Qualcomm: You Won’t Be Seeing a Project SHIELD Rival From Us

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From what we can see, either you love the idea of NVIDIA’s Project SHIELD or find it to be the biggest waste of resources ever. According to Qualcomm’s Snapdragon Product Manager’s recent comments, I think we know where they stand on that one.

In a recent chat with The Verge, Raj Tulluri said that these devices will find a way to come out to market on their own, which gives Qualcomm little reason to compete with their customers in the hardware-making game. In essence, he feels that they would be stealing business from themselves if they made a rival to Project SHIELD. 

I don’t need to make a box. I just need Moga to make a controller. I can’t see too much difference between that and the Project SHIELD. It seems to do everything the Tegra 4 one does!

Although, to clarify, he mentioned that mobile gaming is indeed the future, but he would rather keep to making the chips that power these future devices instead of making one themselves. “I think the market will happen, and I think our customers will make those products happen. I’ve seen a lot of different products people are building.”

Given his role at Qualcomm, Raj works on projects that are years ahead of the market’s offerings, so he is certainly in “the know” in terms of what we can see down the road with mobile gaming and devices.

Long story short, don’t expect to see Qualcomm unveil a gaming console/controller hybrid in the near future.

Via: The Verge



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