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HTC Rezound Bootloader Unlocked at HTCDev Even Though It Isn’t Listed as a Supported Device

HTC Rezound owners, get your butts over to HTCDev.com immediately before this gets shut down.

According to a variety of forums, the Rezound’s bootloader can be unlocked using the tools provided at HTCDev. You are left with S-ON afterwards, but to my knowledge, that’s the way all HTC unlocked phones are left after using these tools.

It should be noted that you won’t find the Rezound listed as a compatible device, but if you follow all of the instructions laid out, your phone will indeed get the unlock treatment.

Via:  RootzWiki, XDA

Cheers claydos66!

  • Garretslate280

    oh and all other “nerds” need to learn simple hacking. or maybe yall arent smart enough.  again, suck it.

  • Garretslate280

    rooted. ice cream sandwich on rezound. exed out sense. 1.83 ghz overclocked. i have the bestmartphone known to man.  suck it samsung. 

  • Jeroenhendrix50


    If i buy a HTC Rezound from verizon and I will unlock it to Mexico’s gsm850 network will that phone work with Mexico’s 3G network. In other words are they compatable, if I unlock it ?

  • DANJUAN257


  • Net User

    The Rezound is now on the list of devices.

  • Bootloader well supporting in unlock any device. Information make it perfect and successful for better result. Sounds make it attractive and the best in uses.

  • Russ

    Galaxy Nexus, Galaxy Nexus… It’s all I hear. This thread is about great news for HTC Rezound owners not to puff out your chest and tell everyone how much it sucks compared to the Nexus. Both are great phones, both now have unlocked bootloaders. Can’t we leave it at that?

  • Anonymous

    I love HTC no doubt have been a big supporter owning the EVO 4G then the EVO 3D so yes I applaud HTC for this many people will benefit. But being better than the GALAXY NEXUS THAT WILL NEVER BE. If you are the owner of the GALAXY NEXUS TODAY you should be proud it is the best smartphone on the market period. Neither the REZOUND nor the RAZR or VIVID can touch the GALAXY NEXUS with a ten foot pole. The DEV community will be much bigger for the GALAXY NEXUS and talk about future proof and ICE CREAM SANDWICH being taylored for the GALAXY NEXUS nothing will be better for the next 6 to 8months. Honestly be serious it will still be till March or April before any current HTC device on the market today will see ICE CREAM SANDWICH htc will have new devices with ice cream before they update any current old device you can count on that…The GALAXY NEXUS and GALAXY NOTE are the best devices on the market….

    • U got trolled on

      Funny how you say the Nexus is WAY better, when my ReZound gets a higher benchmark than the Nexus and the Galaxy Tab…

  • Boblank84

    Thiis really makes you wonder what moto is doing. Its gotten to the point where they can no longer blame their fort Knox bootloaders on the carrier any longer. We all know that if they wanted them unlocked on vzw they would be unlocked. With this and the gnex on the network the “if the carrier permits” statement has no relevance in relation with vzw. Seems to me they have to start unlocking them, or come up with a new excuse.

  • TC Infantino

    Oh wow, just finished unlocking my Rezound.  Gotta give HTC some love for their support of us geeks.  Now I have a phone that not only has kickass specs, but is unlocked as well.  No doubt there will be root for this baby in the near future.  So glad I didn’t cave in and get the Nexus.  Not saying that those who bought the G-Nex were wrong, but I really thought the Rezound was a better product.  Now I can enjoy the same benefits of rooting and having full control (read ownership) of my phone.  Thank you DL and HTC, and a preemptive thank you to the Devs who will be working hard to get custom ROMS and ICS to us Rezound owners.

  • Davros

    man i waited and waited to see if this phone would get unlocked. finally gave up and bought the nexus. 

  • You may want to update this Kellex. On the HTC dev site there is a new message today: 
    “All HTC Android devices launched after September 2011 are unlockable. The website will be updated accordingly to reflect this in the coming weeks. We continue to work on models launched prior to September 2011, please check back often for the status of older devices.”

    It seems that this is intentional. There are other phones like the Thunderbolt and the Vivid which are also able to be unlocked now, but still aren’t in the official list. I’m sure the list will be updated soon. I don’t think we have to worry about this being taken away or being a fluke.

  • Jabroni

    Pretty straightforward….Pretty easy as well….I am now ready for ICS !! 🙂

  • Russ

    SWEET! Bootloader is now unlocked. It seems to me that it should now be easy for devs to do S-off and full root. Holding my breath.

    I freaked out at first since just when I did this the 4G service went out in my area and I thought I’d done something wrong. Turns out it’s just the network… AGAIN!

    • You can get full root now that you’re unlocked. Use any of the one-click root methods available. Now that your bootloader is unlocked, it will be permanent root, not temp.

      • Russ

        Sure enough. I just did ZergRushRoot and rebooted and I still have root. Then I removed bloatware and rebooted again. I’m still rooted and the bloatware is still gone. Oh happy day!

  • Apparently HTC is not going to pull the unlock at all. Merry Christmas, all you HTC fans. http://www.xda-developers.com/android/htc-unlocks-all-its-verizon-and-att-bootloaders/

  • Rootmyrezound

    Trying to get this to work on an HTC Rezound, but my command prompt is stuck on waiting for device. My device is on the white fastboot screen help.

    • _cannon

      Hmm. Same here.

      • TC Infantino

        Please see my reply to Rootmyrezound directly above your post.

    • TC Infantino

      Make sure you download the HTC sync program they include in the list of required programs/files.  And make sure to install that program, because one of the things it does is load the HTC drivers that ADB requires to unlock the bootloader.

  • Anonymous

    Freakin’ sweet. Kudos to the HTCDev team.

  • U Mad Bro? No But Your Mom Is

    Man, all the bootloader talk makes me wish that I had got a Nexus instead of…..
    Oh wait, I did get a Nexus 🙂

  • Does installing this root your phone? I’m new to this whole thing

  • Anonymous

    Moto should take some cues from htc on this. Clearly it isn’t the carriers saying no unlocked bootloaders allowed since they now have a nexus and this…

  • was going to buy my rezound today anyways cuz i wanted a nextgen phone coming from my dx, just didn’t/couldn’t fork over the 250 to verizon and the 150 was just right from amazon, i bet with this news the rezound has had more orders today than it has on any other single day it’s been out. i just hope the htcdev site doesn’t pull the method down before friday….. (crossing my fingers).

  • Crdnilfan

    Worked for me. Thanks for the heads up DL.

  • Anonymous

    anyone tried it on a incredible 2 yet?

  • Anonymous

    If this didn’t leave me with the fear that it will be pulled and patched, then I would cancel the Galaxy Nexus and get the Rezound.  I just don’t want to get stuck with a device that doesn’t get officially unlocked or get a fully working exploit because if I ever have hardware issues (defects only, not anything I would do), I want to be able to exchange it and not have to worry about “will I be able to unlock the new one?”

  • Yoderz

    Call me crazy, but I took my GNex back and got a Rezound instead. I really didn’t care for the way the GNex felt in my hand. I didn’t mind the plastic that a lot of people are complaining about; I just didn’t like how thin and light it was. I always felt like I was going to drop it. The other think I didn’t really care for was the location of the volume rocker and unlock/lock buttons. Every time I clicked the unlock button with my thumb, my index finger would also hit the volume button. Nothing major, just an annoyance. Anyway, I like the thicker feel of the Rezound and am really enjoying the screen and speed as well. Oh yeah, I really liked the $149 price tag on Amazon too.

  • Edwin M

    The only news that I have received that has been better than this was the Scarlett Johansson nude pictures.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Motorola REALLY needs to threaten Verizon a bit about the bootloader issue. 

    • Anonymous

      I agree but I don’t think their sack is big enough to do it..

      • Anonymous

        I don’t think they want to…it would appear that they’re fine with the status quo.

    • Moto and Big Red are best buds. I think the buck will have to come down to Google once the merger is complete. {{-_-}}

      • Anonymous

        Yeah ur right. I love Motorola for a number of reasons(mainly the hardware engineers….because Im close friends with a few) but the leadership is garbage. 

        With Google at the helm Motorola will be a better company. 

    • Anonymous

      I think moto is just using that as an excuse. Verizon clearly will allow unlocked bootloaders they have a nexus….

  • Well, I did buy my Gnex from Costco, 90 day exchange policy…. hmmm, making me think HTC, making me think! 

    • Anonymous

      it’s still 2 weeks on cell phones. They will replace the phone at the store up to 90 days. 

      • I beg to differ, 90 day exchange, as long as I don’t renig on my 2year contract.

  • Bout as happy as a nexus owner with constant 4g signal

    • You’ve met one of those? I haven’t.

      • DroidzFX

        Hello let me introduce myself.  

        • Is anyone else getting tired of the DBM vs Bar comments? I have a GNex, no matter what the little picture or that number says…I have had 0 problems streaming, calling, texting, sexting, twitfacing, or anything else. That makes it a non issue. Some phones are bad – that happens…but I don’t think it is as relevant as everyone keeps making it. 

      • Anonymous

        When I am in a 4G area my wife’s Thunderbolt has better signal than my Nexus. I am also not comparing the bars but the dBm in the status. I can’t wait until some new radios come out. I may just go ahead and unlock and root my Nexus, yeah I know its sad that I haven’t unlocked yet.

        • Anonymous

          Updated radios are available. Switching between 4G-3G is improved, but I’m not sure about overall signal strength.

        • Anonymous

          The Nexus reports the 4G signal while previous android phones have all reported CDMA signal even when connected to a 4G network. You’re comparing apples and oranges.

  • Lithium630

    I wouldn’t say it’s “hands down”   The rezound is a great phone and definitely has some advantages. such as a removable battery and micro sd card. 

  • Interstellarmind

    I wish i could frankenstein a rezound camera onto my G-Nex.

    • +1.

    • Anonymous

      I wish I could Frankenstein a unlocked bootloader onto my Razr

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    • Reason I returned my Nexus.. still pondering buying a Rezound.

  • got to love your nexus that is if you are lucky to have one

  • Goblueboy

    So the question is, which device is better. Nexus or Rezound

    • EC8CH


      • Anonymous

        Agreed. Rezound is still a chubby little focker. And the Lack of NFC doesn’t make it as future proof as the GNex. But the screen and the speaker are better on the Rezound I must say

        • Anonymous

          I was really looking forward to the G-Nex, but the feel and casing makes it feel rather frail and cheap. Its a great phone, but the Rezound as “chubby” as it may be, seems like the winner. Simply because it is better at its most basic primary function, a phone, not a computer.

          • Anonymous

            How is the Rezound better at being a phone? When I say speaker I mean the back speaker, not the earpiece. And the thing I use my “Phone” the least for, is talking. It is primarily a computer to me and probably man others.

          • Anonymous

            To each’s own then. I need phone functionality much more than anything else. A loud speaker in the car, etc., clear call quality during a call, and a lasting battery. But don’t get me wrong, I love the G-Nex concept, just not its casing… It’s like a fly woman so-called “buttaface” sort-of-speak lol

          • Anonymous

            Battery life has been stellar for me, can’t imagine the Rezounds is any better. And the plastic doesn’t feel cheap in the hand. Solid feeling and naturally ascetically pleasing to look at.

          • Anonymous

            Ascetically pleasing, Yes. But would hate to drop it, even from waist high, in a 3-inch think casing… just saying… lol

          • Anonymous

            Lookup the Gnexus drop tests. Tons of videos showing how durable it is when being dropped.

          • S Bosworth

            PLEASE tell me you’re not talking about a drop test down heavily carpeted stairs.  that was not a legit drop

          • Anonymous

            No, it was vs the iPhone and it was dropped on concrete

          • The Rezound definitely doesn’t have better battery life than the Galaxy Nexus.

          • Marcismo

            My Gnex doesn’t last 14+ hours like my Rezound does.  Just saying…

          • Anonymous

            I get 14-16 out of my Gnex

          • Anonymous

            Kellex, can we get a battery comparison test from DL on the G-Nex vs. Rezound so we can see your results?

          • Rezounds battery is a joke just like all htc phones its nothing nrw htc always skimps on the battery just saying

          • GNEX=SEX

            Same here. I went 14+ hours yesterday and still had 40+% battery life on my GNEX. Even listened to over 2 hours of music cause I went to the gym. The rezound could never do that sorry buddy.

          • Anonymous

            Yes, it does. Check the forums and comparison tests.

          • Anonymous

            Rezound has better speaker, better call quality, and a better radio. That makes it a better phone.

          • Justin Ellis

            “Better call quality, and a better radio.” What a nebulous statement. How do you come up with it has a better radio? Is there some national phone radio ranking system that im unaware of? The Rezound surely gets great call quality and service, as does the Galaxy Nexus or any verizon phone for that matter. Quit throwing out B.S. nebulous claims that you cant prove. 

          • GNEX=SEX

            I’ve owned an HTC previous to my GNEX and the microphone was horrible on it. Speaker phone was useless but with the GNEX its crystal clear. I can set my phone down across the room and speak and the caller can hear me clearly. Samsung makes a better phone hands down.

    • Anonymous

      GNex, hands down. It will still get more and higher quality dev support.

    • the rezound is definitely a solid competitor… but after using the gnexus since release… the screen has never once let me down.  Sure its slightly less pixel density than the rezound but boy, when you watch a hd video on youtube or netflix… after the buttons fade away with the video… its just amazing.  Its as if the only function of the phone is for video with nothing else on the front to distract you from the deep blacks and vivid colors this screen is capable of. 

    • Anonymous

      Depends on whether you prefer long & skinny or short & chubby.