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Take Yourself Into the Weekend With the Droid Life Show Episode 17!


Episode 17 of the Droid Life Show went down this week as one of our most topic-rich shows ever. With the Galaxy S4 event and HTC’s launch of the One approaching, there was plenty to talk about. But even outside of those, Google was all over the news thanks to their release of the Chromebook Pixel, announcement of a 2013 Google Glass release, rumor shutdown of potential retail stores in the future, and a purported worry over Samsung’s continued rise.

It was a packed show, so be sure to tune in this weekend if you missed it live.

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  • Do these come out live? It’s kinda funny watching them a couple days after they are filmed and realize how quickly stuff becomes old news.

  • thedonxr

    Weekends would be so much better with new posts from Droid Life…

    • Thomas

      Kellen did post some articles last weekend, maybe he’ll surprise us again. *crosses fingers*