high end market, sudden HTC cant afford to sell a flagship at $650 and now they have a hard time making a profit because they have to pay for marketing and R&D and whatnot. I worry it could hurt consumers in the long run, possibly. I guess well see in time.

    • hkklife

      No confirmation that the Maxx is more powerful. More storage, yes (32Gb internal + microSD card). Longer lasting, without a doubt. Bigger screen, yes. SoC is probably the same (dual-core S4 Pro or equivalent).

  • Adlv

    Whats up w the colored circles pie chart???? Choices???

  • TripleIonia

    Is that Sarge in the picture?

    • El_Big_CHRIS

      this made me lol’d more than it should

    • PhillipCun


    • Good_Ole_Pinocchio


    • Ian Smith

      that’s exactly how i pictured him…. he’s…. perfect

      • EC8CH

        really that’s how you picture Sarge.

        this is what I see:

        • michael arazan

          I always pictured Sarge from Halo

          • SkylaC90

            omg yes this +9000

        • Ryan Powell

          I’m going to feel old/sad if the majority of people here don’t know who that is.

  • Liderc

    Basically this proves we can’t make good phones in the US.

    • MyStroPro


    • Joseph Pojunis


  • Winterblade

    If that phone was indeed designed by me where is the qwerty keyboard and why it is plastic instead of aluminum?? 😛

  • jayray78

    All I know is that those shoes do not look like good ones for standing all day.

    Also, why is everything on wheels?

    • Sporttster

      So everything can quickly be outsourced to Mexico a month after launch….

    • Justin W

      I would say flexibility, but why would you need to move parts from an assembly line? That’s a good question.

      • Greyhame

        I highly doubt that manufacturing of this phone, or any phone for that matter, is done strictly on an assembly line. It’s far too complex of a device, and this factory is too new for the installation and verification of any assembly lines that might be capable of assembling something as complex as a smartphone. I imagine everything is on wheels so they can easily move parts from station to station.

        • Justin W

          Yeah. My bet is it’ll take them a while to get it to be as efficient as they want it to be, but that’ll be when they’ll go for a more permanent install.

        • jose

          Relax, it’s just a phone. You’re talking about the R&D phases. At this stage it’s just gluing and screwing parts together. There’s a reason these things take place in China. You could teach a kid to do it.

          • Butters619

            The teach kids to do it*


          • Greyhame

            Do you see anything in that picture that remotely resembles an assembly line? Kids can be taught all kinds of things, it’s just inhumane to ask them to work. It still requires human interaction.

            Looks to me like a bunch of separate stations, each one responsible for a different part of the assembly and manned by a human. The carts are on wheels to move completed components from one station to another once they’re complete and have passed QC.

          • Poblano

            You are right, this is not typical assembly equipment. This is more of what the end of the line inspection equipment looks like. You can tell from the lighted scopes hanging from each station. They aren’t showing you the assembly equipment because it isn’t there yet! This factory is only doing what is called “final assembly” (which is essentially inserting the circuit board into the exterior housing, then doing final inspection, quality checks, phone programming and putting it in the final packaging.
            Not seen here is the equipment to assemble the circuit board itself (soldering the components onto the circuit boards).

        • Poblano

          There are conveyors to move parts from station to station, but the equipment used to make the phones are definitely not on wheels. The process is so tightly controlled that the equipment itself can’t move an inch without the engineering and quality control teams going into a complete tizzy

      • brkshr

        Given the life span of manufacturing a phone. The assembly line would need to be replaced or retooled/configured in about a year. Who knows what new thing will be out for next years phones & may require changing everything.

    • Austin

      That is pretty standard cell based manufacturing. Everything is modular and can be quickly reconfigured based on the manufacturing cells needs. Each cell can be customized for the type of work needed to be done. Many CMs and interrogators are setup this way. It allows for a very quick re-layout of floor space, too.

    • MikeCiggy

      Typically factory’s require steel toe shoes. They can be purchased in a large variety of shapes and sizes now and none of them i’ve had were comfortable. But to get into manufacturing plants like this they are required. I work for a systems integrator with customers all over the country.

      • Poblano

        You don’t need steel-toed shoes when the product in your hands is <1 pound.

    • Dee

      US Factory….looks like he aint working hard enough..

  • Sjschwar

    If they would have showed a chinese worker, no one would believe it was America

  • The color wheel!

    Default colors to choose from?

    • Crap. I should have read the comments more before I posted.

    • Ian Smith

      wonder if they use that to test the cameras? could be many things

  • Justtyn Hutcheson

    The sad part is, teh internetz will find this guy and within the next 3 hours his social media will be filled with “TELL US EVERYTHING YOU KNOW!!!111!!!”

    That said, Motorola is a bigger tease than a stripper at a bachelor party.


      I just hope they don’t end up pulling the wig off to reveal something entirely unexpected after so much teasing

      • calum wilper

        actually i think it would be great if the decided all of a sudden they were going to release a moto nexus instead, with customizable hardware, made out of unobtanium and diamond, and comes with a bald eagle that bursts into flame screaming; “Murica!”

        • SkylaC90

          and would only cost a meager $9,000,000,000,

          • calum wilper

            Worth it!!!

      • Doug Kulp

        Just beware of the Adams apple!!

      • TheRobotCow

        According to the show “This Week In Google” there is still some major things that have not been leaked yet. Which is exciting

  • p4

    how many parts were manufactured in the US? 0? 🙂

    • nexusplay

      What is wrong with people. When things are made in China do you ask the same question. Also, if you looked into it, you would know the answer. Their CEO Dennis Woodside said that the parts will come from all over, naturally. Gorilla Glass from the USA, OLED screens from Korea, and processors from Taiwan. The actual assembly is being done in the USA. That is all that matters.

      • TheRobotCow


      • Liderc

        All this means is profit margins will be worse, and the product will suffer. There’s a reason America doesn’t produce much, and it’s not just union fees.

        • Justin W

          The reason America doesn’t produce much is because it was much cheaper to do it else where. With labor fees and other costs increasing, it’s beginning to be more reasonable (cost-wise) to produce locally than internationally.

          • Poblano

            But as shipping costs increase, and China labor rates increase, and marketers are worried about time-to-market, and, and, and…
            The math for producing *some” things in the USA will make perfect sense.
            Plus, and you won’t hear this on the news, all of these big companies like Apple, Moto, HP, etc. want to protect their IP and keep it away from knock-off competitors in China. What better way to do that but produce somewhere other than China?

        • jose

          Why all the downvotes? I guess common sense and business logic are not that common DL.

          • zurginator

            Sadly they aren’t… If you say something isn’t physically possible, and know you stuff, you still get downvoted.

      • p4

        i wasn’t lashing out against motorola .. it was just a question with a hint of humor and irony is all..

    • bobukcat

      The Gorilla glass is made in KY. so at least one component is sourced domestically!

      • p4

        BOOM! i should edit my post :p on a side note, i have found gorilla glass to be less crack resistant than i would have hoped

        • zwieblekopf

          It’s made to be scratch resistant not crack resistant

          • p4

            well darn it, they need to rethink their product line!

          • Jake

            My understanding is that Gorilla Glass is made so that scratches that do occur don’t penetrate as deeply into the glass, thereby making it less likely to crack when compressed. In other words, it’s meant to be crack resistant, and improved scratch resistance is a positive side effect of that. Since most people are more interested in scratch resistance, it’s the benefit that you see marketed the most.

        • zurginator

          Scratches and breakage are pretty much inversely related when it comes to viable display material. Plastic is hard to shatter, easy to scratch; diamond is easy to shatter, near impossible to scratch. GG leans more towards the latter.

  • kixofmyg0t

    They’re ramping up production. We’re so close to the announcement of X and Ultra.