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Here are the Easter Eggs Built Into Hangouts [Ponies!]


Shortly after Google announced their new unified chat service called Hangouts, users discovered a handful of Easter Eggs embedded deep within. Actually, they aren’t deep at all and can be accessed with a simple command in a chat box on either Google+ or through the Chrome app (no mobile version support here). The whackiness of the Easter Eggs’ ranges from colorful ponies to KONAMI cheat codes, all of which are listed above thanks to Googler Moritz Tolxdorff. To tell you the truth, I thought there might be even more, but this is the entire list.

To flood your box with ponies, pitchforks, or a shy dino, type the commands listed into the text box of a Hangout.

Which is your favorite?

Via:  +Moritz Tolxdorff

  • MyStroPro

    Only works in Chrome? Fail. =0

    • Tyler Bowden

      You have to install it through chrome but it keeps working even if you close chrome. It uses a little pop up window that runs on its own.

  • dcdttu

    This is kind of funny cause the code is only for web but you can’t tell whether people are web or mobile like you could Google Talk.

  • Works on Chrome Browser but does NOT work on Firefox nor Internet Explorer when in Google+ Hangout.

  • Raven

    I should have read the (no mobile version support here). Now, my wife is going to wonder why I sent her /ponies!

    • NorCalGuy

      Lol I sent mine /pitchforks

  • Raven

    Actually the Konami is cheat has to be my favorite. The string will forever be ingrained in my brain from years of Life Force and Contra.

  • Raven

    OMG!!! Ponies!!!

  • Ponystream for sure 😀

  • droidftw

    Konami also works on the Pixel. Hit the keys above and look at the LED on the lid.

  • Mike Even

    really, my little pony? really?

  • Franz

    I’ve download all the ponies (I think) and put them in an album. Plus there are a couple of surprises…


    There has to be more activations…

  • Geoff Johnson

    This made my day, let’s hope there’s more!

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    How about an Easter Egg that tells me who is online or offline! Damn it Google!

    • Andrew Johnston

      There is a green line under the icon if they are online.

      • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

        Not on the mobile app.

        • tyguy829

          In the mobile app, people who are offline have their names greyed out a bit. It’s really subtle

          • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

            You smart bastard! Nice catch! It needs to be better organized though. And I don’t need 1000 people n don’t talk to in the same buddy list! Damn it Google!

            I miss Gtalk. Was so simple.

  • maybe the other half of the app is in there somewhere because its a half ass app

    • Anthony Lee


  • Warwick

    Konami Cheat… PRICELESS!

  • Anthony Gordano

      That’s pretty standard for text input. Hell, it works here too.

      • Anthony Gordano

        regular talk had these odd things like _this_ for italics, *this* for bold and -this- for strik through, so it was new in regards to this 😉

  • I still have the old Talk interface even though I’ve updated through the Play Store.

    • mike cignarella

      if rooted, uninstall using titanium backup, reinstall hangouts using the play store. worked for me.

      • Thanks! That worked for me.

    • brkshr

      It’s not updated yet then. They changed the app description to tell everyone to sit tight, it takes a few days for the app update. I’m sure they have about 500 million android device to update.

      • Mike’s solution worked. I knew that though, I just would’ve assumed my N4 would be within the first waves.

  • Bob G

    Dude already confirmed it is coming. Chill out.

    • Matthew Diluzio

      lol “chill out” the dude just wants SMS like me and the rest of people who are actually wanting to use it on a daily basis

      • mike cignarella

        That’s an upsetting reality. Thought we were all confirmed. Hopefully it does come though.

        • I’m hoping she just got ahead of herself and was just told to rein it in a bit.

          • Big EZ

            That’s what I’m thinking. It may just be a while before it’s ready and they don’t want anyone expecting it anytime soon.

      • Brandon Golway

        Wasn’t a real retraction considering that she left the comment up instead of deleting it lol

    • Nexus_FrEak

      Dude… I’m sitting on a beach in Tahiti it doesn’t get any more chill then that!

      • wickets

        thats the power of DL….even on holidayz on worlds best beach dude still cant stop himself from checking in HAHAHAHAHAAHA

    • dcdttu

      Problem is, this type of app needs to be released fully functional. People will try it, realize it doesn’t even do what Talk did and stop using it, then when it’s finally functional, they’ve already moved on.

      • Caleb Martin

        It is fully functional; SMS is an extra feature. And what part of Talk’s functionality is it missing?

      • bahrta sai

        That’s the problem. If it doesn’t work for them (which it doesn’t for a lot of people) then they’ll move on & may not be back. Sms is one of the most requested features so to not be available at launch is unacceptable to them, myself included. I won’t use it until it supports (stock) sms. My family has dumbphones except me so it’s useless to me without sms.

  • Is anyone else weird-ed out by the shydino. It just doesn’t look natural…

  • Richard Jackson

    Is it just me but the chrome app just keep crashing on me? I tried uninstalling and reinstalling but it doesn’t want to connect to Google?

    • having the same issue…i haven’t tried it at home, but here at work, i think it gets caught in our ridiculous firewall or something. could that be your issue?

      • Richard Jackson

        I tried disabling my firewall and still no go. Will keep chipping away at it. On the plus side Gtalk on my computer still works so no real lose yet.

        • yeah, i am able to do Gtalk through the gmail page…but my group that i created in hangouts isn’t showing up there, nor am i getting notified in gtalk about anyone posting anything…so Gtalk is pretty much worthless to me since i really only use it for that one group of friends and other direct messages sparingly.
          keep me posted if you figure it out.

          • Richard Jackson

            Will do, to add insult to injury Gtalk putting up error boxes. Hopefully a reboot will fix it.

    • brkshr

      Haven’t had a problem here

  • sc0rch3d

    i’m assuming (based on the lack of attention to GVoice) that the easter egg is something like /gof!!!!yourself…?

    since that’s what it seems like google wants us to do

  • sc0rch3d

    couldn’t figure out how to turn off the konami background (weak, was expecting Contra awesomeness to ensue)…just close and re-open

  • ddevito

    pitchforks – that’s us Google Voice users wanting answers!

  • Khammy

    Where’s the Easter Egg of the App actually working instead of telling me it can’t sign in because it can’t find Google? G+, Gmail, Maps and every other Google app I use can find Google just fine.:

    • butters

      I had the same issue. I had to uninstall hangouts then uninstall the google talk system app via titanium backup and then I reinstalled and it started working.

      • Khammy

        Funny thing, that’s how I got it going originally. Then there was an update yesterday and it stopped working. I suppose jumping through the hoops again is no problem, I just figured the update broke it or was bugged.

        • Khammy

          Found a Solution on AndroidAuthority:
          1st back-up Google Play Services
          2nd Uninstall/remove updates ( I just removed updates)
          3rd Start Hangouts, you will be prompted to update GPS.
          4th Click to update GPS in Play
          5th Go back to Hangouts and restart. If it gives the error try again. (It took me twice before it worked)

        • Khammy

          I’m old…can’t remember who posted the solution. I take no credit for figuring this out. I just used my Google-fu.