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Press Render for the LG Nexus 4 Leaks

Is this the press render for the LG Nexus 4? It certainly looks like most press renders, so it could very well be. The device pictured also looks exactly like the Nexus 4 that has leaked in pre-reviews and across the web for weeks now, except that there is “nexus” branding in the middle.

We can see the sparkly Crystal Reflection backing that LG first started with the Optimus G, a similar shape to last year’s Galaxy Nexus, a camera and flash left of center (also like the Optimus G), and stock Android. We aren’t noticing any hints at changes in software, other than a clock centered in the middle of the notification bar and a percentage in the battery icon.

Update:  Here is another angle, which thankfully, looks like a real stock OS and not a custom ROM. 

Thoughts on the final look? The more I see, I tend to like it.

Via:  @evleaks [2]

  • dsass600

    I don’t like it, because it looks too much like the Galaxy Nexus.

  • Noel

    Still holding out hope for a surprise on the five Nexus phones rumor. My choice for a Nexus phone has always been HTC..boy would i be in cloud nine if an HTC Nexus with similar 1080p screen as the HTC J Butterfly/DLX but with a reduced form factor and ample int storage, SD card slot and bigger removable battery comes to fruition. But if just one phone is released.. that being the LG Nexus 4 then i will get it. I need a good Nexus phone and for now it seems that it might be the only one…and the specs are gr8, i just wish Google will release a 32GB model from the jump since it seems there will be no SD card slot. I have always been burnt for being an early adapter, but i will take that chance again with the LG Nexus 4 if it is the only Nexus phone revealed on the 29th.

  • jova33

    1% battery mod on a stock phone? Lol

  • They should add percentage battery thing to 4.2


    no lte and no 32gb memory turn me off. No way can i go below 32 with no expandable memory.. ugh and its lg.. where’s the moto google? pack some big guns pls and ship them to moto… 🙂

  • joejoe5709

    Unless the specs are mind-blowing, this isn’t worth upgrading for. I don’t see the experience really all that different from my GNex. To me this is Google’s version of the iPhone5. I’m a little disappointed.

    • nickingninaj

      Besides LTE, what else do you need to make this thing “mind-blowing?”

  • Bryan

    In the future, when everything is VoLTE and Verizon has full LTE coverage over the US, will Google be able to make a generic Nexus without CDMA radios? If I understand correctly, Google can’t make a Play Store version because they don’t have CDMA licenses. But what happens when LTE is everywhere?

  • nickingninaj

    I’m appalled at the massive amounts of hate for this device. What the hell makes you people happy any more?

    Perhaps it’s jealously? Maybe since most of you upgraded to a Galaxy Nexus last year, you have to justify not having the latest and greatest by hating it? Next year when you’re all off contract, I bet that Nexus will be satisfactory.

    • joejoe5709

      I’ll hold my final judgement for a review or two, but this just doesn’t seem to scream “latest and greatest” other than a slightly better processor. Throw in a non-removable battery and LG’s recent sketchy history, this device has a lot more to prove than the Gnex did. Software doesn’t really matter anymore because I’ll likely have the same software within the same timeframe as this phone. In the end, that puts these phones practically on the same level. So like I said, other than a slight bump in hardware it’s probably not any better and certainly not worth $600-700 off contract. So yes I’ll wait until next year for my upgrade, but no I’m not “jealous”.

      • nickingninaj

        Well, you actually are…

      • nickingninaj

        Well… yeah, you are.

  • This looks like the best Nexus to date …. The build quality looks great if this phone works as good as it looks it will be a hit no doubt …

  • Maybe 4.2 brings a customizable notification bar? Anyone think of that?

    • joejoe5709

      There was an article about a secondary notification bar with quick controls awhile back that is likely coming with 4.2. Sooo… perhaps?

  • PowersUSA

    Flat back that is not removable looks unfinished. Last I checked ZERO rumors of Verizon support so most of us that visit DL are SOL.

  • nightscout13

    Am i the only Android Enthusiast that thinks this thing is FUGLY? Even the G-Nex looks better….

    • NexusMan

      I wouldn’t exactly use the word Fugly, but I’m with you…I don’t think it looks great. From the front, it’s like the GNex and said let’s take this sexy sleek look and tweak it just enough to throw the aesthetic OFF.

      • nightscout13

        The front resembles the G-Nex, which is fine, but the rear IS fugly. Glitter? Really?

    • joejoe5709

      I wouldn’t call it fugly. It’s obviously a Nexus. I LOOOOVVVEEEE the all black fronts of Nexus phones. When the screen is off, it’s gorgeous and sleek. So the LG already gets bonus points for that. But the back is a little too flashy for me. It’s better than being slathered in chrome, but the bedazzled crystal look is kinda cheap to me. I’d like to see it in person though.

      • nightscout13

        Yes, I will reserve final judgement for in-person, but lack of battery options already makes me want the MAXX HD instead.

    • nickingninaj

      No you aren’t alone, but I’m apparently the only one who digs this device, though.

  • Kevin Olson

    So, I just ordered a Galaxy Nexus of the Play store last night… should I have waited?

    • joejoe5709

      If you don’t need the latest and greatest and you’re even the slightest familiar with rooting, my guess you’ll be perfectly happy. For… about a year. Then you might a little left behind and in need on an upgrade. We’ll see.

      • Kevin Olson

        You are right. Phone arrived this morning and this thing is awesome. I’ll hold me for a little while.

  • baldypal

    I’m so tired of ICS blue #33B5E5. Give me a theme that only changes that color across the board. No changes in background or icons. Just that ICS blue color.

    • need more customization options.. especially colors & buttons.. we should be able to theme them!

  • I don’t see the render button…..

  • I actually have to agree with the majority. If there truly is no LTE version of this phone then there is really no reason to switch from the Galaxy Nexus.

  • jr Fortenberry

    Being that I have a corporate plan and no worries on data usage I’ll have to pass if in fact this phone has no LTE.

  • Adam

    Why would they post a score from 25 July on the Now game card? Nexus logo looks shopped. This is def BS.

  • fauxshizzl

    That sparkly back has to go. Seriously, take that designer out back the way of Old Yeller.

  • spunker88

    I hope its fake. Why would they center the clock? It copies iOS and I would rather have it on the right so the status bar notifications work

    • It’s AOKP.

    • NexusMan

      well it’s different in the 2 pics…one has it centered, then the other pic has it on the right…so looks like something is shopped….I have an idea…let’s see the official press render when Google releases the official press render…which is Monday. Until then, all this is noise.