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Swype with Ice Cream Sandwich Support and Other “Goodies” is Only Days Away

Well, the Swype team promised us ICS action at the end of January, but mid-February will have to do. According to their Twitter account, we are just “days away” from an update that brings with it Android 4.0 support and a number of other “goodies.”

Most of you have been enjoying Swype in a variety of colors on your Galaxy Nexus for weeks already, however, it appears as if many if not all of those files have been removed from the internet altogether. As much as we love Swype, they continue to be sticklers on the modification front. They do have IP to protect, but if they would just give us the ability to theme in a new update, the Swype Black Market would come to a screeching halt.

Ready for official ICS-supported Swype?

Via:  Twitter

  • Hanks Brad

    there is the google dictation button at top. swype is better anyways

  • Anonymous

    When Amazon app of the day was FlexT9 I tried and never went back.  Don’t like how Swype is doing things, give FlexT9 a shot.  

  • Ever since they moved away from single keyboard pngs to actual .9s for the keys, I’ve been expecting some sort of theme support to make its way in. Hopefully sooner than later.

  • Robbie Gerling

    I hope one of those “goodies” includes a bigger and/or better spacebar…

  • Anonymous

    IP support is kind of valid, but it’s also valid that people will try to get your app if you don’t provide them a way to get it that’s legit. Just post it in the damned Market already, Swype! If I had a non-Swype device, I would gladly pay $15+ for the keyboard.

    • EC8CH

      exactly… if I wasn’t on their Beta list for 2 years now, I’m sure I would have installed a hacked copy by now just to try it out.

      Their sales model is infuriating to customers who would like to buy the app but don’t want to be railroaded into buying a phone with it preinstalled.

  • Clarkkent434

    If you don’t know there is a big pus for SwiftkeyX to have Swype like interface. If you are not on their forum go sign up and vote. I like Swype speed but I aslo like Swiftkey accuracy.


  • Anonymous

    the tablet version that i’m rocking on my gnex seems to do great with the Dragon dictation as well as word recognition.  I’m loving me som swype on my gnex!!!

  • Anonymous

    I hope the “other goodies” is using ICS’s voice recognition instead of the crappy Dragon Dictation that’s being foisted on us.

  • Anonymous

    I can still use it on my Xoom, but I keep getting errors that say the screen size isn’t supported. It’ll be nice when those go away.

  • David

    I was a big fan of Swype until I discovered SwiftKey.  I even went back to Swype a couple of times to see if I liked that better.  SwiftKey’s ability to “predict” the next word I want to type is outstanding!  

    • dodger55fan

      Yeah I was a big fan of swype until I got my Gnex and it wasn’t supported anymore, now I can’t imagine life w/out swiftkey x

  • EC8CH

    Yes, please listen to Kellex and add support for themes.

  • ddevito

    Sure would…although I find the new stock keyboard pretty fast, and prefer its auto-correction over Swype.

    I also dislike having the icon in the notification tray and no apparent way to permanently use Swype over stock (or voice dictated keyboard)

  • Anonymous

    What does ICS supported mean? It seems to work just fine for me on my Nexus…

    • Jeff Simpson

      The versions released by Swype (and downloaded via beta.swype.com) do not work on the Galaxy Nexus.

      The one you are running is a copy that was hacked to support the Nexus. Against the terms of Swype software licensing, in fact – distributing modified copies of the software is not allowed.

      As I understand it, the official swype app doesn’t work because ICS + softkeys means that the resolution of the device not only switches between portrait and landscape – the effective screen resolution actually changes size when the softkeys are displayed. The person who hacked the APK made it work on that device, but they surely did it by hard-coding the resolution. Making an apk that will ONLY work on the Galaxy Nexus. Swype has been working on the “correct” fix, so that it will work on other softkey-enabled ICS devices (currently none exist, but that’s besides the point).

      • I only need to work on my Nexus.  I hate the Swype installer.  Do you work for Swype?  They lost so many users by dragging their feet with ICS support. 

      • Anonymous

        I guess I forgot that I installed it that way. I’d gladly pay for Swype for my Nexus. Damn thing should be in the market though. The installer is ridiculous.

  • I’ve been waiting patientlyish.  I like SwiftkeyX, but Swype is what I really want on my GNex…

  • Anonymous

    is there a way to force swype to use google dictation (in ICS) instead of its own voice recognition software?

  • John

    Can’t freaking wait!