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Samsung Galaxy Stellar on Verizon Set to Receive Jelly Bean Update, DROID RAZR Snarls

galaxy stellar jelly bean

The Samsung Galaxy Stellar, a device I admittedly know absolutely nothing about because of its low-to-mid tier status, will receive Jelly Bean from Verizon some time in the next week or so. With Android 4.1 comes Google Now, better notifications, Project Butter, and so much more. It’s the update that all Android devices have been hoping to see since Google first announced it at I/O last year.

Along with JB, the Stellar will also support 64GB microSD cards going forward and allow Verizon to tap into your phone with their Remote Diagnostics tool. There are a bunch of other minor tweaks in there as well, which you’ll find in the changelog below.

The update is 403.6MB in size.

How you feelin’ DROID RAZR owners? Stellar +1. 

stellar update 2

More info.

Cheers Eric!

  • melissa

    Did the jelly bean update to my stellar and ir sucks. I dont even use the google part of it tueyre raving about yet since I have no need to. But I do text freqeuntly on it and the new autocorrwct is the most obnoxious non autocorrecting thing ive experienced. Which will also explain the typos in the comment

  • GP
  • daniel

    Will this add mhl??

  • NWolvie

    Fine by me, last I heard, JB will kill FoxFi/PDANet which I used everyday for work.

  • Matt

    This just sucks.. I’ve been patiently waiting for my razr maxx to get this update, and they go and release it for a entry level device that is on it’s way out the door. Just makes you wanna pull your hair out.

  • disqus_R9ASn3PakT

    By delaying the 4.2 updated to most Motorola devices, Verizon is sending an alpha-male message to Google, owner of Motorola. The 4.1 update on my RazrMAXX has caused me nothing but headache.

  • Matthew Merrick

    My uncles OG Razr has Jellybean, and the man doesn’t even know what rooting is. So what do you mean, Razr owners don’t have JB?

  • bubblyhobo15

    WTH Verizon, it cant be that f***ing hard to push out a phone update, i meen, you accidently did it over 2 and a half months ago, and from what it seemed, it was ready to go then, i even flashed the leak and it worked flawlessly on my droid. WHAT’S the Hold up, it’s been close to 8 months since the update was promised

  • GigaJake

    Everybody is complaining about their Droid Razrs, and I’m just sitting here with my Droid 4

  • Daniel Rogers

    This is a great little phone. Especially for a first smartphone. If Samsung wouldn’t have gimped it with a less than great camera it would be a impressive device (s4 processor) You can get them for less than a 100 on eBay off contract. This shows how android is maturing into a product that can offer a great experience at all budgets. It took awhile but it is happening.

  • Marikel

    I hope to god there’s an upgrade path from the RAZR JB leak to the official JB update.

  • trd105

    First time unheard of this phone was over the weekend when the Verizon salesman tried to sell it to my dad instead of the RAZR M. I had never heard of it so I promptly told him no thanks we’ll go with the RAZR.

  • Resident_Psycho

    And the Bionic is screwed yet again….phones from 3rd world nations are getting Jelly Bean before us….at least kiss us when you are done screwing us….

    • john

      You should try the leak

      • Marikel

        There is no leak for the Bionic.

  • Lmao I work for VZW and this thing is a pos.. thing doesnt even have a flash!

  • Cassy

    RAZR will be getting the update soon. The soak test should be starting any day now and it should only be a matter of days untill it’s released to everyone.

  • I ditched moto and replaced my Droid Razr with a Galaxy note II, after less than a year the Razr could barely retain enough battery to survive 4 hours with out dieing. Power saving set to max and even the radio was in 3G mode. I was truly amazed it Received ICS after the LONG promised wait. That was a small miracle by Motorola standards. the Razr was my second Moto phone after a Droid 2. I will never buy a Moto product again! even if moto give me a free phone I would immediately sell it. I don’t care if Google owns them, the Xphone they are cooking up will suck just like every other moto product. and it will ignored once the newest model comes out. With a bigger battery 31 days later so it’s too late to exchange your current phone. shame on me for the Droid 2, I didn’t know any better, Shame on me for the droid Razr I knew better. But I learned my lesson Moto. never again……

    • Bigboo

      I agree!!!

  • Elthon Cisneros

    We (DROID RAZR) should be next in line for that Jelly Bean goodness! Just enjoy Ice Cream Sandwich for now…

  • MrToTo83

    So they give it the capability to have all that memory and a crappy camera that wont even need it!

  • I’m not amused! -_-

  • Radgatt

    This is the prepaid smartphone that Verizon is offering.

    • mos0ne

      I think you’re thinking of the illusion.

      • m0sone

        Can’t put a 4g handset on prepay.

  • Smartboy

    To: Dear Verizon Wireless. I am RazrMaxx, I am still waiting!

  • Capt. Crunch

    Luckily we had the Christmas Eve leak.

  • Sergio Ruiz

    My Razr’s been on JB since December

  • Warwick

    We are still in the Q1 timeline Moto has given. Don’t get mad yet RAZR owners

    • They made the same promise for ICS look how long that took….

  • Jim McClain

    excuse me but what the hell is a stellar ? never heard of it

    • m0sone

      Its actually a great selling smartphone… Its free on contract so a lot of reps position it to first timers looking for that free iPhone 4. Its pitched as a poormans gsIII…sub par screen…no camera flash….but its not that bad if you’re coming from a clamshell.

  • Its a entry level smart phone not bad price point. I think the thing is made up of leftove gnex parts personally.

  • Jim McClain

    they give that to a pos and ignore the nexus, glad I don’t depend on Verizon anymore

  • droidrazredge

    That’s what happened when we choose to live life on the Razr’s Edge……we are surely taking lots of risks 🙂

  • jak_341

    No wonder Samsung is on top. Timely updates (Gnex excepted due to VZW) and top quality devices. Perhaps Google should dump Motorola, HTC, and others to focus on Samsung. They are the only ones who ‘get it’.

    • Diablo81588

      Maybe you should just not post because your a moron?

      • m0sone

        Oh, the irony…

    • Bigboo

      I agree no more droids gonna ride with Samsung!!!!

  • Dustin Murphy

    oh did you get the JB update Stellar? really?… how special. As a RAZR owner and patiently waiting soak-test participant all I can think to say is, thanks. I did NOT need to know this. *pumps fist at sky a-la Street Car Named Desire* STELLAR!!!!!!

  • It’ll be the ONLY update that phone gets. Right GNex owners!?

  • +1 Stellar is my work phone. hah

  • storm35x


  • master94

    I have the leak for the RAZR and its good enough for me. Just release it VZW

  • p4

    i still haven’t even heard a response from MFN on my RAZR .. +1 mr-whotf-are-you-stellar indeed

  • Thomas

    I’ve never even heard of this phone until I read this article.

  • Ouch. Thats gotta hurt for the razr dudes out there.

    • Green

      It does. 🙁