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Want the Tablet Ice Cream Sandwich Experience on Your Galaxy Nexus? Try This ROM

As you know, Ice Cream Sandwich is supposed to be the Android release that merges the tablet and phone experiences. The OS was built to be able to scale no matter what the screen size and hopefully help end the ridiculous “fragmentation” argument that competitors cannot seem to let go of. In fact, if you go into the Android SDK and start messing with resolutions, you can view both the tablet and phone versions of ICS to see what I’m talking about.

One ROM developer by the name patrick decided to work with that multi-screensize idea of Android 4.0 and see kind of magic he could create. His goal was to create a tablet version for the Galaxy Nexus. Guess what? He did it. And no, this isn’t just a build.prop edit as some have tried in the past.

The actual phone.apk is struggling to work (you can’t make calls), but everything else apparently works just fine. With help from the community, I’m sure they will get the voice issues sorted out at some point. For now though, feel free to take it for a spin and see what your phone would look like as tablet. Make a backup! 

Download:  ROM | Gapps

Can someone create this for the Galaxy Note already?

Via:  RootzWiki

Cheers Mark!

  • IanKellogg

    Kind of funny this was posted today as this thread and package is from January 1st.

  • CurrentWeb

    This phone.apk issue is making me tear my hair out lol

  • Tim242

    You can do this easily by changing the LCD density to 160. It’s neat, but too small.

  • /turns on landscape and puts on glasses. Hey, it’s the new Galaxy Nexus Tab 4.65.

  • Rick

    Hey want DOS 3.1 on your Galaxy Nexus ????   Why do you ask, because you can…duh

  • Brewcityboy1

    All I have to say is : what a dumb a** idea and a waste of time. I’m surprised you guys even wasted time writing an article on this garbage.

    • S_T_R

       Gotta disagree. 4.0, as designed for phones, does NOT properly utilize a 4.7″ screen. Why do they have 4×4 icons on the default launcher? Nobody’s thumbs are so big as to need that much of a gap between items.

      Now, this is probably going completely too far the other way, but as a proof of concept, it’s encouraging. Hopefully, further tweaking will give us a UI that picks from the best of the tablet and phone UI’s to give us something ideal for the screens in between 4″ and 7″.

      • Brewcityboy1

        If there had been a solid bridge built between the tablet and phone UIs that actually did pick from the best of the tablet and phone then I’d say good sh*t, but being what this is I just think it’s just useless and not really worth mentioning at this point.

        • MKader17

          Plug this into a monitor and add a keyboard and you have a useful desktop. It seems like a lot of people don’t realize that one step leads to another, and just because the first step isn’t truly useful, it doesn’t mean it won’t lead to something.

          Go look at research people go 2 years to say, “This doesn’t work.” but it’s still a valuable contribution. At least this does work.

  • Rockrdr

    How about putting the Nexus Rom on my tablet instead of versa visa, so I can use my Xoom to make calls… 😛

  • GuzzleFone

    I want the tablet style status bar with the clocked merged with the navigation buttons on a nexus rom!!!

    Let’s get the most out of the damn 4.65 inch screen!

    • Tim242

      Change LCD density to 160.

  • Michael_NM

    I’d be happy with tablet ICS on my “developer” Xoom…

    • kixofmyg0t

      Then why dont you get it? ICS ROMs have been out for like 3 months already….and the official build has been out for awhile too. Ive been running ICS on my Xoom since december. 

  • tjpeco

    Great… so my Gnex tablet dock is right around the corner then? 

    • Bunklung


  • Rick

    Why ???

  • “The actual phone.apk is struggling to work (you can’t make calls), but everything else apparently works just fine.”

    I already enjoy that without the tablet experience..

    • EC8CH

      My coworker got a G-Nex and his dropped 4G connection and calls all the time.  Standing right next to him mine held data and had no problems on calls.  He returned his for another, and his replacement has zero issues.

      Apparently there are some lemons out there, might want to try to get a replacement if you haven’t already.  I was surprised how bad his first one was as mine has given me no problems.

      • vitriolix

        Agreed. Mine is flawless.

      • cizzlen

        I’ve tried looking for problems with my Gnex but it’s simply flawless. Doesn’t mean there aren’t lemons out there that need replacing. 

        • EC8CH

          Me too, that’s why I was so surprised when I say my co-workers dropping 4G all the time.  Complaints must be coming from people who were unlucky enough to get phones like he did the first time.

      • kixofmyg0t

        Oh but EVERYONE loves to dog on the Bionic for having software related issues at launch when everyones beloved “G-Nex” does the same damn thing. 

        Screw everyone with a “G-Nex”. Id rather have a Blackberry than be forced to use that hipster piece of garbage. 

        • EC8CH

          Pretty sure my co-worker’s problem was hardware related.

          People dog on the Bionic because it was delayed for months, has a crappy screen, and was replaced a couple months later by the RAZR.

          You better hurry up and order that Blackberry before RIM goes under.

          • kixofmyg0t

            The Bionic had its share of hardware related issues too. It was delayed because Moto had to scrap the original design(which later became the DROID X2 and we all know how “wonderful” that phone was) and had to redesign, test, get FCC approval and mass manufacture the Bionic we know in 4 months. The RAZR was already in development when Targa was rushed through. Yes it was a horrible job by Moto but they didnt give up on it which I appreciate. 

            Yes its screen isnt as good as everyones baby “G-Nex” but I dont care honestly. I love my Bionic and it has been very good to me. Will it be replaced this summer by a certain new Moto phone that destroys the “G-Nex” in every metric(radio, SCREEN AND ESPECIALLY CAMERA)? Ohhhh yesssss. 

            I still have yet to SEE anyone with a “G-Nex”(but I have recommended it to a co-worker because hes due for an upgrade. He seems set on the non-MAXX RAZR because its cheaper….) but when I do rest assured they will get a .45 ACP in the leg just for being a pompus prick. 

          • [[[…babysmoker…]]]

            A bullet in the leg for owning a specific phone? That’s incredibly enlightened of you. Perhaps our paths will cross while I just so happen to be using my “G-Nex” & we’ll see who’s quicker to the draw…. Hope your bootloader doesn’t jam…

          • kixofmyg0t

            Not for owning one, but my impression of “G-Nex” owners comes from here. Which seems like a good chunk of them are skinny jeans wearing hipsters that think they are above everyone else because they have a unlockable bootloader(that the majority didnt even fricken unlock….so whats the point?)

            Oh please I would love nothing more than to put you down. Please pretty pretty PLEASE come on down if you wanna test my proficiency with hand and shoulder fired weapons. Just a hint but you may want to bring something bigger than 7.62 AP if you want to get past the front door. 

          • Thisguy

            You are a pathetic piece of sh!t.  I own a gnex and am absolutely nothing like you described, neither is anyone else I know who has one.  We specifically got them for its great specs and ability to flash custom roms/kernels, that is the only reason why we got them. Its definitely not because were hipsters haha! Couldn’t be more opposite of that. In fact, your the one who sounds like the hipster, judging people by something as superficial as what phone they own, I hope I do run into you some day, so I can beat the living smugness out of you, you fagg0t a$$ humping tree hugging dirty f_cking hipster.  Your just pissed off at the world cuz your dumba$$ bought a bionic.  I will beat you within an inch of your life then make you watch as I stomp the sh!t out of your precious bionic and shove the pieces down your throat before I pistol whip you do death, you fagg0t a$$ judgmental prick, worthless dirty hippie, save us all some time and kill yourself

          • kixofmyg0t

            LOL riiiiight. 

          • Jimmyjam292

            I was a moto fanboy like you.  Droid, Droid X and almost bought the Razr.  The  same reason you dont want GNex sound like the same reason I will never own a Iphone.  Now that Google is buying Moto they probably will have a better phone around the corner.  But for right now I’m happy with my GNex.

  • you can do this in AOKP in the latest build and mess with the native lcd dencities

    • I was just about to say that

    • Fatty Bunter

      As a build #25 user who didn’t know this was possible, what do I do specifically?  There’s all those warnings that are kinda freaking me out…

      • Derek Stiles

        You get FC heaven but it is possible. 

      • Tim242

        In ROM settings, change LCD density to 160.