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Minor Update VRALHE Rolling Out to Samsung Galaxy S3 Owners

Just two days ago, we broke news that Verizon’s Galaxy S3 would be receiving a minor update to build VRALHE sometime in the near future. This morning, we have received a few emails from readers that are beginning to see the update, so everyone should be on the lookout.

It may not be Jelly Bean yet, but the update does bring better device stabilization with less resets, more Google Play bug fixes, and an “Enhanced Zoom Feature” for the browser, emails, and more.

The update is 62MB in size.

Cheers Nick and Rodney!

  • pokemom57

    Just bought the galaxy s III. Very disappointed. I live in a 4G coverage
    area, but can’t get 4G! Have to use WiFi to do anything other than making
    phone calls. Never had this problem with my droid charge.
    Paid full price as I was not due for an upgrade, but if the fix doesn’t come
    out within the next few days, I’m going to return it and go with a different phone.
    It’s really stupid to have a “smart phone” you can only use over WiFi to use
    Online apps and stuff! Even the 3G signal is horrible!

  • JazzoRenee

    They can take this update back, it is 4:24 and my phone is at 27% and I have hardly used it today, WTF!!!

  • iceburgh

    I got the update over the weekend, tried to stop it from updating my
    phone like the last one that got pushed out, but this time I was not
    lucky. My phone vibrated and then I looked at it 15 minutes later and on
    the screen saw an update complete message. My phone was rooted and
    didn’t have any sim card issue, signal strength was good, except for GPS
    losing signal now and then.

    Well now I lost root, so not sure if I can reroot, and I actually got
    the no sim card message for the first time after the update, and GPS
    still is the same.

  • Sbuds4u

    Dont reset. Mine started working again with this update. They pushed it to the phones with the service unavailable error. when checking yesterday, there was an update available. now the Service unavailable has returned to no new software product is up to date when I check.

  • JazzoRenee

    I was about to update, rejected the installation, thanks guys.

  • Mellon

    Anyone else having much worse cellular signal strength after the update? I hadn’t dropped any calls in the two months I have had the phone and in the day since I updated, I have dropped six calls.

  • Aaron

    Battery life is worse after this update

    • JohnPA2006

      Since the update installed on mine last night I noticed today
      a notification saying, Backup completed.
      Looks like the update turns on the Verizon Backup Assistant. I had it turned off.
      That will run your battery down if it has to upload a lot of stuff I am sure.

      • Aaron

        My Backup assistant was working before this VRALHE update and didnt have the battery drain problem.

  • Jscoppa

    Running the update here in Rochester NY

  • Johnpa2006

    the update just popped up on my phone and installed successfully l’M in the Woodbridge New Jersey area. when Verizon makes the update live in your area the update checker will work, otherwise it will always give that Error message but don’t worry about getting new SIM cards or new phones it will come just be patient

  • In Cleveland, OH – just downloaded and installed the update with no issues. Then my phone transformed into a Galaxy Note II and flew away……. :-/

    • johnpa2006

      did it poop out the stylus before flew away

      • It did……. :’-/…..day before my birthday n everything…..

  • Kurt

    I’ve been having problems with my phone ever since I installed this update. My Google Play store has locked up and even when making calls. I hope others are having this problem so it gets fixed!

  • Does anyone know what the Enterprise SysScope Service and Enterprise VPN Service are that were added along with this update?

    • JazzoRenee

      VPN is use for connecting to corporate virtual private networks.

  • Darthberg

    I just spoke wiith Verizon about 2 hours ago about the same Unavailable issue when trying to update, I was put on the line with Verizon technical support AND Samsung Technical Support at the same time, they apperaently have never heard of this error, MY ASS!! Either way I told them about all the forums saying replace the SIM card and they sent me one. BUT when I got home from work and connected to WIFI it worked…im still gonna use the new SIM card though.

  • Mike

    Terrible battery life post update….wtf?

    • Michael_NM

      Same here. Phone stays pretty warm too.

    • mrdoon

      Mike – you’re not alone on the batter life. I’m down to 21%
      when I’d normally be at 50 or 60% and I am wondering if I’ll even make it to the end of my work day. When I
      look at the battery info, 60% of the usage is the Android System which is obviously not normal. Does anyone have a real solution for this?

  • Mataman

    Just went to my setting hit check for update and it began to download. I’m in the L. A area.

  • cipearman

    FYI, this doesn’t help the NO SIM problem on my end.

  • daniel

    I got the “update” and havent seen any or much of a change

  • Jeff

    Got mine about an hour ago.. have not had a chance to look at things..

  • Downloaded at midnight in NH. Seems to be pretty good so far. Would be nice if they fixed the awful predictive text issue..

    • jink333

      Just use a diffirent keyboard.


    Anyone else experience terrible battery life after the update? I’m talking 6 hours with very little use.

  • sonicemerald

    I think I’m updating my gs3 soon… to AOKP.

  • Zid316

    How do we install this if we are rooted and unlocked? I get an error when trying to run this on my phone.

  • JohnPA2006

    I am going to guess that Verizon is able to setup something on their network that returns this error, which makes you think your phone has a problem.
    I cant imagine them telling every customer, “oh come into the store and we will give you a new SIM card” they would have lines wrapped around the block. No way.

    Im going to hazard a guess that they are rolling out out in specific areas and when that area is enabled the phone gets the update. I am reading way to many varying stories saying
    they rebooted, cleared the cache on the services framework, or reseated the battery and SIM. No specific thing seems to have worked for anyone.
    Verizon must flip some sort of magical switch for a region which allows the update checker on your phone to work. If its “off” you get the “service unavailable” message.
    If its on well, you get your update.
    Stupid Verizon.

    • I was wondering if that was the case, however I used to get a message that your phone was already updated (or something to that effect) and more important a timestamp on when the last time you checked for an update. My last update check was Sept 25.

      • JohnPA2006

        Verizon Galaxy S3, in Newark, New Jersey
        Status – Software is up to date
        Status last checked on – 10:07AM, Oct 02 2012

        I really cant imaging the SIM suddenly going bad, I havent been near any large magnets, I haven’t had any CAT scans done with my phone in my pocket, and I have not been performing any Gamma radiation experiments lately (not since my accident, turning green and all that ripped purple pants deal)
        Its gotta be something on the Verizon side of the network.

  • My phone surprised me with the update this morning. I watched as the system rebooted and “optimized” all the apps on my phone. Then, in my notifications, I just happened to notice my Lookout security scanning “Enterprise” (SysScope Services and VPN Services presumably, because they both appear in my app manager now, along with EnterprisePermissions). Can anyone shed some light on what these apps are for? The list of permissions for the SysScope and VPN services is a little disconcerting, and while neither can be disabled on their own, the EnterprisePermissions can. Does this possibly have something to do with the forthcoming Isis payment system? Anyone?


    got the update an hour ago.

  • Ok this unlocks the option for Global Roaming countries that use CDMA usage with Global Plans but not the Global Roaming like GSM countries. Sorry for the confusion.

  • i dont have the update yet 🙁 I iz sad

  • Virgil Everett

    Does anyone know exactly what the “enhanced zoom feature” consists of?

    • Tim

      Can’t figure this one our either….

  • @
    Tim-o-tato does this turn on Global Roaming? I have a global roaming option now that I don’t remember seeing. Go to Settings > More Settings (under Wireless and network) > Mobile Networks > Global Data Roaming Access.

    • Bewara2009

      Just saw that too..

      • I don’t remember ever seeing that option I went to Portugal a month ago and I’m not 100% sure but I don’t remember that being there. I called Verizon during that time and they did say the update was coming out in the next month or so. They told me this phone is already unlocked and I didn’t need to call in once the update happened. I run multiple business accounts so this wasn’t regular support telling me this. I need to call them again and check.

        • Bewara2009

          Yes call them and be sure than let me know hehe

          • YES THIS IS THE GLOBAL UPDATE!!! THEY SUCCESSFULLY ADDED A GLOBAL PLAN TO MY PHONE WHERE A MONTH AGO COULDN’T! Still on phone with them and double checking if this phone is SIM Unlocked like they told me a month ago like the iPhone 5.

          • Bewara2009

            Woohoo! I hope it’s that easy just to pop in a different SIM and on you go..

          • My bad they had it half right. They checked with there higher level tech’s. It now allows Global Roaming in countries that have CDMA to use with Global Plans. Not the full unlock that we wanted.

    • braves

      I have not updated and I can see Global Data Roaming Access already.

    • FortitudineVincimus

      that has been there. I am not updated and I have that setting. and I had it last month in France so.. that is not new and not related.

  • Mike Carter

    Got update this morning. More stable and 4g is faster.

  • Useless update. BRING ME JELLY BEAN

    • This might be that global update they promised. If so than what you typed is useless. LOL!

      • It is the GLOBAL UPDATE user have been waiting for. SURPRISE!!!

  • Wow! That was the first time I said update and it was ready to go!

  • Michael_NM

    Got mine last night, and boy do I feel stable today. 🙂

  • Ivan92116

    update also installs the Google Play Magazines app.

  • braves

    Service Unavailable

    • shawn

      yah. i guess i need to go to a verizon store and get a new sim card since thats what ive seen is the problem. ridiculous

      • Brandon

        I had been getting that error too but it found and installed the update today without a new sim card.

        • jbegs

          I keep getting the Service unavailable as well. I was able to update with the last OTA, but now I can’t seem to pull the update.

    • Anyone resolve this issue? I got this message since Sept. 25. Verizon wants me to factory reset, which is total BS.

      • braves

        Are they rolling out by area? Could it be that it is not available in our area yet? I am in the San Francisco bay area.

        • thenew3

          I’m in sf bay area and the update is currently downloading on my phone.

      • Yoderz

        It’s a SIM card issue. Took mine in Monday night and no one at the Verizon store could figure it out. Told them to change the SIM card (that’s the fix I found while doing a Google search) and sure enough the error message went away and it updated.

      • Shawn

        ok this is weird. i tried again last night and all of a sudden after three weeks the update pulled like normal for me. after the install i checked for update again and got the “your software is up to date” message instead of the usual service unavailable. i dont get it

  • Bewara2009

    Updating now.. 🙂