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New Nexus 4 Ad Shows the Power of Google Now


Moments ago, Google released their newest ad, which features the increasingly-popular Nexus 4, though the device itself isn’t really the star. No, the big highlight here is the power of Google Now, our favorite Android feature of the last couple of years.

Google has made it clear that they want you to realize that Google Now can show you the weather for today, tell you about your next meeting, update flight statuses, show places of interest, help you translate languages, and make sure you hit the nearest transit station on time.

Love me some Google Now.

  • Stoker

    You know, unless you already understand how this works to anticipate stuff for you, this commercial is totally unclear as to how this is different and better than a bunch of individual apps for each specific thing. An iOS, WinMo user is going to think: “I already do all this with my phone.”

  • mikey

    had the nexus 4 had LTE i would have bought it. otherwise ill wait for the X phone

  • joejoe5709

    Nice ad. I think it’s missing a bit of pizzaz. I think the average uninitiated consumer might miss what’s special here. LOOOOVE the tag line: “Live in the Now.” Perfect.

  • Pdiddy187

    That isn’t the graphic that I get for Los Angeles. I get the generic mountains.

  • Warwick

    I really like Google Now, I hate that it tells me my NBA scores 3 days after the game.

    • MikeCiggy

      The scores seem sporadic with me also. Sometimes they appear on time others it will show the last game and not the current game. I hope this will improve over time.

  • Hah love it. Wish my Galaxy Nexus’s Google Now opened that fast. It takes a good while, and my suspicion is that it spends most of its time trying to retrieve the damn background on the top.

    • MikeCiggy

      Are you running the stock OS? My gnex pulls up Google Now just as fast and always with the correct information, though sometimes out of date, a quick refresh fixes that.

      • I’m running CM10 stable, which actually seems to run a little smoother than stock for me. I haven’t modified the kernel or anything, so it’s practically stock.

        But when I open Google Now, there’s a good 5-10 second delay before any cards show up, unless I’ve used it within the last few minutes since it was cached.

        My GNex is really weird. I used Lagfree (trim) and it significantly improved its performance, but there’s still quite a few hiccups for some reason.

        • MikeCiggy

          I run CM 10.1 nightlies they run absolutely great and Google Now takes about 1 to 2 seconds to pull up cards. CM10.1 is great definitely suggest upgrading.

          • Hmm I may have to do that. I wonder if JB 4.1 will upgrade to 4.2 (10.1) without a wipe… I hate reinstalling apps and reconnecting accounts. I’m so over it.

          • MikeCiggy

            I believe you should wipe use a backup program backdrop root is awesome and you can backup your home screen if you use nova within the nova settings. It’s not so bad with those tools there are other back up apps also… I agree it got not so fun after a while

  • F22

    I have a stock Verizon Galaxy Nexus. Can I run Google Now on it? If so, where do I get it?

    • JoshGroff

      Press and hold anywhere on the navbar and just slide your finger up. There should be a white circle that says Google, put your finger over it and then take your finger off the screen.

      • Austin Warren

        also the google toolbar should get you there.

        • F22

          it’s not in my Google toolbar. — running Android 4.1.1

          • Austin Warren

            Woops meant search bar widget

      • F22

        I already know how to get to Google, thanks.

        • JoshGroff

          *sigh* That is Google Now.

    • Steve Benson


  • Austin Warren

    This is awesome. I use google now all the time.
    btw, check out a t-shirt i made. http://teespring.com/supportandroid101

  • John Malin

    I used Now for a month or two, but never really felt like it was helping me, so I disabled it. Probably because I am not in a larger city.

    • JS629

      You may want to try enabling now again. At first it didn’t show me much either, as I live in a rural area, but updates have added at least nearby events (college basketball, football, concerts, disney on ice). But it doesn’t show near as much as it would for the large cities in this ad.

      • Stoker

        If it makes you feel any better, GNow does almost nothing for me and I’m in one of the custom banner cities. I only get three cards consistently: weather, stocks, and drive time to/from work. Oh yeah, and sporadic game scores way after the game is over and I already know the result.

  • I love Android and was willing and wishing to move from Galaxy Nexus to next Nexus (Nexus 4) but when it was revealed that LG is making it I was socked. Samsung or HTC are okay bot LG. I just can see my home fridge that is LG and see my phone LG. This is why I am switching to iPhone 5 pretty soon. Also, for a better camera.

    Nice add btw.

    • jpxa

      So you switch to a carrier-locked, closed ecosystem full of itunes icrap because you can’t imagine that a brand that makes fridges actually made one good phone?

      • Danrarbc

        Yeah makes no sense.

        Though to be fair, the phone can have issues with the stock kernel. Quick trip to XDA will have the phone running cooler, longer, and improve the color settings.

      • Actually you’re assuming that there are issues to face with iPhone but no:

        1) I get it factory unlocked, GSM.
        2) I don’t find iTunes to be “crap” because I love the fact that it does sync/backup all my data so I am safe. Also, with iTunes airsync and iCloud there is awesomeness rather than icrap.

        and I mentioned that I am currently an Android user so I actually know all of the aspects of how an Android phone is operating. It’s nice but it’s killing me.

    • Droidzilla

      This is the stupidest reason not to purchase something ever. I think you’re going to love your iPhone.

      • I absolutely understand your opinion and I also know that it’s weird but I am more into focused companies not lost with tens of products that half of them are not related to computing. iPhone is a major product for Apple, Nexus 4 is not a major product. Lets hear about updates. (I know they are pushed to it immediately) but when the Nexus 5 is out (or X Phone) Nexus 4 will take months to get these updates.

        • Droidzilla

          You make no sense at all. Are you honestly saying you won’t purchase a Nexus 4 because it will get slow updates? Heck, it has features on it right now that the iPhone won’t for years (or ever), so who cares which version of iOS someone’s on? smh

          • When I went with a Galaxy Nexus (love it btw) I needed these features but now I find them useless as I no longer need them.

            What to miss?
            -App Store is better, at least there is no malware on it. Also, compare Android apps with iOS apps, damn ugly and does half of what the same app on iOS does. Also, companies are always making apps for iPhone first then after months comes to Android.

            -Security: I don’t want to say anything about that but allow me, please, to ask you go Google this “Android malware” and you will be happy with the results.

            – Design: iOS is way more beautiful.

            What else? LTE? it’s on, bigger screen? yes (for me it’s great). Email? I use iCloud email and I get more benefits out of it with iOS. Widgets? I don’t need these and never used them.

            Hit me with anything I will lose and I will be happy to give my opinion.

            Please note that I completely agree, absolutely agree that I can do a lot more with Android but I am no longer that user, I just want stability and security. By the way, I am a Mac user, so imagine how great it is.

          • Droidzilla

            Your arguments are basically from 2007. I use a Mac and I find your logic to be nonsense. As I said, you really ought to get an iPhone; you fit the demographic perfectly.

          • Looool, why angry dude? that’s the tech sphere. We have different thoughts but life goes on and everyone’s happy. You and I, are not getting paid to defend Apple, Google, nor LG 🙂

            by the way, enough -1 rating my comments 🙂 looool

          • Droidzilla

            I’m not angry in the slightest. I just honestly think you’ll be better off with an iPhone.

          • That’s what I am going to do 🙂 was a really interesting little discussion.

  • wow,,the Google now really looks awsome


    It’s one of those apps that you actually see the practical use in. I love Google Now because it’s personalized for me, and I use it every single day. I can’t even remember my Android experience without it.

  • CrackMonkey

    I’ve been using Google Now for a while. Had it on my Galaxy Nexus and now on my S3. It does come in quite handy. It also does a good job of reading my mind.

  • Cowboydroid

    If it wasn’t so slow to open on my Galaxy Nexus, I’d use it a lot more. I am also one of those debating whether or not to jump on the Nexus 4, or hold out a little while longer…

    • Trevor

      Yeah, it really is wicked slow to open on the GNex. Much better on the Nexus 4 so far.

      • Jim McClain

        Runs fast on my Gnex

      • Opens instantly on my Gnex…

      • Steve Benson

        Plenty fast on my Gnex as well. Must be that Shiny love keeping my Nexus running strong.

        • Trevor

          Hmm, not sure what the deal is with my GNex then. I’m running CM10.1 on it (and on my Nexus 4). Don’t think I have any questionable apps installed that would slow things down. Who knows. Still a great phone though.

    • Austin Warren

      are you doing it right? worked perfectly on my Gnex and not my Note 2.

  • I love google now, but i wish the driving directions made more sense. I will already be home and it will say 15 minute drive to home from work.

    • JetBlue

      Same thing here think its more of the gps isn’t updating google now sometimes swiping away the card will make it reset

      • michael arazan

        Never had a problem with maps, even going down to southern Missouri to trout fish, hit construction and it automatically redirected to go an alternate route when I turned off the highway. All on vzw 3g in the middle of nowhere. When I go to chicago and get stuck in traffic and turn off the highway it shows me alternate route but not the best one, once or twice it took me the longest routes around the city

      • NexusPhan69

        It’s to conserve battery. It’s not constant updating. It checked every so often. A constant GPS signal would kill battery. I think Google should add a setting for update interval. Increase battery life for those of us that need it but allow those with plenty of battery life to update more often.

        • ObsidianGT

          That’s part of the beauty of Google Now. You don’t need to tell it when to get information, it automatically gets it with PUSH technology from Google’s servers (as opposed to PULL where you could set update intervals).

          The location features partly rely on your phone’s aGPS performance, which as we know is hit-or-miss nowadays. Although, (most) Motorola smartphones seem to have excellent aGPS.

          I believe this is why Android likes you to have your WiFi on as it can help tell the device where you are. (Sorry, I know it’s been about a week, but I thought it was a good discussion to get in to).

      • Any card like that will have a blue arrow to start up true navigation and if you touch that it’ll take you to turn-by-turn directions, start the GPS, and update the information…

  • mgamerz

    Too bad Google Now never loads as fast as this ad shows.

    • Jwhap

      Loads this fast on my gnex and nexus 7

    • Mark Mann

      loads that fast on my razr hd

      • mgamerz

        Typically lags opening up on my stock gnex and takes like 5 seconds to recover.

    • Nicholassss

      loads that fast on my note 2

    • It does on my nexus 4 too! (slow data connections will slow it down tho)

    • Chris Carter

      Mine is instantaneous, even using AT&T’s ,not as fast as T-Mobs, network

  • Zoloft_User

    The Play Store is open…but good luck of anything being in stock…

  • Chad

    Google Now makes my RAZR Maxx HD extremely laggy. FAIL on Google and Motorola!

    • S2556

      no just motorola

  • nb

    is it really that fast on nexus 4? Cause it takes ages to load on my sensation…

    • Alex

      it is..i just never remember to use it. there are issues with the nexus 4, but speed is not one of them

    • Droidzilla

      Yes, it is. I love Google Now on my Nexus 4; I really think it’ll turn into a game changer in time.

  • Asimoalex

    But they need to whore it out on all tv now

  • TylerChappell

    Just saw this while watching the Grammy’s, I love it!

  • Alchemy08

    I want my Google Now, I need it NOW!!!

    • Justin Winker

      This just reminded me of the JG Wentworth commercial.

      • Alchemy08

        Yes, I was referencing JG Wentworth commercial…..for does who don’t know


      • Capt. Crunch

        Ugh why would you remind me of that haha

  • George264

    Every time I see the Nexus 4, I want to buy it so bad, but I feel like the X-Phone or the M7 is worth the investment more.

    • XxROCKxX

      The Xperia Z is the only phone thaqt has my attention right now!

      • Austin Warren

        Unless the M7 actually has a good battery, stay away.

    • saint_stephen

      Currently rocking a rooted Galaxy Nexus, but the N4 has definitely been tempting me to leave VZW…

    • I’m with you. I usually wait until there’s a breakthrough phone before I drop money and keep it for a couple of years. The 4 is almost there, but not quite.

    • Justin Winker

      I already bought my Nexus 4 and it’s a solid device, but now I want to upgrade to Moto’s X phone. I’m not a fan of HTC’s devices (although the M7 looks sleek), and Samsung’s build quality leaves a lot to be desired, so I’m not really interested in those two. I haven’t heard or even seen a Sony smartphone (ever), so I can’t pass judgment on those devices yet.

      • Droidzilla

        I have the Nexus 4 and I’ll be following the X Phone with interest, but not with intent to purchase. N4 is more than enough to get me well into 2014.

        • Justin Winker

          I like to upgrade my phone on a yearly basis when I can afford to. I’m definitely a nerd when it comes to phones and I love to have the latest and greatest.

  • Seriously biggest reason for sticking with Android… 🙂 Great app 🙂