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Verizon 4G LTE Now in Over 497 Markets, 95% of the 3G Network Covered

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During the beginning of Verizon’s comical J-Lo themed press event this morning at CTIA in Las Vegas, COO Marni Walden did announce at least one important bit of information. Their 4G LTE network now covers 497 markets, which is 95% of their 3G network. Remember that their initial goal was to cover 100% of their 3G network by the end of 2013, but have since moved the date up to mid-year as LTE build-out has increased dramatically. With 95% complete, I’d say they’ll hit their goal and then some. Back in January they were at 473 markets, so already this year they have added another 20+ along with countless expansions in existing markets.

Is anyone not yet covered by Verizon’s LTE network?

  • stephen cranford

    I’m not 4g yet . But it is all around me

  • LTE4G

    The map looks more like 10% to go in square miles…

    and with 2.5 weeks left, that would be amazing…

  • Josh Starr

    I am still on 3g in parker az

  • Kenneth Lee

    Can’t believe I am that 5%!! For some reason, I still have 3G on my GNEX sitting right next to me now…. there’s about 10% of the time it will go to 1bar 4G, then go back to 3G. It did go to a solid 4G at work last week, so the LTE network is indeed getting better…

  • W. Paul Schenck

    The LTE at my office in Ontario, California is very fast, 20Mb dn & 8Mb up. Near my home in Riverside, California (30 mi east) it is a lot slower, more like 3Mb dn & 2Mb up. I always thought it was related to the local backbone network that is all fiber in Ontario.

  • Justin

    I’m about 70 miles directly North of Syracuse, NY. Still no 4G speeds yet.. My phone still reads 3G 🙁

  • Iron Mountain, MI

    Half my town has 4G LTE… on the outskirts of town we have 4G LTE(Thanks to CellCom).. downtown does not…..

  • 95% of their 3G network is covered with LTE, but that doesnt necessarily mean that it is robust 4G speed or reliability, it also doesnt mean 95% of the population, or even roaming partners – so there is still a lot of areas without, but even more areas where just because there is LTE doesnt mean it is usable. I have LTE in SF on Sprint, but its not usable, though my phone loves to try to hang on to the signal for hours, leaving me with missed emails, updates, etc.

    • Doug Wing

      That’s not a Verizon LTE issue, that’s Sprint. Sprint will do for 4G LTE what they did for 3G, that is be the slowest in the country.

    • solomonshv

      “I have LTE in SF on Sprint, but its not usable”

      that’s like saying “I’m paying for a Hyundai but I don’t have a Mercedes.” you get what you pay for. go cry on a Sprint article.

      I’m on Verizon, I live in NYC. I often find myself in New Jersey and traveled to Miami, LA, Memphis and other places. I always have LTE, the signal is always strong and the speeds are always fast. Even on freeways during the entire time that I’m driving.

  • Hoikas

    I can sit on the porch at my grandmother’s house in rural Georgia and bounce from LTE to 3G to 1x on my DNA.

  • crussell

    I’m not even covered by 3G let alone 4G…

  • Jesse Blacklock

    lmao seems a lot of us live in the 3% lol

  • artsr2002

    I have a prepaid mifi on Verizon’s LTE network. It started out with about 10Mb down and about 8Mb up. Now it only manages about 3Mb down and about 5Mb up. I’ve only had it for 3 months so far!

  • Thomas Cholette

    I’m about 20 miles south of Myrtle Beach, SC and I’m half on 4g half on 3g. It’s horribly inconsistent and slow. Using a Gnote2.

  • jaysynn84

    no 4g here in vineland nj. Yet the verizon site says its here *shrugs*

  • I get like 20 mbps and 10 up in Delaware

  • harryballs

    Nothing in York Nebraska. City of ten thousand at the crossroads of I80 and highway 81. Only north south 4 lane, border to border in the U.S. No reason to have it here….

    • Tyler Bowden

      They don’t have it anywhere along I-80 in Nebraska either. They’ve got a lot of rural area to fill still.

  • Geoff Johnson

    Hmmm… It sure looks like there’s a lot more than 5% still on 3G!