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If Your Galaxy S3 Order Arrives and You Think You Lost Unlimited Data, Get Verizon to Fix It

As Galaxy S3 pre-orders arrive at the doorsteps of Verizon customers, we are hearing from quite a few who have noticed that their unlimited data plans may not be represented correctly. As we wrote about ad nauseam, if you pre-ordered before June 28, you were supposed to be able to keep your current plan and avoid the new Share Everything plans. That remains true, however, when your order arrives, you need to look over the included paperwork carefully and also think about logging in to your My Verizon account to make sure that nothing has changed.

My order arrived today and it mentions something about a $70 – 7GB data plan, but after checking online, nothing has changed and my unlimited plan is still in tact. It appears as if Verizon’s system can’t handle unlimited data plans all that well right now or at least doesn’t know how to refer to them with Share Everything taking over. 

For some though, the problem has been much more severe. In fact, at least 2-3 readers have received notifications that unlimited data packages are no longer available and that they are being forced onto a tiered plan. You can imagine these letters aren’t going over well. There are also issues when activating SIM cards, which we aren’t fully understanding yet. Fortunately, you can call Verizon directly and they will work on getting it sorted out for you. As of today, the process sounds a bit painful, involves a “inactive pricing request” submission, and will probably require that you call back for status updates.

We just want you all to check your orders carefully and make sure that your plan hasn’t changed at all. The whole point of ordering before June 28 was so that you wouldn’t have to lose unlimited data.

Cheers Chan and everyone else!

  • JazzoRenee

    I’m picking mine up from FEDEx this evening after work, I will comment on the activation details later on tonight.

    • JazzoRenee

      This phone is the absolute best!!
      I activated it in he Verizon store because I needed them to transfer somethings off of my OG Galaxy, and I had no problem what so ever, Unlimited Data still in tacked, and since the phone wasn’t out yet, all the other customers in the store wanted to see my GS3 even the tech guy was giddy hahaha.

  • GregSki86

    Got my Galaxy last Thursday. Phone is f*ckin awesome and Verizon’s 4G LTE sh*ts on some Wifi connections. I actually ordered my phone using my girlfriends upgrade (different account) and Verizon still kept my unlimited data plan….it might be because I transfered everything myself from my Droid X to the Galaxy and only had to get a new sim card for the 4G. All in all………….EXTREMELY SATISFIED with this beast of a phone

  • junjlo

    you mad bro?

  • G$

    I tried to activate my phone OTA with no success, then tried it through my laptop with no success. I called Verizon, as they were activating the phone the rep says “Oh you are going to be losing your unlimited data”, in an almost nonchalant manner. Lucky that I was paying attention……. She had to submit the “inactive pricing request” to get my unlimited data plan back. Looks like I’ll be streaming all the data I can and not putting any wireless profiles on my S3. Looks like Netflix and HBO GO movies all day. Enough of your shenanigans Verizon.

    • JazzoRenee


  • mar_ar

    ordered mine 6/6, got my phone in the mail today. called to activate my sim card and it wasnt working, so i was put through to a person who was able to get it to activate it, but told me that since i activated a new device after 6/28 i lost my unlimited data. i insisted she was wrong while she continued to disagree. eventually she put me on hold to ask someone else, 20 minutes later she came back and told me she needed to put in a claim to have it changed and she would let me know if it was approved in couple of days. i am going to call back now and see if i can get someone else.

    • doug

      what does ur paper work say that came in the box? Does it state unlimited on the paper work. Also check ur email for ur order number, The order that came with my email and the paperwork in the box both say unlimited and I ordered on the 6th.

      • mar_ar

        thanks, i took a screen shot of the final order when i got it, so i have the proof. it didnt say anything about the data plan in the package i got today, i checked while i was on the phone earlier.
        i just spoke to verizon again now and they seemed to be expecting calls like this. said other people called with the same issue and that they are going to put a work order in and it will be corrected in 4-5 business days on my account. heres to hoping they get it right this time.

        • doug

          If you got ur email and paperwork and customer service doesn’t fix it and keep getting the run around take all ur paper work to a corporate store and have them take care of it. I would do it sooner than later.

    • At least you got your phone I ordered on 06/06 the 32g pebble blue and got an email that my expected ship date is 07/09/2012. Well no shipping email today. called VZW and they said that all S3 orders are delayed till the 12th including pre-orders.

      • steve

        i pre order mine galaxy s3 on june 8 and now is july 11, i still have not receive it yet. verizon email me and said that my order is on hold, i call the internet order line and the rep told me that they was not able to charge my credit card. then i told the rep to charge my verizon account, then the rep reply that don’t work either. now the rep forward my pre order over to there IT depart for further process. the customer rep told me this issue is do the unlimited data plan that i selected during the the pre order. this is just b*******s and my contract end on 7/15/12. if they don’t get this issue resolve and i end up loosing my unlimited data. i am just going to drop verizon and get some other carrier.

  • C-Law

    Are you an idiot?

  • mini-me

    My unlimited still stands. If I got that email, I would of turn into that Tmobile guy in the store video and tear Verizon up..

    • Ethan

      Good reference. For as angry as all us Verizon customers are at the changes to our GSIII, I don’t think any of us have gone as far as that guy 🙂

  • Bionic

    totally off topic, but im kinda mad. I just called google to ask them when the heck my Nexus 7 is going to ship. The reason why i asked is because staples is going to ship them out starting thursday!!!! Im sorry, but if people who pre-ordered on google play dont get their hands on them first that is totally bogus.


  • Splicer78

    I almost hope mine is screwed up so I can get them to void the contract since I won’t use another locked down device and go get the same phone on att or tmo and give vzw the finger

    • Bionic

      they wont void the contract

  • Betsy

    Just had to call them they fixed the problem after I told them I would print out all the information and go to the store, they had it fixed in 2 minutes. Thanks for the heads up

  • imns

    Easy solve for this: have verizon drop these damn silly share everything plans

  • autoverse

    Got mine Friday. Had an issue activating – turns out it was my damn SIM card (10 years on VZW and this is my first SIM experience).

    Just checked – I’m on Unlimited.

    Rooted, and deleting bloatware now. Tried to install Google Now – all works except for the voice search.

  • Doug

    Kellex, was that letter in the in ur started guide packet?

    • doug

      was that letter in ur started guide?

  • Hey, is that Andru you’re plugged in to?!

    • ha! good catch, I bet it is. Got mine sitting right next to me @ work. You can spot that green USB cable anywhere

  • SeanBello

    I can’t imagine how many ppl they got over with this trick

  • tyguy829

    That’s probably samsung’s fault too…

    • JazzoRenee


      • tyguy829

        …/sarcasm. Because they got blamed by verizon for the bootloader situation


    Verizon: “It’s not our fault!”

    • kraziekc

      yes it is

  • Scottyb112

    I had a text conversation on the Verizon chat. and I saved the convo where the rep said Ill be able to keep my unlimited data. So i have their ass if the pull some crap!!!

    • Hunter

      yea because you cant forge a saved chat convo…

      • Scottyb112

        they are supposed to keep records of it. but either way, the upgrade was on a 2nd line that was a basic phone. so i technically didnt make changes to my line with unlimited data. But just incase I verified it with them

    • FortitudineVincimus

      I always, always, ask them to document the conversation like 3 times and get them to say verbally what it is we agreed to. It’s about all you can do as some sort of protection when on the phone.

  • Every piece of paper they sent me says Unlimited. I also just cut my Thunderbolt SIM card so I didn’t have to deal with talking to reps.

  • It appears as if Verizon’s system can’t handle unlimited data plans all that well right now”

    The only thing VZW can handle well is putting up towers, and that’s all I want them to do.

    • they can’t even handle that. every time they do everyone loses service for hours. what they CAN handle is taking more and more of your money for worse and less service.

      • I don’t know about you, but my service is WAY better than it was 10 years ago. 3G touches nearly every inch of this country, and 4G is spreading fast. Say what you will about VZW’s business practices, but their network is amazing.

        • GregSki86

          That is true. Where I live, 4G LTE network has a pretty strong signal thus I download everything in a blink of an eye….f*ckin excellent

      • kraziekc

        Verizon didn’t tell you to live at your rotten house…MOVE to better coverage..VZW doesnt tend to only your need….+ when your crappy coverage turns into “EVERYWHERE” you go you have 4g…will you complain then? You sir, are a tool

        • First of all, I get plenty good signal at my house thanks. Second, I refer to the constant network outages and, plan changes, and increased fees. If you read around, you’ll see that this is affecting more than just me. So, sir or madam, it appears that the tool is you.

  • burkett375

    they f@#$!% mine up, too!!!

    • burkett375

      after one phone call with a clueless rep, it’s back! (at least that’s what she told me)

  • Brett Gadient

    Mine changed, cripes.

  • Rob

    Was on a 3G phone before with unlimited data – I had to call in on Friday the 6th to get them to activate for me. The rep told me my unlimited data looked like it was coming off at first, but then after talking and her digging around more she said it would be fine. I have since logged in and checked and it still shows unlimited data.

    For those of you that have a problem, go back to your email you got when you pre ordered it. It should say unlimited data on it and that should be enough to get them to change it. It might take a day or two to go through, but y’all should be fine. At least I hope you guys get it resolved ASAP!

  • toosurreal01

    I pre-ordered on 6/30 after 2 cancelled orders (don’t ask, VZW’s fault) and the telesales guy had to drop my lines to the 450 nationwide/2GB data plans to preorder the SGS3. He noted the account that I was to keep unlimited and to call when I received my phones.

    Got my phones today (2 SGS3’s) and the CSR transferred both lines back to unlimited data no problem. She said it’s really easy to do and it took all of 10 minutes to activate both phones and switch the plans back to my older family plan (5 lines all unlimited data).

    If they tell you they can’t, just get another rep or get tier II support involved.

    • lol

      You. Need to check your account because it is nor “easy” to add unlimited sata featureas it requires inactive pricing request. No one at any tier has the option to add it with a click of a button. Stop giving wrong info.

      • JPC776

        I got my unlimited data back in about 10 minutes while on the phone with a representative also, I guess it depends on which rep you get

  • J Dub

    My receipt in my Getting Started packet says “Email & Web Unlimited”

  • Alberto Hamade

    I’d love to see Verizon try to pull this ish on me…

    • Droidzilla

      No multi-billion dollar corporation messes with Alberto Hamade!

      • They never f*ucked with a Rojas before

        • GregSki86

          aren’t you that duche bag that posts that………”like in 3 seconds if” sh*t on facebook? Dude if I ever see you in the streets, I’m f*ckin curb stompin your b*tch ass

  • My S3 just came in today, set it up immediately. Just went and checked My Verizon — still lists my data usage as “X.XX of Unlimited”.

  • FortitudineVincimus

    I got mine Friday. Had no issues activating via the phone so no need to call VZW. Website and my receipt still show “Unlimited”.

    And I make sure to do as little as possible by WiFi.

    • J Dub

      Me too. There’s a reason I have unlimited and VZW and it’s to use their network. Since they keep screwing me over you bet I am going to use my unlimited data plan to download all my old apps and games and the game add-ons over 4G. Screw using wifi. As soon as I get home I’m also getting rid of that stupid “wifi network in range” or “turn wifi on” notification. Their 4G is as fast as my home cable connection for the most part so why use wifi?

      • FortitudineVincimus

        so your rooted already?

        • J Dub

          No, but getting ready to be. Seems the method is actually pretty easy. ODIN the stock ROM released by Samsung that just has SU already enabled. ODIN is the restore program for Samsung phones. Better to do it now then after I get everything setup. The same root guy also released a stripped down version that actually doesn’t install all the bloat so you really get rid of it.

        • J Dub

          Oh yeah. Rooted with all bloat removed and all stupid wifi notifications hidden. VZW really did a number on the software to push using wifi as much as possible. No thanks. I have unlimited data for my mobile phone. I intend to use it.

    • AnotherAndroidKid

      I have hardly used wifi since they pulled this BS. I’m with you on that move.

  • Kyle

    I am very sorry to the people that lost their unlimited data.

  • kixofmyg0t

    I dont see alot of good news about this phone….

    • MKader17

      This one probably applies to anyone who ordered a phone and then activated it after June 28, but your statement is still correct. Verizon decided that having the soon to be best selling Android device was too good so they screwed things up.

      • doug

        Not sure how that is possible I ordered my on June 6th got mine passed June 28th and I activated on the July 6th when I got it. I ordered mine on the phone and had them note specifically bout my unlimited data and my discounts. My paper work came and shows my plan with the unlimited data and when i log onto my account it shows unlimited. Thank god or they would of been hell to pay.

  • DJyoSNOW

    I knew this would be a hurdle when I spoke with the rep the other day….there systems don’t merg correctly in every aspect…

  • Dear Kyle Burns, I am NOT being fulfilled! Sincerely Kyle Miller. (Cool name tho!)

  • Geocranium

    What if I don’t want unlimited data? I think limited is the way to go.

    • Droidzilla

      Also, how do you go about encrypting a bootloader signature that’s unencrypted? I want to lock down my phone for a better customer experience.

    • I would not mind having limited data as long as the pricing is reasonable. It’s not.
      I would like to pay for mobile data the same way as I’m paying for other utilities – I pay for what I consume, but the pricing is sane. Just set a price for a megabyte, Verizon, but keep it real.
      I actually don’t want unlimited talk and text, but that’s what Verizon is pushing on us.

      • MKader17


      • This is exactly how I feel. I wouldn’t mind paying a reasonable rate for the data I use, just like any other utility, but Verizon and the telcos don’t want to become just another utility. I would have actually liked Share Everything if they didn’t force unlimited text and talk on us and had more reasonable rates (like if they just doubled the amount of bandwidth you get at each tier and had a lower per device fee for limited text/minutes).

        • michael arazan

          This is why people are pissed at the new tier plans. Its not that shared tier is a bad idea, its that mostly its ridiculous for the pricing of the data. $50 for 1 gb of data up to $100 for 10gb of data, not including the $40 per smartphone and i forget what for feature phone. I pay $60 a month for my phone with unlimited data, and 7.99 for insurance so around $70+, I’d pay $90 for 1 gb of data and I use over 10 gb a month. And if I want to upload the HD videos I take with my phone it could take up to 20 gb a month just for that. The rates are rediculous, and verizon’s new lte network is suppose to be cheaper for them than the old one that I have read in other articles. This Tier is their cash cow for them and they know it. We need a way to group together in something more viable that a petition to show verizon that customers are dissatisfied with it.

    • autoverse

      Did 7 people (so far) really not get the joke?

  • I know when I last checked my Data usage on the VZW website it had said I used 18000 GB in a day so something is obviously screwy with the system at the moment

    • Havoc70

      Stop streaming so much prOn…LOL

      • AnotherAndroidKid

        That’s not streaming. That’s live action upload.

        • cobjones

          Linky please?

      • GregSki86

        lmao damn, thats constant “ass ass ass ass”