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AT&T Clarifies: 16GB Galaxy S4 is $199, 32GB is $249 on Contract

GALAXY S4 Product Image (7)

Late last week, AT&T announced that it planned to open up pre-orders for the Samsung Galaxy S4 on April 16 at a price of $249 on new 2-year contract. As you can imagine, people were a bit concerned and confused, as the announcement did not include storage size, prompting all sorts of questions. Was this the 16GB model or the 32GB model? Would AT&T even carry a 16GB model? What’s the deal? 

AT&T clarified their statement this morning, noting in a blog post that the 32GB version of the phone will run $249, while the 16GB model will drop in at $199. These prices match up to the price points that carriers utilized last year with the Galaxy S3 launch. These are also pretty standard for high-end phones at these storage amounts.

An actual launch date has yet to be provided.

Via:  ATT

  • TampFamp

    Looks like i am gonna be renewing my contract oh yeah!


  • does anyone know how much the s3 will be out right so i can use it on t-mobile prepaid (maybe even s2 price drop)

  • no wonder these devices dont sell in the USA. when you can get them for free in the UK for 2 year contract it should be the same in USA too

    • Travis Stanley

      The Galaxy S3 sold very well and the S4 will probably sell well also…What are you talking about?

  • Doobsky

    looks like Samsung wasn’t gonna stand for ATT/Verizon’s greed. I’m happy to see Samsung cares about its customers

  • fugly phone!

  • EvanTheGamer

    I’ll be taking Verizon’s 64GB version thank you very much!

    • RaptorOO7

      That would be great, but Verizon hasn’t said anything about it. We know they will carry it but the question is when will they announce it, what will they actually offer and will we see a 64GB version from Verizon. I suspect we could but likely won’t.

      If Verizon were smart they would put out the 64GB version as an exclusive to take on the HTC One on AT&T and not even bother with the 16GB version.

      • chris125

        It would be nice if verizon got an exclusive color like att did with red.

      • Mike D

        Do you think it would be better to get the 16 or 32GB and add an SD card to make up the difference and save the money or just get the 64GB?

    • it doesn’t exist

  • Apostrafee

    I wonder why they continue making a 32GB model with SD support, seems pointless

    • People like options.

    • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

      Wait what? So the 16 should have an SD and the 32 Shouldn’t 2 different devices?

    • chris125

      because not all apps go to the sd card and some people like the extra space without requiring an sd card right away

      • Apostrafee

        Oh well there ya go! That makes sense

    • kevin

      because why not have the option to have extra storage to max it out pass 32GB? Kinda a dumb question -_-

      • Apostrafee

        I guess I’m asking from a general consumer question, most people just don’t need that much internal when there is SD support

    • Big_EZ

      Why not? I have a 16gb device and a 64gb microSD. The 16gb isn’t even big enough for the apps alone and the microSD card is needed for any pics, music, backups, etc.

  • triangle8

    It sounds like they are backtracking after testing a $249 price point. Ha!

    • Guest


    • and after HTC/ AT&T tested this price point for the One, only to drop that price to $199.99.

  • chris125

    Now everyone can calm down about the pricing.

    • Austin Warren

      $250 and SD. Yep

    • But that’s not the price chumps like me who are wanting to hold on to our Unlimited Verizon deal wants to know. How much will I have to drop to buy it outright?

      • chris125

        Prob $600 just like s3

        • T-Mobile’s looking better everyday

          • chris125

            Not really you’re still paying close to same price and not getting anywhere near the coverage. A phone is only as good as the network and until tmo expands outside of large cities it’s still not a viable option for many

          • True. But for the cost of the phone + $70 per month on T-mobile or cost of the phone + $115 per month on Verizon. Is Verizon really worth $45 more per month.

          • chris125

            With the coverage and lte they have almost everywhere yes it is, especially with me getting a work discount my 4 lines are less b
            Than 200 a month with 2 smart phones

        • Mike D


      • Mike D

        Verizon is going to pull your unlimited plan when you upgrade, they are doing it to everyone.

        • Sara Frey

          That’s only if you get a phone at the subsidized price and sign another 2 year contract. Mike wants to know the outright price because you can buy a phone outright without using your unlimited data. I did it myself a few months ago.

      • michael arazan

        s 3 was 600 and the note 2 was 700