Question of the Day: Samsung Fans, Why are You OK With Waiting This Long for Updates?

unlocked galaxy s9 updates

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We’ve spent much of the past two weeks talking about Samsung’s 2017 phones getting their big updates to Android 8.0 “Oreo” and Samsung Experience 9.0. It’s been fun re-hashing features from a version of Android that was first announced a year ago in preview before reaching stable over 7 months ago. That’s sarcasm, by the way.

All of these updates got me thinking last night – I wonder why Samsung fans put up with this? And when I ask that now openly to you, I’m doing so in a serious manner. I’m genuinely curious why it is that with all of the talk about Samsung being terrible at updating phones to the new versions of Android, that you are cool with continuing to buy their products?

Is it because of the hardware and design, set of specs and features, or the custom skin that Samsung uses outweighs the need for the newest version of Android? Is it a brand loyalty thing? Something else? Let us know.



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