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Thursday Poll: What Upcoming Phone are You Most Excited for?

moto x

When summer hits each year, we typically get excited because we know that brand new smartphones are about flood into the market. In this industry, the summer/back-to-school and holiday seasons are always filled with new flagships from the top manufacturers. This year, though not much is official at this time, appears to be no exception. We’re expecting four new phones from Motorola, including the first inspired by the new Google leadership. But we will also see the HTC One finally arrive on Verizon, LG’s new incredibly impressive flagship called the G2, and maybe even a Galaxy Note 3 unveiling in September.

We’d like to know which phone has you most excited. Is it one of the new Motorola devices like the Moto X, the G2, the somewhat-old HTC One, or are you waiting for whatever Samsung has next?

What Upcoming Phone are You Most Excited for?

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  • Travis

    I’m surprised so many are interested in the Moto X and so few in the G2. All signs point to the X being a mid-range device at best. If the G2 comes to Verizon and has a good dev following it will probably be my next phone.

  • Blue Sun

    I’m torn between the Galaxy Note 3 & the refresh of the Nexus (only if it has LTE).

  • KDC

    To my knowledge wasn’t the Moto X going to be a variety of devices,this is probably just to get people familiar with the X brand.I remember Motorola CEO saying that the Moto X wasn’t coming out till October.But according to the leaked Verizon documents *taking with a grain of salt* it will be coming out in August.

  • DaManfittyGrand

    I know I may be late to the party but……where are all the Moto X lovers who said it was going to be the Best phone ever!!!!….Hello, Moto X fanboys???? Where are you???

    • chris420o

      even if it has a duel core….itll be better then any samsung phone out…korean cheap garbage

  • chris420o

    i just hope we get pleasently surprised with the moto x because so far every article has made me wanna cry….on another note i finally flashed xenonhd on my razr hd and WOW…i feel like i got a new phone lol

  • Justin W

    Other for me = next generation Nexus 7 on T-Mo with their brand new LTE here in the SF Bay Area! Awesome specs for a low price, including a truly all day battery life (and then some) and huge screen that my big hands will easily handle. I will just have to always carry headphones / bluetooth, for those rare times I actually talk on my “phone.” And if I don’t like it as a full time phone there’s no contact 😀

    Anybody else thinking of doing the same?

    • chris420o

      this literally says what phone you most excited for….n7 isnt a phone…

      • Justin W

        It’s basically just a supersized phone already, and that’s exactly how I will be using It, at least for a month to try it out. My toro will still be under contract a few more months while I experiment with a tabphone to see if it’s feasible for me. If not – oh well, nothing ventured nothing gained!

        • chris420o

          its basically a tablet…since it has zero phone call capailities

          • Justin W

            Ever heard of calling using the internet, smarty pants? VoIP? Ring a bell? Don’t be so jelly you didn’t think of it ;p

          • Eric Ramos

            I guess my laptop is a phone then 😉

  • Daniel

    I’m gonna vote OTHER until someone actually thinks outside the current slab box and makes a good qwerty slider that seems compelling enough to replace my amazing Droid 4

    • chris420o

      bought my gf the d4 because she had a bb and cant do all touch…she loves it…its really a great phone except for the pretty bad screen and the thickness of it…i dont see why moto just fixes those two issues n releases another one bc its a solid phone other then those two things…cam could use an upgrade also like all motos

  • KDC

    Moto X definitely even with its mid-range specs. To be able to buy it 200$ off contract is a win getting away from these money hungry carriers and going pre-paid.Galaxy note 3,LG G2 and the other phones going to be probably around 299$ on contract and 700-800 off contract nobody got money like that to be tossing around on a phone.

    • chris420o

      rumors arent looking to good for that off contract price there guy

      • KDC

        I see no rumors saying it isn’t going to be 200$ off contract but either way it probably would be way cheaper then buying the note 3 or any other phone on contract.My guess is 99$ on contract.

  • GNote 3, by far. Even though I probably won’t get it.

  • Mallahet

    I’m voting for whatever Sony has going on. Their Xperia line has been looking really good lately. The Xperia Z looks neat, but if their Xperia Honami is out this year, I’d go that route. I’ll be travelling internationally next year, and damned if I’m sticking to CDMA tech and crappy overloaded Verizon LTE towers.

  • Daeshaun Griffiths

    I just wanna know why the Moto X doesn’t have a volume rocker.

  • Richard Yarrell

    This is definitely a clueless poll. The Galaxy Note 3 trashes all these devices so easily it’s pretty comical atbest. No Moto Xphone will mean nothing just as terrible as the Lg G2

    • squiddy20

      1. As the poll question (and article title) clearly indicates, this is about what people are most excited about, not which phone is more “pimp slapping” or “boss” than the other. Try reading once in awhile. It does wonders for comprehension of basic questions or statements.

      2. Don’t like the poll? Don’t comment on it. Don’t even read the article. You know from the title what the article will be about. Stupid childish moron.

      3. The fact that you referred to it as a “clueless” poll really only shows how clueless you are. You could’ve said this poll doesn’t matter, is meaningless, or even absolutely ridiculous. Anything would have been better than “clueless” because it makes no d*mn sense. Go get a dictionary.

  • ahhh yes

    i just want a phone w/ 1080 5″ screen(over 400dpi) w/ sd800 2gb / 64gb (if not 64gb built in then add a goddamn microsd) And decent camera. the sony 13mp will do just fine.

  • John Whitehead

    Sony Xperia Ultra is number one on my radar. I marked Samsung Note 3 as my next phone on the radar. I doubt that Verizon would even offer the Sony anyway.

  • ahhh yes

    why isnt the Nexus 5 on the list???

    • chris420o

      bc it doesnt exist…

  • DeAnna Sowder

    I am not excited about any of these phones as I cannot afford to drop $200+ every two years for a phone. Loving technology and it’s fun devices are not so much fun when you are broke lol

  • Samuel Serafim

    I checked other because i like Sony very much, even they not deserving my attention.

  • GeeKLoRD

    I’ve rarely seen Schmidt use a phone other than a Blackberry. If the Moto X is good enough for him to convert, then I’ll probably give it a try!

    • Weber

      I gotta admit, the white looks nice. I like the textured background.

    • Gnex

      As long as the front is white *cough* Nexus 4 *cough* this is gonna be my next phone. I don’t need a Snapdragon 10000 clocked at 5GHz.

      • Eric Ramos

        Its not, the other pictures show an all black front

  • kyle

    Other nexus 5, for the price of the nexus line and hopefully better camera, nexus 5 is what I am waiting for

  • Weber

    I’m gonna graph the trend of the words “mid-range” as related to “Moto X” on the comments on DL and see what I come up with. Some people like to reiterate its mid-range specs every gd day.

  • better be coming with a Nexus 5 LTE soon lol.

  • Locutus

    Moto X – although the recent rumours have been disappointing.

  • weathermanJake

    Definitely the Moto X, unless it is not a top of the line spec’d phone. The LG G2 looks amazingly gorgeous and I am loving the onscreen nav buttons. I had the LG Dare and it was a pretty good phone for its time. If the Droid MAXX actually gets 48hrs of battery life that would be hard to pass up. My G-Nex is killing me on battery life.

  • Ramphis Boniche

    To be honest samsung note 3 must have anyhing you need and more…already have note 2 and the satisfaction is high…

  • Noel

    For now i want to see what Moto X is made of..then it will be off to waiting for the new Nexus, G2, Sony Hunami, One Max etc.

  • TheRobotCow

    Since we know that a Nexus is not coming to Verizon anytime soon my vote is for the Droid Ultra Maxx. After owning a galaxy nexus, battery life becomes more and more important, along with having a good camera. Having mediocre hardware gets annoying after a while. Good when it launched but not that good anymore.

  • burtwonderstone

    I hate how droid life has basically no coverage on the sony i1 Honami.SMDH

  • bungadudu

    Samsung galaxy s5. It just gotta be awesome! (otherwise Samsung will start to lose marketshare due to increased competition)
    So… I eagerly waiting they’re response to HTC one’s, lg’s success.

  • @GoogleGoliath

    I really think that the Moto X is going to be a 500 million dollar ball of hype.

  • Liderc

    Wow, I’m very surprised people are excited about the Moto X. It just doesn’t look like a quality phone to me. Obviously first impressions could be totally off, but personally it just doesn’t have anything I’m looking for in an upgrade.

    The customization is moot, it’s for kids who want different colors to stand out.

    • Sporttster

      Totally agree. Screen size is small, power is average, colors whoop-d-doo putting a case on it anyway and they look too overbearing anyway. Looking forward to checking out the Droid Maxx. Lot’s of power, huge screen, huge batt….what more can one want?!?

      • chris420o

        its prob gonna be 4.7″ how in your mind is that small?…phablets couldnt be more stupid looking i hate when people come to my desk n place their huge note or w.e on my desk bc they cant fit it in any pocket like tis a phone buy a n7…since i got my n7 i actually wish my phone was smaller

    • ahhh yes

      plus you can just get a case. I think its funny they are selling customization as a selling point. Color and wallpapers…really? You can do this on your own

  • Deylune

    Im not really excited for Any Android phone. Everyone cant wait until a phone is released and then find out that it is exclusive to a carrier, and at that point you either have to switch carriers to purchase it or be happy that you are on contract with that carrier. i dont like the fact that carrier exclusivity exists.

    • Deylune

      just giving my opinion, thats all.

  • szaffrann

    I’m so hyped for the Moto X even though I’m not up for a new phone until Q4 2014. Sucks. Also on US Cellular too. Also sucks. Think about T-Mobile and the Jump thing they released (awesome!).

    But if I could, I’d either go for the Moto X or LG G2. The LG G2 also looks good from what we know. But really, it depends on what information we get next. The LG G2 hasn’t even been released (we have leaks, we KNOW it’s coming out), and we don’t know much about the Moto X either. All we really know about the X is a vague look of what it looks like (from the variety of leaks, I’ve seen a lot of different ones, idk about everyone else) and that you can customize it. But can’t wait to see what LG and Motorola bring to the table these next few months.

  • antinorm

    If the Maxx has specifications like I hope it does, it will replace my GNex. The GNex’s weak radio, weak battery life, and overall slowness is getting old. My next device will definitely not be a Samsung.

    • MacNificent

      i dont think i will ever buy a samsung phone again. based off my experience with gnex and s3 on verizon. My bionic still beats those two hands down.

  • Knlegend1

    I’m using the phone I’m most excited about.

  • Galaxy Note 3

  • d1ckdame

    Nexus 5 ftw

  • Marsg

    I would have picked the LG G2 but it’s not coming to Verizon

  • Pengwn

    So who else tried to move their cursor once they noticed the pointer in the image?

  • Grasshopper239

    LG G2, I’m guessing that LG will get the nod again for the next Nexus phone, and it will probably again have the same hardware as the G2

  • david allen stevens

    Other – iPhone 5s. A revolutionary 6th, thats right, sixth row of icons.

  • roberthenderson

    Dream phone:
    -Note 3 &
    -add Nokia 1020 camera
    -add HTC front-facing speakers and build quality
    -would love to see 3gb ram & 64gb memory

  • Call me optimistic or even gullible but I voted moto x cause I don’t really believe all the mid range rumors. I’ve got high hopes for the first X release, not the later this year version, I may be let down, but I think Moto and Google are going to home run this one.

    • Gnex

      I really doubt there is a ‘higher-end’ version coming. Why would they release their flagship device after their mid range? That makes no sense.

      • Why did they do it with the Razr M?

        EDIT: In this particular case, I don’t think you’re far off base, but it wouldn’t be unprecedented if they did roll out an X, then an X+ or whatever later.

        • Gnex

          Ahhh you got me there. Still doesn’t make a whole lot of sense though, right? Maybe it’s just me.

          • Cory_S

            Moto has a history of it. I’m still bitter that they released the tragedy that was the Bionic, and then the Razr 2-3 months later that was a refined version of it in every way.

      • I’m 100% opposite. I don’t think there is a mid-range coming. Those test products in the leaked photos are exactly that, and nothing more, test models. Google and Moto are doing a great job of leaking exactly what they want to leak so that we never see it coming until the very last minute.

        But you second part of the comment I agree with, why would they release a mid-range and then a higher-end phone? Answer: they wouldn’t. But I like to dream big…

  • KenBarnum

    Where is the next NEXUS option?

    • aBabyPenguin

      There is no upcoming Nexus that anyone knows about…

      • KenBarnum

        Of course there is. It is not mentioned or rumored yet but there is no reason not to expect them to continue the Nexus line.

      • Marsg

        Theirs always a next Nexus, it’s like asking if the sun is going to rise tomorow

        • aBabyPenguin

          I agree, which is why I said there isn’t a Nexus that anyone KNOWS about. I think since we know literally nothing about the phone, it is fair enough to vote for the Nexus under the category “Other”

  • Christopher Moore

    Lot’s of people are going to be disappointed with the Moto X. The next droid razr lineup looks better on paper. But regardless I’m picking Note 3.

  • Scott Wood

    Other – Ubuntu phone

    • Bionic


  • Detonation

    Moto X…not for the mid range one we keep seeing, but the high end one coming later.

    • needa

      2014 are phones not in the poll.

  • paul_cus

    At this point, after all the buildup, I’d like to see Motorola’s next flagship.

  • Nexus 5?

  • Tylar Overturf

    I still don’t understand why so many people are freaking out about a mid range phone. It’s nothing special.

    For the poll i’m waiting for the Nexus 5.

  • George Colyer

    I picked other. Waiting to here more on the Nexus 5 if it’s happening at all. I could possibly consider the Moto X if that new camera clear pixel turns out to be excellent. Camera quality, up to date processor, 4.8 inch screen or higher, are a must for me. Galaxy Note III is probably going to be awesome but just too large to be a regular phone. I’m definitely going to T Mobile. Does anybody know if their coverage is good in Portland, Oregon?