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ChargeBar Brings a Visual Battery Meter to the Top or Bottom of Home Screens


Visual tweaks that add even a touch of functionality to our phones will always get props from us. The latest to catch our eye is an app called ChargeBar that brings you a running battery meter to the top or bottom of your phone. Inspired by MIUI, this app has enough customizable options to make it fit any of your themes or home screens. It’s free in the market and should work on phones running 2.1 and above. No root required.

Market Link

  • Alexa White

    FYI this app has been updated and now includes push notification ads.

  • sourzucchini

    App now pushes spam notifications and uses invasive permissions. Don’t install it.

  • MrWicket

    looks nice

  • guest

    battery hog!!!!

  • xiafei999
  • jdrch

    I use Elixir 2 for that, it sits in the notification bar and reports a percentage, which is significantly more informative than a progress bar IMO.

  • Marvin de Pano

    Slows down screen animations on my GNex. I’m sticking to Battery Indicator Pro.

  • Just root and flash the AOKP ROM and this is all built in no need for another app

    • Kaliym T.

      You do realize that in essence, a custom rom is an OS with a collection of APPS BUILT-IN, right?
      Of course you, you’re not some kind of f****n’ idiot.

  • EvanTheGamer

    Works great on my Galaxy Nexus. Definitely looks cool. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  • Guest

    What clock/date is that? Do want.

    • Towelie420


      • Towelie420

        I think its called digital clock widget

  • xiafei22


  • Bionic

    Seems stupid and useless to me.  There is an icon at the top of your HOME SCREEN which does the same damn thing.  

  • Skyskioc


  • Wow, this is awesome. It flaunts an option to hide it while fullscreen apps are running, but I’d like to know if playing a game or watching Netflix is just about to kill off the rest of my battery,

  • Christephor

    how did you make the phone photo gmail fldr spelled out instead of icons i like that i know that this has been asked before but i forgot where

    • Cmonnats23

       i was searching for this literally for a month… its an app called simple text!

      • staticx57

        Or you can just create a image file with text in it.

  • Kd419709

    Seems to disappear if I hide my status bar. Do I have to have my status bar showing to see this bar? Seems redundant.

  • Sn1p3r6992

    How can I make those text icons? I’ve tried and it always comes out uneven or wont fit the whole word into the icon space

  • jimbob

    I’ll give it a whirl.

  • Gerret Walczak

    It’s not bad across the very top of the screen, but I didn’t like it at the bottom (using the built-in version of AOKP). I use a background with a black bottom, so there’s a seamless merge into the buttons, and it ruins that effect for me. But very cool work by the authors!

  • I use team battery bar from the market. this one seems to keep my screen brightness toggles from working. TBB has more options like different colors for lower percentages, i.e. orange for 30%, red for 20% or below. however TBB doesn’t animate while charging.

  • Anonymous

    why do i want this?  doesn’t my stock battery meter do the same thing?

    • Skennedy412

       Look at the bottom of the phone on the first screen shot.. its that little white bar where the red arrow is pointing to.

    • Lethalprophet

       I’m with you, I absolutely do NOT see a point to this, other than asthetics. But I’m a fan of screen real estate, so I’ll pass.

    • PuzzleShot

      If you could make the stock icon not appear you’d have more space in your notification tray.

  • ssjnimma

    ya was going to say its baked into the AOKP Rom as a mod option, and I love using it… 

    • Go

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    • staticx57

      The one option AOKP has that I love is the option to center the bar so it disappears to the middle as the battery discharges. And when Charging the bits come in from both sides and add to the ends of the bar.

      None: watching the animation is akin to watching paint dry. It’s a novelty for sure.

      • Noyfb

        Thank You Kellex

      • mikesuds

        it’s called mirror mode, and without that option I think it looks really awkward and makes my entire phone experience feel very asymmetrical. Love it in mirror mode on AOKP though.

  • Nick D

    This is very much like TEAM Battery Bar, which I currently use. It is indispensable when running full screen apps.

  • Cmonnats23

    This is a mod built in to most roms out there… has been since early 2011

    • I could be wrong, but I think this mod originally came from MIUI. I use it in AOKP, and won’t use a rom unless it has it. I like to keep clutter to a minimum.

      • Cmonnats23

         I agree with you completely. If it doesn’t have the option for the battery bar, then it better have some damn good battery life if devs expect me to try it out :p such a handy tool! I know it comes on aokp, liquidsmooth, and codename for sure.

        • dk81

          don’t forget gummy

    • i think tbb has more options, but no animation while charging.

    • staticx57

      It’s not. That program is not the originator of that effect either. MIUI is.

  • Skennedy412

    I likie likie

  • DJyoSNOW

    Makes me think of my windows (6.5) days…

  • Zachary Manville

    TBolt. Love it

  • Anonymous

    To me it seems like it makes my homescreen transitions a little sluggish when its turned on…anyone else see the same thing?

    • Anonymous

      I saw the same thing too! 

  • Cool!  Works great on my GNex!

  • Topsitee

    This was an option in the ROM i have on my nexus but I found it annoying, just looks awkward. My 2 cents 

  • Andrew

    This mod is in the AOKP Rom. Love it.

  • EC8CH

    AOKP also has similar functionality

    • fartbubbler

      AOKP FTW!