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Monday Poll: What’s Your Keyboard App of Choice?

Before Google Keyboard (now Gboard) was readily available for download on Google Play, there were various keyboard apps I would use all of the time. In particular, there was one during that period I loved very much, that one being Swype. With the news that...
swype android support

RIP, Swype. (Updated)

Swype, one of the original apps we ever covered on this site, has apparently been put to rest by its owners. Nuance, the company that bought Swype in 2011 for $100M, told a redditor today that they are no longer developing for the Swype keyboard and that they...
google keyboard 5.0

Poll: Are You a Keyboard Swiper or Pecker?

Since there is no shortage of options for keyboard apps on Google Play, it seems that no matter who I talk to, everyone is using something different. For me, the standard Google Keyboard works great. I especially love the custom photos I can use to theme it....