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Nexus S Purchased on eBay Gives Us a 2-Minute Ice Cream Sandwich Preview (Video)

It was only a matter of time before someone jumped on eBay to buy a phone only to find that it came pre-loaded with the latest and for-the-most part unseen version of Android aka Ice Cream Sandwich.  The Nexus S pictured above and on video below was just released over at Engadget, giving us a fabulous look at Android 4.0 and all of its cyan-greenish tints, Honeycomb lock screen, recently used app scroller, and more.  

Some things we noticed right off the bat:

  • Lock screen lets you jump into the phone or straight to the camera – Apple kang, hah.
  • What is that Google Apps icon?  A shortcut to all things Google.
  • Dock has 4 standard apps – will assume they are interchangeable.
  • Notification bar has a quick settings button – hoping for easy wifi/bluetooth toggles.
  • App drawer is horizontal just like Honeycomb.
  • Widget previews in there as well.
  • Long press on Home gives you recently used app menu from HC. Looks great on a phone.
  • Settings menu has been broken up into sections.
  • Pressing Menu at home only had 3 options, one being wallpaper.
  • Seriously, Cyanogen needs to be paid for this color scheme. 🙂

Via:  Engadget

  • Androidboi

    This dude doesn’t even seem to know how to work an android phone. Alright WHO gave him permission to hold and operate this device?!

  • It seems that this is the real thing, else someone spent a lot of time coding for no real benefit, unless they wanted to fool the masses til Oct. 11th, seems like a waste of talent.

    Also people who say they are unimpressed, a 2 minute video, how much do you really expect to see.This version is to unite tablet and phone, point me to the article by GOOGLE that say this is a major redesign of the UI.

    This is definitely a user debug build, yet from the 2 minutes, it runs smoothly, menus that no version of android has currently, new features in camera and lock-screen already displayed, all this on a phone running a 1GHz processor.All I know is that I can’t wait to see it on my SGS2

  • Custom ROM with ICS Launcher… That’s what it looks like to me.

  • Anonymous

    this thing is so fake.

  • Anonymous

    looks like they renamed the contacts app people based on that video. 


    Seems like a lot of work to fake something that is coming out in a few weeks.  Probably a development version of ICS.

  • Anonymous

    Assuming this is really a pre-release version of ICS, I really don’t get why people would think this is “not that different” just from a 2 minute video showing you basic things. By the same logic Froyo to Gingerbread was a just a theme and new app drawer.

    The coolest thing that I think Google did from Froyo to GB is add a much nicer and very effective voice search. Something like that might not be shown in a video such as this.

    You haven’t seen what Google has changed. You don’t know if its coded different. Actually the only thing I don’t want to see just happens to be the only thing that I want Google to change, and that is lag/ smooth interface.

    I find it hilarious how so many people now think they are experts about ICS and have the knowledge to make an informed decision about an unreleased product.

  • Jed

    Im bored, thats all I have to look forward to with ICS? My penis didnt move once while watching that video.

  • Anonymous

    Engadget is now reporting that the tipster’s device was somehow locked and wiped… If that’s true, it sounds like this is the real deal. I’m betting it’s a publicity stunt.

  • Anonymous

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  • Hicks09

    This is what it is:


    It’s a home launcher, nothing else.

    • Tyczj

      Then how do you explain the lockscreen, or the google Widgets that only work on homeycomb?

  • Michael

    HMMMM, Samsung teams up with Google for Nexus phones, Samsung hires Cyanogen, new Android ICS coming to new Samsung Nexus phone. Seriously, they just need to give the phone to Cyanogen, then ship it to consumers after he’s done.

  • Anonymous

    That blue/cyan needs to be toned down a little, especially in the pull-down notification. The line is too thick; it could be a little thinner and more subtle.

    SUBTLE is the keyword.

  • Anonymous

    ummm settings…about phone….build…os version….would have been the first thing i would have shown to prove it. looks like a cool rom though…attention grabbers. wonder if he got what he wanted???

  • Anonymous

    I don’t know if this is a fake. Sure seems like it. However no one has seen ICS run before. It’s very easy to call a fake on a blurry cam but that was a lot to soak in. Plus it seems like everything that has been said about ICS. A phone version with HC options and utilities. Although I will say that if someone did manage to pull all of those features out of what could be ICS and Into a rom release that shit! Can you say instant best rom available for any phone with those features? Infact to be able to be creative enough to add all that an have it still run as smooth as it did is impressive.

  • Tyczj

    so what happened to there being no need for buttons anymore? Yes i realize this is a nexus s but would you be able to see something that replaces them?

    I guess that is one feature that will not be in ICS

    • Alan Paone

      would you rather that the buttons took up all your screen like they do on the i*hone?
      Seriously, *every* app needs back and menu functions, so why not put them in the otherwise useless dead space outside the screen? Android has this exactly right, and I don’t see that changing any time soon

      • Tyczj

        Well I’m just saying that was rumored to be a feature in is like honeycomb

  • P5stover

    Anyone try calling the 806# in the notification menu?

  • Cool, new GUI.  However, I am sick of the same cookie cutter crap.  I love android, but there is little to no innovation coming from them.  Apps are the absolute last thing they put time into.  As much as I love android, Apple is number 1 and rightfully so.  They have a phone that lasts over 2 days on what most of you consider heavy usage, and almost never crashed.  I have to restart android daily to keep stability.  I hope to God they put some effort into this OS and didn’t just make it in the last 5-6 months.  Quality takes time.

    • Killer_of_monsters

      Apple is not number one.. if you like apple so much then go and buy a iphone and stay off android sites

    • this is funny.  
      first take a look at the charts and let me know if apple is number 1.
      second wait until you see ios5, youll think its android they have copied so much from it so tell me who is not innovating.
      third the battery in the iphone is huge and much bigger compacity than in the android phones. this is why they last longer. we have the option of carrying a spare battery or 2 or 10 to go without charging you dont have that with iphones.  
      and finally if your android phone is crashing than blame the maker of the phone because a well programmed android phone doesnt crash. my droid was up 228 hours before it crashed and it was netflix that crashed it not android.
      if you want to be an apple fanboy thats cool just come with some true facts next time and we might listen.



  • Anonymous

    My guess is the rom is real but the eBay story is fake.

  • Balls

    why is the home button on the right?! GAH another button setup to get used to

    • KevinC

      wtf are you talking about, it’s a nexus s.  it’s always been like that.

  • d2user

    Even shooting the video without help: there has 2 be a way to keep things in focus and keep the whole phone in the viewfinder while recording. Not impressed. Even though looking forward to ICS

  • Jon

    The really great and understated thing about Ice Cream Sandwich, is that Google will once again return to releasing the source code to the world. They skipped doing so with Honeycomb, because they didn’t want everyone shoe horning a tablet OS onto phones when it wasn’t designed or quite ready to work on phones. 

    So they held back the source code and to this day have not released Honeycomb source. That’s why some Honeycomb ROM ports have experienced some difficulty. 

    Ice Cream sandwich should change that and hopefully we will see the next Cyanogen Mod skipping Honeycomb and going directly to Ice Cream Sandwich. That means a lot of current devices will be graced with Ice Cream sandwich. 

  • Jon

    The really great and understated thing about Ice Cream Sandwich, is that Google will once again return to releasing the source code to the world. They skipped doing so with Honeycomb, because they didn’t want everyone shoe horning a tablet OS onto phones when it wasn’t designed or quite ready to work on phones. 

    So they held back the source code and to this day have not released Honeycomb source. That’s why some Honeycomb ROM ports have experienced some difficulty. 

    Ice Cream sandwich should change that and hopefully we will see the next Cyanogen Mod skipping Honeycomb and going directly to Ice Cream Sandwich. That means a lot of current devices will be graced with Ice Cream sandwich. 

  • Jon

    It’s very Honeycomb-ish

  • Anonymous

    I also noticed there’s a backup and reset setting in the settings and the Messaging app looks to have a very different interface. Also, a ‘People’ app? I guess a rebranded contacts app. Another thing about when you press the menu button is the other two options are ‘Manage Apps’ and ‘Help’

  • Anonymous

    Ice Cream Sandwich=======================================================Winning

  • Ray

    This guy is clearly the worst camera man ever I mean seriously i just wanted to slap the Sh^t out of him and it seems like he has never used a android phone before.

  • I dont really like the design of the new UI and launcher. I liked how gingerbread looked. 

    • I like it, gingerbreads launcher was too plain along with the UI.

    • Anonymous

      i liked how gingerbread looked too but i like how the tablet and phone versions now finally look alike. i dont like how they made 2 different UI changes with gingerbread and honeycomb. the gingerbread theme really didnt last long at all.

  • Dustin carney

    so, who is in touch with this guy to get him to do a system dump???

  • Ben

    Is this just a fake video?

    “Android Version: IceCreamSandwich” seems wrong somehow…

  • Anonymous

    October 11th can’t come soon enough.  I’ll tell you what though.  For what is most likely nothing close to a final build, that thing is smooth.  I’m he didn’t load a ton on it or anything, but still.

  • Matthew Morrison

    was hoping for more of an overhaul. A step past past honeycomb rather than just putting honeycomb to a phone but still VERY EXCITED FOR THIS!

  • Klostehroff

    The long press on home for recently used apps is from gingerbread. It was that way on my X and us that way on my bionic.

    • KevinC

      My Droid did this on Android 2.0.

  • Anonymous

    Nice mod, but im wondering what the real update will look like when CTIA starts!!  🙂 Although it may a version in test phase.. im pretty sure the final version will be whole lot better.

  • Man, ICS is sexy. Can’t wait to get it on my Bionic.

  • Anonymous

    If this is it, I won’t feel so bad about buying the Vigor day one instead of waiting on the prime. ICS is just Gingerbread with a custom theme/lock screen.

  • Kixofmyg0t

    I’m calling BS. I think it’s fake.

    Really now….a Nexus S running a unreleased OS ended up on eBay?

    Yeah RIIIIIGHT..

  • This is akin to Kim Kardashians sex tape ‘leaking’ out. Publicity prior to iphone 5 release.

  • jbonics

    #1 get drunk (long day). #2 continue to find bugs on test phone. #3 F it make a video liquid courage is great. #4 surf porn and look for new job.

  • Anonymous

    ugg hate the blue.. :/

  • Greg

    Can someone create a dock with that white line that I could use? Just saying….

  • Anonymous

    I really want to see notifications in full screen apps. That’s one thing that i DO like about i*S 5. 

  • Anonymous

    sign me up for the prime! :DDDD

    • Haha. Yeah, Thunderbolt is the best! No, wait…Bionic is the best! No, wait…. Prime is the.. oh never mind.

      • LickHerMeatFlaps

        Yeah, the story of DL.

  • i dont think its fake…if it was a rom i would think it would be buggy/laggy

    • Anonymous

      Most roms out there are less laggy than what any oem puts out. Just saying.

  • GingerBiscuit

    now we know this ICS update is more to merge the OS rather than overhaul anything… im sure some poeple were expecting more but I had a feeling it was gonna turn out like this. More similar of a jump from 2.2 to 2.3 than 2.1 to 2.2 if ya know what I mean…


    If that is a ROM somebody has wayyyy too much time on their hands.  Lets face it, that is real.  I would rather have that phone above than the Nexus Galexy, Driod Prime whatever thing.  Perfect size (not a 4.65″ tank that won’t fit in my pockets), and the whole front is a screen.  :::goes to ebay:::

  • Trdracer21

    thats fake its a rom….

  • does this guy look like hes struggling big time with using this phone?

  • Anonymous

    It looks real to me. Although, I never did check out that Ice Cream sandwich launcher/home replacement app from a few weeks back. Lets not forget that its a developer phone and they released ICS to dev’s to toy with/develop for(obviously) but, they were told to keep a lid on it. So, I’m gonna say real deal on this. P.S here’s the link to the I.C.S launcher.http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1268003

  • Anonymous

    I call fa- oh wait. Did that thing really do the multi-app preview?

  • Atrain729

    Noticed the honeycomb Google search up top wonder if it will stay across homescreens also if you keep that why eliminate the + and app drawer shortcuts up there?

  • Anonymous

    now im so pumped for the galaxy nexus / prime whatever

  • Bill Morrow

    I think I got motion sick watching that video.

    And I want an ice cream sandwhich.  No really, it made me hungry thinking about it.

    I think that when the Bionic gets the update, Verizon should send ice cream sandwhiches to all the Bionic owners.  Or, maybe have an ice cream sandwhich event with free ice cream sandwhiches in their retail stores.

    Yeah.  🙂

  • Anonymous

    i really hope they didn’t replace the sound off feature on the lock screen for quick access to the camera.  i find myself using the sound off feature frequently – probably more so than the camera.

    • Anonymous

      just hold the power button and press sound off. very quick. you can do that even if the phone is locked

  • Booboolala2000

    Yeah. If Verizon doesn’t offer vanilla ICS,then it will be time to switch carriers.I can only imagine how bad touchwiz, blur and sense will slow this down.

    • Anonymous

      touchwiz doesnt slow down gb on the sgs2 so why do you think it would on the prime?

      • Alan Paone

        yes it does. Its just that the exynos is so absurdly fast that it works. Find some videos of CM7 on the GS2 and it will blow your mind

        • Anonymous

          No need to since there is no lag with touchwiz.

  • The Google Apps thing looks like some kind of folder. Maybe that’s how folders work in ICS.

  • Anonymous

    Why can’t people use a camera stand or lean it up against something to keep it STILL. The focus and quality really suck. Appreciate the effort though. 

  • mrz1125

    There is no way some guy just randomly bought this off ebay. He knows his way around it all to well. I say this is a tester and he decided to leak it…maybe someone will find it left in a bar???

    • Ntbohl

      we don’t know how long this guy had it though, right? I mean I’d become pretty comfortable with things like that in just a couple hours. especially if he just made a demo itinerary. I don’t do a lot of demos, but when I do at work (best buy mobile) I have cue cards on my lanyard to show certain customers certain features.

  • Anonymous

    Camera man sucks a wobbly dick

  • mouzz

    here is other video of ics running on a galaxys2 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fRQXD4YYHyw&feature=youtube_gdata_player

    • TripEm77

      That’s just the launcher. It’s not ICS.

      • mouzz

        yeah it seems to be the launcher.apk but u can get a better view in somethings that in the nexus vid

  • Anonymous

    In the words of Terry from Tacos Tacos Tacos…so “f” in sweet. Love the color scheme.

  • EC8CH

    “Seriously, Cyanogen needs to be paid for this color scheme.”

    Mix Gingerbread Green with Honeycomb Blue and you get Cyan-i-guess.

  • Jason Purp

    Gimme some TouchWiz on that, kthanks.

  • Emeraldjun

    I expected a bit more. 

  • I’m just going to assume from now on when kellex says he is “pretty sure” about something it’s a fact and he just can’t tell us yet =)…but anyways I’m pretty sure this is real and I’m pretty sure I like it.

  • Thracks

    ADW Honeybread theme, ICS launcher from XDA and widget locker.

  • it looks legit to me, look at the google apps shortcut.  someone who knows what theyre looking at needs to get a hold of the build and check it out.

  • if you want to see if you like it on your phone download honeycomb launcher it has it and i actually liked it

  • Fg2srt4


  • rikster

    very nice, yeah i think this i real looks like a stripped down type of android feel. camera ui still looks kinda sucky, but i do like the new menu layout and how it has the blue outline. i likey!!!

  • this diquise has been pissing me off wont let me log into my twitter account

  • works for me from link on my xoom

  • J Dub

    VId works for me. Def gets me excited. ICS looks like it will be great stock. Lets hope VZW doesn’t screw it up. Bring on the Galaxy Prime. 

    • EC8CH

      Galaxy Nexus you mean 😉

    • VZW dosn’t apply custom skins, OEMs do.

  • Mrhug3

    My Bionic wants an ice cream sandwich.

    • And a new screen,.

      • EC8CH


      • Anonymous

        Screen is fine, I would know as I actually own and use it, unlike you.

  • Obvious Sarcasm

    If it’s just a skin, then the developer needs to step up! It’s a kick-ass skin!
    If it’s legit, then I can’t wait to get it!

  • Anonymous

    Holy crap this is awesomesauce. It effectively mixes Gingerbread and Honeycomb. I can only hope it’s ported to the DroidX (OR I get the Galaxy Nexux/Droid Prime/Nexus Prime/Whatever it’s called).

  • Telephoneteck

    Now getting my tb update seems like such a let down : (

  • Jordan

    i don’t see software buttons…could this be bc it’s on a phone with physical buttons? and on a buttonless display, the software buttons pop up? otherwise, id find it very difficult navigate/masturbate to

  • Anonymous

    It looks pretty legit to me, pretty much what I’d imagine if my HC tablet merged with my phone. The only things that have me on edge are the app thumbnails instead of icons in the multi-task menu and widget thumbnails instead of text. If widgets are grouped by app name (like they are in cyanogenMOD) then it will be awesome, if it’s just a graphical implementation of the current style this is going to suck because some apps have like 10 different widget sizes and you have to scroll through all of them.

    What’s funny was when I was reading my Android feeds this morning I was like “where’s all the ICS info?!?” since I haven’t heard anything about it in a few days and then bam this shows up!

  • Anonymous

    Now we need blurry shots of the galaxy Nexus with this OS running stock. 


  • Anonymous

    Video is now on our Youtube account.  Should be able to watch it for days. 🙂

    • tanknspank

      Thanks kellex.

  • Ben

    Not digging the new dock’s appearance — too reminiscent of TouchWiz for me.

    Quite frankly I like green better… and I’m not digging the –o– design on the notification bar pull-down either. The features are superb, and I’ll always support Android, but I wish that they were implemented in a more stylish way. I actually like the way Gingerbread looks, and I felt like buliding off of that would’ve been better.

    Oh well, I’m still pumped!

  • tanknspank

    The google apps shortcut looks more like a new folder layout. Remember how the old leaks had that on the dock all the way to the right with different icons in it?

  • The options when pressing Menu at home are “Wallpaper”, “Manage Apps” and “Help”.
    (I’m missing my settings shortcut :/)

    • blakjakdavy

      It’s in the notification pulldown.

  • Luukkee

    New Build looks pretty legittt

  • works again and again for me on firefox.. dont know why some people cant see

  • Videos is gone…

  • Anonymous

    Video does not work on chrome, but works on other browsers. Ironic!

    • Keith Sumner

      worked on my chrome!

  • ss2

    looks fake to me. Engadget has an image of the about screen the shows the android version as IceCreamSandwhich. When have they ever used that instead of the version number?

    • what is it then if its a fake? a really nice theme? I dunno looks pretty legit to me.

      • Granted

        Yet but even if that’s true, some dude didn’t buy it off ebay, that is just idiotic to believe in.

    • Anonymous

      Because they haven’t decided on a number yet, although we are pretty sure it’s 4.0.

      • Anonymous

        I have to ask how we are pretty sure its 4.0 when Google hasn’t even decided if this is indeed a real ICS build?

      • Anonymous

        Anything other than a 4.0 worthy software would be a letdown. You can’t merge a tablet and phone OS but keep the numbering scheme on a phone OS. Unless they don’t plan to have ICS on both phones and tablets.

    • It’s called pre release software, hence they are using the codename. I’d say it looks legit.

    • Trebor Waihee – Yanazaki

      I feel like they do that a lot while testing new OS versions. It’s even more believable if they haven’t decided what version they will call this yet. 4.0? 3.5? 

      • Manny

        I think it’d make more sense to have the version be numbered 4.0 simply because tablets SHOULD be able to use it. It’d make little sense to downgrade. It might appear bad to your average consumer who says “omg i*hone went from 4 to 5 and Cyborg went from 3.1 to 2.4 lolsobad”. Just my 2 cents!

        And yes, the average consumer would think that. Just like how my brother thinks his iPhone 4 is 4G… -_-

    • Keith Sumner

      If it’s really spelled that way I agree that it’s fake. It’s spelled “Sandwich” not “Sandwhich”

    • Hope you ment IceCreamSandwich*

    • Well lets see, you can edit the build.prop to say ANYTHING you want. Obviously they’re not going to just leak the build numbers and all the info out for the whole world to see. Think about it

  • Laaka

    that is sexy. i hope he dumps it so we can get some roms going

  • fartbubbler


  • Sean

    i can’t tell if i like it or if it’s TOO much like Honeycomb.

  • Alessandro Barone

    The apps icon is just the new folder interface.

  • Need system dump asap.

  • Murphy

    I just sh*t myself.

  • Marvinaire


  • Anonymous

    I want to watch the video. 🙁

  • Stephen D

    I think it is legit. If it is, he needs to do a system dump and give it to the devs.

  • Anonymous

    Noooooooooo…the video isnt working

  • tanknspank

    Video isn’t available anymore kellex.. Can we get another link? 😀

    • Anonymous

      damn that was quick i just watched it not more than two minutes ago. Very legit looking though.

    • Anonymous

      The link worked for me.

      • tanknspank

        I get a big VIDEO NOT AVAILABLE after clicking it, and many on the engadget article did too.. :/

    • tanknspank

      It’s working now.. Shit is playing games with me..

      Though I swear, I wasn’t crazy. 


  • Somebody needs to show that guy how to do a system dump.

    • +1,000,000,000,001 to this.

    • Anonymous

      Hehe, you said, “dump.”

      • Anonymous

        I am the great cornholio, I need tp for my bunghole.

    • someone needs to show him how to hold a camera still!


      • John


    • Ntbohl

      seriously, how nice does “CM8” sound? go ahead, say it out loud and tell me you don’t smile

    • Anonymous

      On a side note. As legit as this looks I can’t help but notice that he avoided going to the “about phone” section to show us the version of Android he is running like all good leak artists do. It could just be a very impressive ROM w/ all the “rumored” add-on’s of ICS. It just makes me go hmmmmmm.

      • You have a very good point.  It definitely looks legit, yet no about phone info.

        • Anonymous

          Just pulled this from engadget. Notice how the Android version says IceCreamSandwich and NOT the decimal format that all the rest use: 2.1, 2.2, 2.3, 3.0 etc..


          • Good catch, I noticed that along with the build number listed, its possible it only says that since its something of a beta.  Who knows.

          • Anonymous

            What is also interesting is the 3.x kernel on the phone. Jerry from Android Central was saying in one of the podcasts that the kernel just came out for linux this summer and is still being properly integrated into the different distros so having it on Android would be a long shot. I guess we will find out in a couple of weeks if its real.

          • John Malin

            It could be that it is still a test build so they used the ‘code name’ instead of the version number

          • moosestuff

            Linux kernel 3 is in most distros coming out this or next month. So with a company like Google leading the development it could happen.

          • rstat1

            Have you ever actually seen the about box of an unreleased version of Android? They don’t apply the version numbers till release time.

            I even said this over on that same Engadget article.

      • Anonymous

        Going to about phone wouldn’t really prove anything. If it was a really a homemade rom, then he could easily fake the about phone info.

    • Granted

      If it wasn’t a fake publicity leak from Google, I’m sure they would. The fact that this person didn’t do a system dump is evidence enough of that fact.

    Edit: They removed the 3D app drawer and went side scrolling…WHY?!

    • Anonymous

      Eh, I hardly EVER open the app drawer just cause it’s kind of annoying to use, I like the idea that I can just swipe over and I don’t even have to think about how far over the icons will move they will always be in the same space on the grid if that makes any sense.

    • Anonymous

      I agree, that implementation is nice on my 10″ transformer but I don’t know how it will be on a 4″ phone since you can’t fit a lot in such a small space. If they shrink the thumbnails down to the point where you can have more on the screen, what’s the point of having thumbnails if you can’t see them?

      •  someone needs to show him how to hold a camera still!

        • Granted

          No, if Google had done it professionally, it would “appear”to be a “real”person that somehow stumbled upon the newest OS. Unless of course you actually fall for these lame stunts.

    • Trebor Waihee – Yanazaki

      Ya, I like the pages for the app drawer better because it’s a little easier to remember where everything is and you aren’t just flicking until you see the icon you want. On a human interaction level I think it’s easier to think “oh, this app is on page 3” then to mentally try to figure out where it is on a list which doesn’t have a clear indication of relative position.

      As far as the app switcher, I don’t mind just having three previews since I normally am switching between only the most recent 3 or 4 apps anyway.

    • Anonymous

      I guess I’m alone, but I’m not very impressed at all. All the hype around Duarte and design and ICS in general for a Gingerfrankencomb? We’ve waited a while for something it looks like Cyanogen could have whipped up in a week.

      • Anonymous

        It’s because they are holding things out for jelly bean. I figured it wouldn’t have that much wow factor since they are rushing it to compete with iPhone.

        • Anonymous

          Sadly then it sounds like Android is slowly becoming like BlackBerry then, those oh-so-wanted-overhauls are always in the next release. Repeat. Other than JIT in Froyo, I feel really not much has fundamentally changed since 2.0.1 two years ago. It’s time for Android to take the next big step forward, and I just don’t see it here. 

          • Anonymous

            Agree maybe this is an early build but it doesnt have the wow factor or make me be in a rush to get it. I will see how it looks on the prime then decide.