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Samsung Galaxy SIII Has Been Rooted.

The Samsung Galaxy SIII has apparently been rooted by famed hacker Chainfire. As you know, the phone isn’t even out yet, but this is good news for those planning to pick up the device in the coming weeks. He isn’t able to release the “insecure” kernel yet as it may be traceable back to the source, so you’ll just have to take his word for it. Knowing his track record with Samsung devices, that shouldn’t be a problem.

Obviously, this root method has been done to the international version of the phone and not the U.S. variants, since they haven’t even been announced yet. When those do arrive though, we’re sure someone will figure it out there as well.

Via:  XDA

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    Held the Galaxy Note in my hand and fell in love. Gonna hold out for the HTC Note with the quad-core Krait cpu and pwn the banana pajamas off all.

  • So, unlockable bootloader for Verizon? Then I will get one. 🙂

  • Guest

    Why would I buy any phone that is so awful… that I have to immediately root the entire OS on the first day I buy it???? Even without rooting I can run still run 400,000 apps. Do I REALLY need more????

    • I have been wondering the same thing ….

      • Master O’Disaster

        You should ask that question to the people who Jailbreak their iPhones, too.

        The phones aren’t awful (obviously), or they wouldn’t sell. Jailbreaking / rooting provides more options and features to the owner. Plain & simple.

  • fvqu

    Kellex running Window 8? Interesting.

  • New_Guy

    Wow that was fast!

  • im paying full price for this… no point in waiting for an upgrade anyways in VZW land.

  • FortitudineVincimus


    IF I get this phone, root is top priority as it opens so many more doors.

    • New_Guy

      …doors with only magic behind them my friend =)…

  • Austin

    Good now take the home button away on the us varients and we are all set

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  • Google

    Windows. haha

  • really with the full screen Dove add???

    • Yeah, that one actually surprised me as well…should be gone now.

      • ManBearPig618

        Kellex = man of the PEOPLE

  • TheFirstUniverseKing

    How did Chainfire even get access to the Galaxy SIII? Last I heard, he wasn’t a Samsung employee, so he must have some connections…lucky dude.

    • I read the original article about this and the thread on XDA, it appears that he rooted this device remotely. That is also why he hasn’t released anything other than a screenshot to prove root. He doesn’t want his source with unreleased phones to get the axe.

    • PC_Tool

      He used the RC firmware.