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Want to Get Your Hands on a Verizon Galaxy Nexus Early?

At this point, most of us are expecting the Galaxy Nexus on Verizon to arrive at the end of next week (likely December 9). More and more stores and employees are being notified by the minute, a good sign that Big Red has finally locked down a date. If you can’t wait a week though, the Samsung store in the Shops at Columbus Circle in NYC has them on display for you to play with right now. You can’t buy one or anything, but your paws can feel the Ice Cream Sandwich chills.  

Cheers Will!

  • http://www.infosoftware.biz/crosschannel/cross-channel-mojo.php cross channel mojo

    Awesome Phone

  • Whereisit?

    I too was just at the store, and the phone was not on display. The several employees I spoke to acted like I had asked about a state secret. Very, very strange.

  • Jenelleharris41

    I went there a few hours ago and it wasn’t there! I asked several employes y it wasn’t there and they said they removed it

  • Andrew

    I literally just walked out of the store…they are acting like the phone was never there…it’s been removed for sure but the two employees I approached completely played dumb. They wouldn’t answer any questions and generally seemed uncomfortable. I even showed them this story…. they had nothing to say.

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  • Guest

    They’re gone from display. I just went there and was told that the reps have no idea what I’m talking about (with huge grins on their faces). They said it’s coming out very soon…. Friday?

  • Socadaddy

    I wsa there this moring with a buddy of mine. There were four phones on display to play with. It’s a nice phone. The phone is large, but very light. Probably the size of the Galazy S2. After handling the phone for about 15 minutes, the store employees said they were taking the display units off of the floor. So, if you’re in NYC, and plan on seeing the phone, it may not be on display anymore. :(

    • http://www.facebook.com/joseph.a.yager Joseph A. Yager

      Did they give a reason?

  • Toonz

    I’m going on my lunch!! I can’t wait!

  • http://twitter.com/slole1 Slole One

    I keep coming back to look at these pictures like they are from an old Hustler, stashed between my mattress when I was 13.

  • Anonymous

    I cant wait for this device to come out to explore all the flaws in it :)

    • GotSka81

      You a hater bro?

      • Guest

        he’s a major fuckking loser!!  he likes to slurp cum and take it up the ass!!

        • GotSka81

          u just as obnoxious bro?

  • Mctypething

    bro im really mad. i wanna touch it. i have this weird feeling in my pants just thinking about it. im very emotional bro

  • Mctypething

    was the entire droid-life staff murdered or badly injured during a galaxy nexus riot at the samsung store? no news in 2 days? really?

    • GotSka81

      I’m holding out hope that it means they’re cooking up a good article =)

    • Anonymous

      lol, they are taking a break man relax, we should get a lot of news later on. I know the nexus geeks are very pissed right now.

    • Anonymous

      if you haven’t notice he never posts shit on the weekends. 

  • Anonymous

    Still not a peep from Verizon on a official release date….I bet this sucker doesn’t come out this week.

  • Anonymous


  • SB1

    Why does it seem like VZ is trying to kill this phone with one bad decision after another?

  • Anonymous


  • Djenks24

    So bummed, wife’s phone went out, verizon gave me an early upgrade but had to order the phone now.  I told the tech guy that I had my heart set on the Galaxy Nexus but he said he couldn’t get it for me and didn’t even know when it would be available so I got the Razor:</

  • commision sreamer

    Simply Superb.

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  • theraskell

    I keep looking at the Rezound and thinking, I could get this now and be happy. Then I keep thinking, come on its only for a few more days (hopefully). You can wait!… But that Rezound looks so good. I can do this! Just a few more days!!!…lol

    • Gerg04

      I’ve got to be honest a few days ago I thought I could be happy with the rezound coming from the tbolt but after messing with it today finally I was NOT impressed, and I LOVE my tbolt. So I am definitely holding out for G-Nex was always the plan, just solidified now

      • GotSka81

        Agreed…overall it wasn’t BAD, but when I tried the app drawer and it lagged worse than my OG?  Unacceptable.

        • Nico

          The app drawer and the sound buzzing are the only things I don’t really like about the Rezound.  Shame, really.

          • GotSka81

            It definitely is.  The screen is fantastic, that’s for sure!  I’m excited to see how it performs once the dev community get an optimized ROM running on it…should be promising!

  • Anonymous

    I’ll be picking up the Nexus day one, but just an FYI the Bionic just dropped to $150 at Best Buy

  • http://www.amazeline.com/978 Patty Pears

    I’m going to buy myself a Galaxy Nexus. Heard great reviews and stuff from several people and I just got sold!

  • http://twitter.com/Rocko9999 Rocko Smith

    Overheating screens, data drops, reboots have fun boys.

    • http://twitter.com/droid1967 Droid 1967

      if you are talking the nexus please give links to this information.

    • Anonymous


    • Cam

      Sure you aren’t thinking of the Bionic?

      • Keith Sumner

        Not likely, none of those problems happen on my Bionic.

    • theraskell

      Hmm, I have heard of anything like this. Where you getting your information from?

    • theraskell

      thats, “Haven’t heard”.. darn typos

    • Sinister

      Yeah…the iPhones sure are a piece of @#$!  Good call!

    • GotSka81

      I heard the flux capacitor doesn’t get the full 1.21 jiggawatts, either.

  • Anonymous