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This Week in the Life of DROID: 2/8/2013

Recap Cheers jaypaulnewhouse

It has been an eventful week in the Android world to say the least, with rumors for the Galaxy S4 and HTC’s M7 flying around like crazy, it is hard to keep track of it all. In 11 days, at HTC’s event in NYC, we will finally be able to put a stop to the hypebeasting. Following HTC, we have MWC to look forward to and whatever LG and other OEM’s plan on unveiling. February is a short month, but it has already been quite fruitful for the Android fans.

If you missed any of this week’s big highlights, we have them listed below.

Cheers Jaypaulnewhouse for the image!

  • Nom nom nom!

  • normmcgarry

    People are actually hyperbeasting over the M7/One? I must’ve missed the hype…

  • 4decker

    Mmmmm . . . orange Starburst. Yum! They should make bags of just orange Starburst.

  • JohnPA2006


  • Jroc869, Nexus-Life

    So did that one android steal the other androids starburst at gun point lol. Thats what it looks like and his hands are still in the air.

  • Guest

    Not going to lie, I geeked out super hard when I saw my picture on the front page 🙂 Thanks for being awesome Droid-Life!!

  • I’m not going to lie, I geeked out hard when I saw my picture on the front page 🙂 Thanks for being awesome Droid-Life!!!

    • Christy D

      As JayPaul Newhouse’s girlfriend *MY picture 😛 and for those wondering… the green android did take the blue android’s starbursts, and the blue one is like “what the heck, man?!”

  • Nicolas Pipitone

    Lol, I looked at this picture and without thinking blurted out “Oh no’s! The androids are getting into the Starbursts!” This was followed by a lot of odd looks from a few people that were near me.

  • Thomas

    Well we all know what this means, the end of another great week here at DL. Thanks boys & enjoy your weekend.

    /grabs an orange Starburst for the road