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Samsung Galaxy S4 has Qi Standard Wireless Charging, Again With Optional Back Plate

GALAXY S 4 Product Image (10)

After spending plenty of quality time with the new Samsung Galaxy S4 last Thursday, along with a new Samsung wireless charging pad, we left Radio City Music Hall mostly confused as to whether or not the device will actually have wireless charging out of the box. Some reps on hand said that it has the ability built into the back plate which comes on the phone in the box, while others said it would be a separate accessory. Leave it to the Wireless Power Consortium to sort it all out.

In a press release sent out this morning, they have confirmed that the Galaxy S4 does indeed support the Qi standard in wireless technology, however, it will come via “optional” back battery cover and wireless charging pad.

So as in years past, we will have to rely on Samsung and carrier partners to release the wireless charging back. Otherwise, you’ll be stuck without it. 

New Samsung Galaxy S4 Features Qi Wireless Charging

Rapidly Expanding Qi Ecosystem Now Includes Compatible Phones from Samsung, Nokia, LG, HTC, Panasonic, Sony, Motorola, Sharp, Fujitsu, NEC, and Pantech

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–The new Samsung Galaxy S4 uses the Qi wireless charging standard in its optional back battery cover and wireless charging pad accessories, as demonstrated at Samsung Unpacked 2013. The accessories are fully compatible with all Qi chargers and Qi-compatible phones. The announcement further solidifies Qi as the mobile industry’s choice for fully compatible wireless charging.

Qi is backed by more than 130 leading companies of the Wireless Power Consortium (WPC) like Blackberry, ConvenientPower, Delphi Automotive Systems, Energizer, Haier Group, Hitachi Maxell HTC, Huawei, LG, Motorola, Nokia, Panasonic, Philips Electronics, Samsung, Sony, TDK Corporation, Texas Instruments, Toshiba, and Verizon Wireless.

Qi cuts the last remaining cord in consumer electronics – the charging cord. Any Qi-certified device wirelessly charges using any Qi-compatible charger, regardless of brand. It’s easy, you just set your Qi-supported device on any Qi charging spot and it instantly starts charging.

The Galaxy S4 is the latest addition to the rapidly expanding Qi ecosystem of mobile devices, charging accessories, charging locations, and consumer electronics with an installed base of more than 15 million units. Recently, McDonald’s began testing wireless charging with Qi-embedded tables in some of its European locations. In addition, Toyota announced that the 2013 Toyota Avalon Limited includes integrated Qi charging in the center console. The universe of Qi products includes over 170 products and Qi is the only wireless power solution directly integrated into flagship smartphones and automobiles.

Qi is an open, fully flexible standard capable of evolving its technology and features to offer the best user experience while maintaining compatibility products that have the Qi logo. It offers the widest range of features to optimize user convenience and product choices: support for both inductive and resonant charging, spatial freedom, and intelligent power management.

For more information, visit: www.wirelesspowerconsortium.com

About Qi and the Wireless Power Consortium

Established in December 2008, the Wireless Power Consortium’s mission is to establish Qi as the global standard for wirelessly charging electronic products. The more than 130 members of WPC include industry leaders in mobile phones, consumer electronics, batteries, semiconductors, components, wireless power technology and infrastructure such as wireless operators, furniture and automotive parts companies. Qi products are available in the United States, Asia Pacific, and Europe.

  • girlkute

    Given the choice I would choose Samsung Galaxy S4. it’s great. http://www.friv3.co | http://www.friv10.co | http://www.yepi2.co

  • Total_telecom

    At least they still have removable batteries and storage! I change my battery daily and charge in the car. I’d like to have wireless charging in the car. Anywhere else it does not make sense. Samsung obviously agrees.

  • Apple is going to have to release a plastic phone for wireless
    charging. And then all the Apple fan-boys will say that metal android
    phones suck…!!!

  • Very cool. Now I can charge my phone everywhere. It’s so easy

  • Same design like many Samsung smart phone. Therefore, they need provide some new features for refreshing their product.

  • RedEagle81

    I was skeptical at first about wireless charging, having heard stories of the negative from the recent past on other phones, however my new Nokia came with one, and since using it, I’ve become hooked — set it on its plate– and forget. Damn thing works through the armored case I have it in!

    • Brandon S.

      Looking forward to using it on my 920 myself.

  • I may get a lot of thumbs down for this but, There needs to be an end to the growing popularity of “Wireless Charging”. A lot of energy is lost to heat when charging by induction. Even if it was just a little energy loss, imagine all that power wasted on a global scale. It is a step backwards in going green for the future. Just plug it in. More efficient, faster, and not that difficult to do.

    • Guest

      Do you drive a Prius, too?

    • Pedro

      I would put a benjamin on a simple fact:
      More energy is lost to chargers that are left plugged in all the time than the differential energy in wired vs. inductive charging.

      And the losses by inductive charging probably aren’t as great as you think.

  • prestone1

    want nexus 4 like setup

  • I don’t think wireless charging would be all that useful to me.

    I may be alone in this, but as of right now, I still prefer wired charging because I like to use my device while charging, especially when doing any kind of gaming on my phone (my tablet’s beefier battery makes this a non-issue).

    While connected to a charger, I can move the phone anywhere I want within the reach of the cord.

    While connected to a wireless charger, I can’t do anything but let it sit on the wireless charger.

    And yeah, a generic charger is less than $10 bucks.

    • Trueblue711

      Also, a power cord takes up much less room than a charging base.

    • Justin Winker

      The Tilt wireless charger would be good for that (it provides a similarly-angled style as the Nexus Orb charger does). I use my phone all the time while it’s charging on my Orb, so I don’t see why not.

      • But I can’t pick it up and use it. Sure, I can input information while it sits on the charger. But I type two-handed, which requires picking up the device.

        • Justin Winker

          True. I typically won’t use my phone at my house unless my Nexus 10 isn’t near. I can text/browse the web/etc. on my tablet, so there’s no need for me to worry about that.

          Until we can get a longer range wireless charging, though, I don’t think it will actually catch on with the masses.

    • it would have its place… like anything else. It’s a convenience factor though, not a must have feature. I for one would like having it in a car dock, and on my bed side night stand. It would probably encourage my wife to charge her phone at night more too..instead of laying it right next to her charging cable and having to wake up to hear her complain her phone can last 90 hours on a charge.

      • Justin Winker

        I want (demand?) a wirelessly charging car dock. Specifically, I want one for my N4. Since I have bluetooth in my car, it would be an easy and wireless solution.

  • bkosh84

    If they handle it like they handled “Wireless charging” with the S3, it’ll never actually see the light of day.

    • Super sad, but 100% true.

    • m0sone

      Yeah…I call b.s. Samsung likes to emulate Apple…one of Iphones biggest draws is the accessory ecosystem… Samsung is well aware…but unable to pull it off…so they show off all these amazing accessories that (by now) we all know we’ll never see. Hope I’m wrong…I’ll believe it when I see it.

    • DRaY

      buy the wireless charging kits online like i did. There are Tons of then being made in CHina and in Europe by 3rd parties.

      • kane

        Items made in China? You don’t say

        • michael arazan

          But chinese products guaranteed to break in 3 months and made with questionable hazardous materials, for 1/3 the price, what a deal

  • The jsut had to make it a mm thinner rather than actually increase functionality. Funny, considering I put a case on my GS3 because it was too thin and slippery.

  • Austin Warren

    Eh, Wireless charging isn’t that big of a necessity, considering the Nexus 4 wireless charger is $60.

    • I don’t understand people thumbing this down…

      • Austin Warren

        It’s only because i posted it. If anybody else did it would be all thumbs up.

      • Because some people do like wireless charging

        • Austin Warren

          Never said I didn’t like it, it’s just not a necessity. #firstworldproblems

          • I did not say anything about you liking it or not, just giving a reason why the comment might be down voted

      • zepfloyd

        because there are several Qi chargers you can get for almost half the cost of the Nexus 4 orb, which is basically one of the most expensive these days for a single charger. This has been covered here may times in the past.

  • Anthony Gordano

    it’ll be interesting if they will be selling two versions of the flip covers then, hopefully “any” other cover but the one it comes with would have this option

  • KleenDroid