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Apple Comes at HTC With Another ITC Patent Dispute, One Series Targeted Again

Apple has filed yet another complaint with the International Trade Committee on June 4, claiming that HTC is infringing on the same patents that held devices up at customs last month. We all know that those devices were eventually cleared of the investigation, but Apple is going after the One X, One S and One V along with other devices as well. The ITC has already ruled in Apple’s favor one time, let’s hope they don’t again.

Via: Engadget

  • They are going after pretty much EVERY phone HTC made in the last two years, including the original EVO, Droid Incredible, and even the Flyer tablet. If this goes through, HTC is finished…and as an EVO owner, I take that very seriously. Their products, despite their flaws, are some of the most uniquely designed devices I have seen in the last several years, and it would be a shame if they are forced out of the market because of Apple.

  • Guest

    Apple has ever right to protect the patents they legally own. (Wouldn’t you???)
    HTC has ever right to try and show how insanely generic some of these patents really are. (Wouldn’t you???)

    The patent offices continue to issue “fully legally binding patents” for absurd things like “you click on a phone number… and it dials it”.

    Yes, that actually *IS an (Apple) patented thing.

  • Bryan

    Has there been a phone that has come out that Apple hasn’t tried to stop in the last year? Hey why develop new products when you can just attack Android every few weeks, Apple probably invented the internet everyone better watch out! LOL

  • LegalAmerican

    Funny how this company wants to sue so much when Steve Jobs stole the idea for the Mac from Xerox (the PARC project).
    He was then quoted as saying that Picasso said “Good artists create, great artists steal” and said that was his favorite quote. He said he was proud of the fact that Apple has never been afraid to steal great tech ideas. Dead hypocrite.

  • Alexander Garcia

    Maybe this is a good thing. I see this as a sure sign that Apple has grown very desperate as hell. Instead of innovating and beating the competition with superior products, they’re simply suing them outta the game instead. Apple knows damn well that they can not compete with the likes of Samsung, HTC, and Motorola. Cowardly move Apple. Cowardly indeed.

    • Stew

      They can’t compete? Their iPhone sales made up half of Verizon’s sales last quarter… so you’re right… they’re not competing, they’re dominating in the U.S…

  • Is the name “iPatent” still up for grabs?

  • OreoMan

    Apple has officially taken the title of “Whiny B@&ch of the Smartphone Industry”!

  • jfa

    is apple suing because they know the other company is in violation of patents, or just to screw them?

  • slops

    crapple: they stole our idea!
    ITC: we checked, they didn’t
    crapple: no but they really did, look again!
    ITC: if we say yes, will you shut up?

  • Amature hour at HTC. First say that you are only going to release one phone this year but release almost 10 in the first 6 months… then make them all violate patents. If you’re a consumer that has faith in HTC, it’s time to look elsewhere.

    • sk3litor

      New evo, new incredible, and the one series. All top of the line phones. Sounds like HTC is on top of their game to me.

      • A 4G phone with a company that doesn’t even have a 4G Network, releasing a phone on Verizon head to head with the S3 for only $50 less, and a series that violates patents. Yup, all wins around here.

        Wait until they release their next quarterly financials. They will be as bad as the last few have been. HTC is dying a slow, pathetic death.

        • sk3litor

          Sprint wants a 4g phone that’s what they get. That’s not htc’s fault its still a great phone from what I hear. Competing with the sg3 well that’s just options some people don’t like Samsung. And as far as the one series goes,well lets face it, apple sues anybody that’s a threat to them so they must be doing something right. Ill give you the battery thing though. Their battery’s have less stamina than an 89 year old nun:-P

          • I agree with everything you just wrote, but I think all of those factors will result in poor sales…which has been a growing problem for HTC.

            HTC claimed they were going for a unified format and then did the opposite…meanwhile Samsung is releasing the same phone on 5 different American carriers.

            HTC is the one that is on a downward trajectory and Samsung has been skyrocketing upward, and it’s clear why.

          • sk3litor

            I agree my friend. I’m probly a little bias cuz HTC phones have always been good to me but I do really really want a galaxy s phone

      • Not to mention, they have the smallest batteries of all of the next gen phones!!!

  • florious80

    I think Apple’s shareholders should be concerned that the company is spending more money on lawsuits instead of putting that money into R&D for new innovations. I think it is their right to fight for intellectual property rights, but it is getting pretty ridiculous…

    • I get that you’re trolling/upset, but Apple’s stock is in such great health and will probably climb another $200 before it is done.

      • florious80

        I’m actually not trolling nor upset. I don’t care much whether HTC or any other company gets stifled by these law suit. I just find it interesting that a company that innovated so much seems to be heading towards a different direction.

        • r0lct

          But with their profits I can’t imagine even if they are spending millions a quarter anyone will notice.

          • florious80

            True, I just think that they shouldn’t be wasting money, even if they have ALOT of money to throw around. I guess the amount of money is not what bothers me, it is more about if they are using it wisely. I would rather them spend a lot of money to out innovate the heck out of every phone company and always leave them in the dust. But then again, I’m a member of the Android army. Maybe it is good that Apple is wasting money. =)

          • r0lct

            It is good they waste, hopefully this will not have any long term impact.

    • Stew

      I’m pretty sure Apple has plenty of money… they have like $100 billion in cash

  • wickets

    I had a one X for a few days…..should have kept it to sell on ebay for a few bucks lol

  • hmmm… that one X is pretty freakin sweet. we better do our best to keep people from seeing it so they don’t discover that our retina display is losing it’s spot at the top.

  • JeffE

    Was there any patents with the notification bar that android had prior to apple adding it?

    • JeffE


    • Doubtful. That qualifies as “prior art” if it was out there in the wild before a patent was filed. I believe notifications have been around since like windows ce.

  • AL

    HTC stay getting punked. They need to step their game up.

  • Mike

    Why improve yourself when you can just cripple others?

  • enigmaco

    Apple is making it very easy for me to not use their products, never seen a company this sue happy

  • azndan4

    Yawn, grow some balls Apple.