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Nexus S Purchased on eBay Gives Us a 2-Minute Ice Cream Sandwich Preview (Video)

It was only a matter of time before someone jumped on eBay to buy a phone only to find that it came pre-loaded with the latest and for-the-most part unseen version of Android aka Ice Cream Sandwich.  The Nexus S pictured above and on video below was just released over at Engadget, giving us a fabulous look at Android 4.0 and all of its cyan-greenish tints, Honeycomb lock screen, recently used app scroller, and more.  

Some things we noticed right off the bat:

  • Lock screen lets you jump into the phone or straight to the camera – Apple kang, hah.
  • What is that Google Apps icon?  A shortcut to all things Google.
  • Dock has 4 standard apps – will assume they are interchangeable.
  • Notification bar has a quick settings button – hoping for easy wifi/bluetooth toggles.
  • App drawer is horizontal just like Honeycomb.
  • Widget previews in there as well.
  • Long press on Home gives you recently used app menu from HC. Looks great on a phone.
  • Settings menu has been broken up into sections.
  • Pressing Menu at home only had 3 options, one being wallpaper.
  • Seriously, Cyanogen needs to be paid for this color scheme. 🙂
YouTube Preview Image

Via:  Engadget

  • Androidboi

    This dude doesn’t even seem to know how to work an android phone. Alright WHO gave him permission to hold and operate this device?!

  • It seems that this is the real thing, else someone spent a lot of time coding for no real benefit, unless they wanted to fool the masses til Oct. 11th, seems like a waste of talent.

    Also people who say they are unimpressed, a 2 minute video, how much do you really expect to see.This version is to unite tablet and phone, point me to the article by GOOGLE that say this is a major redesign of the UI.

    This is definitely a user debug build, yet from the 2 minutes, it runs smoothly, menus that no version of android has currently, new features in camera and lock-screen already displayed, all this on a phone running a 1GHz processor.All I know is that I can’t wait to see it on my SGS2

  • Custom ROM with ICS Launcher… That’s what it looks like to me.

  • Anonymous

    this thing is so fake.

  • Anonymous

    looks like they renamed the contacts app people based on that video.