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Asus Reveals the Transformer AiO Dual-Booting Tablet, 18.4 Inches of Android and Windows Goodness

Surprisingly enough, Computex 2012 has yielded some pretty awesome news for Android lovers. Asus has unveiled the Transformer AiO (All in One) tablet, which runs on both the Android and Windows 8 operating systems. With the hit of a single button on the side of the tablet, this 18.4″ monster of a device can go from running Ice Cream Sandwich, to Win8 in a split second.

Due to its size, it’s only natural that the device can be paired with an enormous dock and made to look like a complete desktop computer. Asus remains silent on what exact specs are being used to power this beast, but we do know that it has an Intel Ivy Bridge chip handling the internals. No word on pricing or availability yet either.

Could you picture this thing on your desk at the office or home? Depending on price, I could see this being a nice novelty piece to have sitting around. Would definitely be good for watching Netflix and Hulu.

  • ChrisTraeger1

    LOL @ when the asian dude introduces it and then the glitch

  • ddevito

    I was excited when the rumors floated around, now seeing it in a pic makes me laugh out loud. What a joke.

  • Lane252

    i’ve had nightmares from this

  • Too large to be a tablet (can’t carry it anywhere), and so it basically stays in its dock all the time. So it’s just an all-in-one PC that runs ICS… Aside from the nicer touch screen than most crappy touch-screen all-in-one PC’s, I don’t see the point.

  • picaso86

    Too big for my liking BUT its innovating. I don’t need it but I want it … :{

  • jg

    I love my job! (Intel employee)

  • RW-1

    Interesting, but too large. Also, will it boot to Android, or are they forced to boot windows and are running Android as a layer (already done by Viewsonic, this is not the 1st Android/windows tablet you know right?)

  • Ian S

    Throws money at screen

  • jarrod

    If it has at least 500 gb storage and can run PC games smoothly on low settings I’ll buy it

  • Could be the form factor of the future, why not. A convergence of desktop, laptop and tablet. Really interesting.

  • iNfAMOUS70702

    Windows?…pass…if it ran OSX and wasn’t so big then I might be interested

    • You not seriously expecting OSX device from Asus, aren’t you?

  • Detonation

    You mean touchscreen monitor, not tablet

  • Fry

    shut up and take my money!!

  • Why can’t they ever find a presenter that actually speaks English?

    • ddh819

      i think this was at Computex in Taiwan

  • jaydotelloh

    Why make an 18″ “Tablet”??… If this was a 12″ or 13″ with a laptop dock this would be my next device (that’s saying a lot, seeing as I’ve had my current laptop for 5 years now… just wont give it up). Oh well….

    • AlexKCMO

      Nail on head. Not sure what the point is if it’s WoA (using Intel’s mobile chip). There’s no applications for it. Would only be useful for a true web experience.

      I’d also like to know the resolution. That would not be traveling with me though, way too big.

      I think this would be better if it started as a phone that could dock into a 11.6 inch Android tablet, that could dock into an 18 inch windows tablet (WinRT or WoA… whatever they call it these days), that could dock into a normal windows MC keyboard and mouse.

      This would be ideal.


      • michael arazan

        a Monifonepad? a phone that goes in a pad that goes into a monitor, the turducken of technology

        • AlexKCMO

          I feel like we need an obligatory “Yo Dog” somewhere here.

  • eddieonofre

    Damn that thing is bigger than my current computer monitor

  • New_Guy

    Man, Asus is really trying to become the new Sheriff in town. They have my vote already.

    • CopierITGuy

      Excuse me, New Guy, but ASUS BECAME the new Android tablet Sheriff when the Prime released. Now they’re working on taking over the rest of the world – one OS at a time! Nobody ever thought that the iFon could be bested, but Android provided a way. Overtaking the iPad seems like a very daunting task, but ASUS has the technology and drive to do just that. Keep ’em comin’, ASUS!

      • New_Guy

        Haha! Normally, anyone who start with “excuse me, New_Guy,” I’m going in on them. But, damn I love your comment. Maybe they’re trying to graduate from Sheriff to Mayor =).

        • CopierITGuy

          Forget Mayor! They’re going straight for the top & kicking Obama’s worthless butt out of the White House!

          (Shameless political plug in addition to witty comment!)

          • New_Guy

            Ha! Well, while I do like Obama, I can’t dismiss the fact that a Transformer Prime as President is not only a delicious notion, but just sounds badass!

            “And in other news, President Prime has declared today “National Android Day” to be observed around the world; or else…”

  • Eric Franca

    I am disappoint. Why is it so freakin big?

    • CopierITGuy

      ‘…so freakin’ big?’ Can’t believe none of you guys have touched this comment yet… @google-c449b03c87f7afddd2e33c24507b72df:disqus just tossed up a softball and nobody hit it out of the park!


    I was really holding out for an actual tablet. Damn…

  • MrEnglish

    Can’t wait to get hands on time with this. Sounds awesome. Have no use for windows, but I’d get this just for coolness factor. Hope it lives up to the hype.

  • Depending on price, this will be mine.

    My job requires Windows, my sanity requires Android.


  • florious80

    I read this on the way to work this morning, and I can’t quite figure out who this is for. This is just a translation of the Transformer idea to a desktop instead. Although I think dual boot is rather nice (OS preference aside), why is a 18+ inch tablet even worth making? It’s not really portable. So it’s a portable desktop?

  • Akilig

    live demos must be the most nerve wrecking

  • Kaizen_2012

    The girl has an expression that says “I can’t believe they paired me with this guy”

  • The make shift question and answering sessions at these events between the bloggers and reps are always a good laugh.
    “How big is this thing?”
    “Hawgh beeg? Awhh…it diz eighteen point fawrh”

    • palomosan

      That guys doesn’t seem to know what he’s talking about.
      Did he just say “Droid” when referring to Android.

    • MrEnglish

      Yea, need a translator every time I watch these things. It’s as if there are no presenters that speak well enough to present. Then again, I only speak three languages and only one of those well enough to make a difference so at least they’re out there giving it the old college try.

    • PaulSchroeder

      Aytee pwoint fawrh*

  • This is one of the coolest devices that I really want but have absolutely no use for and cannot justify purchasing.

    • This is a fully functional Windows computer. Plus Android tablet.

      • Windows computer is on the side of disadvantages IMO

        • Have you never used Windows 7? It’s really solid.

          • Andrew Remmers

            Ehhh, Its the most solid thing Microsoft has ever released. Still has its annoying bugs like everything else though.

          • But Windows 8 is god awful.

          • Have you ever used Linux? It’s 20 years ahead of even windows 8.

  • sonicyoof

    Can you hold it up to your ear and make a phone call?

    • New_Guy

      You won’t need to when they add a stylus that you can use as a headpiece =).

      • michael arazan

        is 18.4 considered a tablet? That’s a large monitor, tv size. Can it be removed, is it on a dock? Any full specs, cause i thought my phone drained a battery, this thing would need a car battery to keep it going for 6 hours if not plugged in.

    • If it has a mic as I imagine it does, just use Google Voice. 😛

  • FortitudineVincimus

    Cool they can do it.. but Windowz = puke OS

    • OMGLX

      Sorry, I -adore- Android. But it has a LOOOONG way to go before it can become a full featured OS that rivals Windows, even with all of it’s faults and foibles.

  • Greg Morgan


  • mog386

    That is one ugly AiO.

  • Andrew

    This is exciting!