Pixel 6a or Pixel Watch: Which Has You More Hyped?

Google Pixel Watch Release

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There’s still no guarantee that Google shows off either the Pixel 6a or Pixel Watch at Google I/O this week, but we sure hope we get both. We need new hardware in this snoozefest of a 2022 year, and what better way is there to liven things up than with new devices from Google?

So let’s say for a minute that Google will announce or at least show off the Pixel 6a and Pixel Watch over the coming days – which are you most excited to learn about? Are you needing a refreshed budget Pixel with the new design language first introduced from the Pixel 6 that also happens to be powered by Google Tensor or do you really just need to see Google’s first Pixel Watch?

I get the feeling that most of you are going to say Pixel Watch (look at it!), which is fair. The Pixel 6a rumors suggest a budget phone that could be almost-on-the-level with the Pixel 6, yet at a fraction of the cost. That’s a big deal and all, but how many years have we been asking Google to make a watch of their own? Probably from back in the Android Wear days where most of Google’s partners failed to impress us time and again, and we thought only Google could do right.

For me, it probably is the Pixel Watch for the reasons I just went through. We’ve seen everyone else try the Wear OS thing and most can’t seem to get everything right. Not that I believe Google is fully capable either (hello, never-ending Pixel problem whining), but we need to see them give it a shot. The most recent images of the watch have also captured our attention and then some, because it looks like Google may have gone for a premium design, almost like a round Apple Watch.

I’m sure the Pixel 6a will be a solid mid-ranger, maybe even the best mid-ranger. Mid-rangers don’t often steal headlines, though, or keep our attention for long. The Pixel Watch is a device that’s already had our attention for years.

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